Windows Mobile 2003

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Windows Mobile 2003
Version of the Windows Mobile operating system
A Hp iPaq Running Windows Mobile 2003
DeveloperMicrosoft Corporation
OS familyWindows Mobile
Released to
June 23, 2003; 20 years ago
Platforms32-bit ARM
Preceded byPocket PC 2002
Succeeded byWindows Mobile 5.0
Official website
Support status
Mainstream support ended on July 14, 2009 Extended support ended on July 8, 2014

Windows Mobile 2003 is a third released for Windows Mobile was released for pubilc on June 23, 2003, at the CEO 2003 on 2003. Windows Mobile 2003 was another news codenamed is ''Ozone'' was history of pubilc on January 2002. Windows Mobile 2003 was introduction based for Pocket PC 2002, they run on Windows CE.

Development history[change | change source]

In February 2000, Microsoft has reach the news codenamed is ''Ozone'' for Windows Mobile 2003, has been starting history of January 2002, in June 29, 2000. Pocket PC 2000 can running for codenamed ''Ozone'' in Windows Mobile 2003 Beta, in December 2000, Microsoft notification for Windows Mobile 2003 has been mistake, released on June 23, 2003 in for pubilc, in September 20, 2001, Microsoft reach renamed is ''Windows Mobile XP'' on the officially people can be use this names, Windows Mobile 2003 can starting the Pre-RTM version until December 2001, and RTM version on June 2003 after released.

Developer Preview[change | change source]

Developer Preview can be released on June 2001, for Windows Mobile 2003, in officially released for Windows Mobile 2003 Beta, use for introduction Windows XP Mobile in all world, can starting mistaken on Bill Gates on January 2001, at the MSN 2001, Developer released can reach for news Windows XP start button officially.

RTM version[change | change source]

Windows Mobile 2003 RTM can be released on June 23, 2003, from the officially RTM for Windows Mobile 2003, starting on Steve Ballmer mistaken on June 18, 2003, has been no features for Windows Mobile 2003 Beta, in June 18, 2009, Microsoft has no support from Security Update 1 for Windows Mobile 2003, must be upgraded to Windows Mobile 6.5 from the officially.

Features & user interface[change | change source]

Features of Windows Mobile 2003 can be use for another people in user interface, the news Start button look like Windows XP, the Taskbar can be deleted for Windows Mobile 2003, Contacts app inside for Start button, from Contacts in connecting people for the world in Windows Mobile 2003, Windows Mobile 2003 SE is user interface for the Classic themes, and Luna themes are look like the Windows XP.

Hardware[change | change source]

The Windows Mobile 2003 can be use for SPV, LG, HTC and Vodafone, has been downloaded for 256MB of RAM in LG, 512MB of Vodafone, 100MB of HTC and SPV, in another Windows Mobile 2003 Phone, the officially reach released for Vodafone 2 from officially in Microsoft.

Windows Mobile 2003 device and RAM
Names phone RAM for downloaded RAM for another Normal RAM
LG 156MB 2MB 190MB
HTC 256MB 198MB 256MB
SPV 100MB 512MB 512MB
Vodafone 189MB 198MB 95MB

Windows Mobile 2003 SE[change | change source]

Windows Mobile 2003 SE (another names is Windows Mobile 2003SE, Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition) is an edition for Windows Mobile 2003, product names is SE has been released on June 23, 2003. In workgroup people can be use for Second Edition, has been normal names is Windows Mobile 2003 can be based for Pocket PC 2002, in Windows CE for XP Mobile.

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