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Wikiproject Sexual Anatomy is aimed at improving Sexual Anatomy-related articles. To join, add your name to the members list. There are optional userboxes and a barnstar available.

To ask questions, post on the talk page. If you see an article missing or an article in dire need of improvement, post it below.

Our priority is to IMPROVE articles rather than create them. Any article already improved has a  Done message next to it

When using images that could be found offensive to people, please think about adding it to this list. Thankyou.


Sign with three tildes (~~~) rather than four
  1. Gwib -(talk)-
  2. Truth's Out There talk
  3. The Flying Spaghetti Monster! (But Im not good on the picture side of this topic : D)
  4. MindTheGap (talk)
  5. The Spaghetti Apperentice (talk)
  6. RyanCross (talk)
  7. SwirlBoy39
  8. Tdxiang Touching the "untouchables"!
  9. Hayley talk
  10. Braingle (talk · contribs)

Sexual Anatomy - basic

If an article has " Done " next to it, it has been reviewed. If an article has "  Needs review " next to it, it has been written and needs approval. If an article has nothing, it needs to be written.

Sexual Anatomy - detailed

Sexual Anatomy - miscellaneous

Userbox and Barnstar

Add this code to your userpage: {{User:Gwib/Wikiproject Box}} to get the official Wikiproject userbox:

This user is a member of Wikiproject Sex and Sexuality, because it has funny pictures.

Add this code to a talk page: {{User:Gwib/Wikiproject Barnstar|MESSAGE}} to get the official Wikiproject barnstar:

The WikiProject Sexual Anatomy Award
MESSAGE --~~~~