Windows 11

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Windows 11
A version of the Windows NT-based operating system
Windows 11 logo.svg
Windows 11 logo and desktop
OS familyMicrosoft Windows
October 5, 2021
Preceded byWindows 10 (2015)
Official website
Support status
Support started on October 5, 2021 Mainstream support: Until January 12, 2027[source?]; 5 years' time Extended support: Until January 13, 2032[source?]; 10 years' time

Windows 11 is the latest major release of Windows NT, the succesor to MS-DOS based Windows operating systems. It is available by ISO, installation assistant or as a free upgrade to Windows 10 on Windows Update for any desktops, laptops or all-in-ones that meet the system requirements. It is the succesor to its predecessor, Windows 10.

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