Windows 10X

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Windows 10X
OS familyMicrosoft Windows
Working stateCancelled
Source modelClosed-source
Initial release2020 (planned)
Kernel typeHybrid
Preceded byWindows 10 (2015)
Succeeded byWindows 11 (2021)
Support status
No support was ever available.

Windows 10X is a cancelled version of Windows 10. It was announced by Microsoft on October 2, 2019. It was originally made as an OS that would support devices with dual-screens. 10X was thought to release in 2020. But in May 2021, Microsoft announced the cancellation of Windows 10X.[1] However, some changes made were put into the newer Windows 11.[2] The focus of Windows 10X was changed from dual-screen devices to single-screen devices in 2020 because of the higher demand for regular computers during the COVID 19 pandemic.[3] It was also cancelled due to COVID 19 pandemic.

Features[change | change source]

Changed[change | change source]

  • The taskbar is now in the middle and has three sizes: small, made for desktop computers. The medium and large sizes were made for touch computers.
  • The Start Menu is now fullscreen, making it more easier to use on touchscreen devices.
  • It no longer supports Win32 apps. but you still can run Win32 apps by enabling it in Settings
  • It has a Cloud Based Explorer that now uses Onedrive. Its now called Files instead of File Explorer or Windows explorer for older windows versions

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