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Dream Indigo
— Wikipedian —
Born21st century
Country Italy
Current location Liguria
Family and friends
  • 1 dog
  • 1 cat
  • 0 horses
Education and employment
High schoolLiceo classico (100/100)
UniversityUniversity of Pisa
Hobbies, favourites and beliefs
HobbiesHorse riding
MusicK-pop and many other genres
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Joined5 January 2024
(6 months ago)
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Signature✩ Dream Indigo ✩
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Hello! My name is Dream Indigo and I am a Wikipedian from Italy. Nice to meet you! ♡

I joined English Wikipedia on 11 December 2020, but Simple English Wikipedia three years later, on 5 January 2024. I believe that Simple English Wikipedia deserves more love and attention. Many users edit the more famous English one, but very few people change this one. This fact makes me sad and I wish I discovered this beautiful place earlier.

Have a nice day (or night)! (✿◡‿◡)

✩ My work on Wikipedia ✩

This is how I work on Wikipedia.

  • I always work at night.
  • I do not like to make many small changes in a row; however, I always forget something, so it happens anyway and I feel a little bad about it.
  • I love when I make an individual, very big change to an article, so I copy-paste articles and I work on them offline on a private document (also to avoid Internet connection problems). That is why I sometimes make two very big changes in a row: I am copy-pasting from my documents!
  • I do not like to start stubs, so I always try to start articles instead.
  • To avoid mental breakdowns, I work offline on many new pages at the same time and I publish them only when they are ready.
  • I love to make things beautiful, just like a WikiFairy, but I do not really feel like a WikiFairy.
  • I hate vandalism, of course, but I focus on making good changes, not on fixing bad changes. However, when I see vandalism, I always report it or revert it!

I work a lot here on Simple English Wikipedia, but I also work on other Wikis.

♡ Simple English Wikipedia ♡

Image of Aespa members dressed in black
The first article I started is Aespa.

I speak English very well, but I make more changes here, because Simple English Wikipedia needs many changes.

I usually work on pages about music and South Korean pop culture (basically anything about K-pop), because I like them and I know many things about them. I am an equestrian, so I work on pages about horses too.

I also love categories and I started a lot of them. The truth is that categories are my favourite part of Wikipedia. They are like collections of pages. Here on Simple, we do not have many pages: this means that collecting them is more fun!

In March 2024, I took part in Ukraine's Cultural Diplomacy Month 2024, so I started four pages and adopted two about Ukrainian music. I was the only participant from this Wikipedia. You can see what I did here.

♡ Other projects ♡

On the English Wikipedia I work like a WikiGnome. I almost always make minor changes only. For example, I fix typos.

On the Italian Wikipedia I update the discographies of my favourite musicians. I was more active there in the past, but now I work here instead.

On Meta-Wiki I started the page about the Italian Wikipedia.

✩ List of pages I started ✩

This is a list of most of the pages I started on Simple.[1] My goal is to have at least one good article, but it is very difficult to do so alone. Wikipedia is a shared project, so, please, help me to make changes to them. Thank you!

The dates are based on UTC time. The tables are sortable.

♡ Articles and userboxes ♡

Name Topic Date
 Aespa K-pop group 24 January 2024
 NewJeans K-pop group 30 January 2024
 (G)I-dle K-pop group 2 February 2024
 AleXa K-pop idol 7 February 2024
 Le Sserafim K-pop group 17 February 2024
 Iz*One K-pop group 28 February 2024
 Ive (group) K-pop group 3 March 2024
 Go_A Ukrainian ESC group 10 March 2024
 Shum (song) Ukrainian ESC song 15 March 2024
 Solovey (Go_A song) Ukrainian ESC song 19 March 2024
 Sopilka Ukrainian instrument 26 March 2024
 Dressage Equestrian sport 3 April 2024[2]
 The Korea Herald South Korean media 15 April 2024
 Dolomites Italian UNESCO site 22 April 2024
 Cinque Terre Italian UNESCO site 30 April 2024
 Angelina Mango Italian ESC singer 3 May 2024
{{User categorist}} Userbox[3] 16 May 2024
 Produce 101 South Korean show 4 June 2024
 Ugo Foscolo Italian-Greek author 5 July 2024

♡ Milestone categories ♡

Name Milestone Date
2020 establishments in South Korea 1st 24 January 2024
1932 establishments in Italy 50th 4 February 2024
Western astrological signs 100th 4 April 2024
1926 establishments in California 150th 2 May 2024
1964 British television series debuts 200th 22 May 2024
✩ List of pages I adopted ✩

I adopted these articles when they were still stubs or I made big changes to them.[4]

In alphabetical order:
✩ Cemetery ✩

Pages I started that got deleted.

✩ My work place ✩

✩ Quick copy-paste ✩

  • ~~~~
  • - | |
  • [[Category:]]
  • {{formatnum:}}
  • {{gender:{{ROOTPAGENAME}}|m|f|n}}
  • {{|date=July 2024}}
  • {{QD||editor=Dream Indigo}}
  • {{subst:QD-notice|page=|cat=|reason=}} ~~~~
  • {{subst:SharedIPAdvice}}

✩ Useful pages ✩

✩ Things to fix ✩

♡ Category-related ♡

♡ Other ♡

✩ WikiProjects ✩

✩ Articles I want to start ✩

Purple-tinted image of skyscrapers with "Dream. Focus. Create." written in white
Motivational poster.

♡ Horses ♡

♡ Italian music, writers and other stuff ♡

♡ Music around the world ♡

♡ K-pop artists ♡

♡ South Korean stuff ♡

♡ Other stuff ♡

✩ Barnstars ✩

Ukraine's Cultural Diplomacy Month 2024 participation The Tireless Contributor Barnstar Barnstar

✩ Notes ✩
  1. Most categories, templates and redirects are not listed here.
  2. First a redirect started by me on 19 March 2024.
  3. Copied from Meta-Wiki.
  4. Categories and templates are not listed here.
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