Windows Mobile 5.0

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Windows Mobile 5.0
A picture of a PDA running Windows Mobile 5.0
Released to
May 9, 2005; 18 years ago
Kernel typeWindows CE
Preceded byWindows Mobile 2003
Succeeded byWindows Mobile 6.0
Official website
Support status
Mainstream support ended on October 12, 2010 Extended support ended on October 13, 2015

Windows Mobile 5.0 (codenamed: Magneto) was released and developer of Microsoft on May 9-12, 2005 at Embedded Developer Conference 2005.

Microsoft offered that manistream support of Windows Mobile 5.0 was ended on October 12, 2010, but extended support was originally on January 8, 2013 but was postponed on October 13, 2015, after Windows Mobile was discontinued of Microsoft in that years. Windows Mobile 5.0 was ''the longest supported of Windows Mobile'' because that support ended until 2015.

Windows Mobile 5.0 was succeeded by Windows Mobile 6.0 in 2007 after release the Beta Development of Windows Mobile 6.0, Windows Mobile Longhorn. After that, in January 8, 2013, all Windows Mobile was discontinued to running of Windows Phone, but Windows Mobile 5.0 was extended support until October 13, 2015.

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