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Windows Mobile 6.0

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Windows Mobile 6.0
Version of the Windows Mobile operating system
A tablet computer running Windows Mobile 6.0 with the Opera Browser open on the Acid3 test
DeveloperMicrosoft Corporation
OS familyWindows Mobile
Released to
February 12, 2007; 17 years ago
Kernel typeWindows CE
Preceded byWindows Mobile 5.0
Succeeded byWindows Mobile 6.1
Support status
Unsupported as for January 8, 2013

Windows Mobile 6.0 is a fifth released for Windows Mobile and produced by Microsoft, It was released on February 12, 2007 at the World 3GSM in 2007. It has been codenamed ''Crossbow'' The release started on January 12, 2004.

Development history[change | change source]

As of Windows Mobile Longhorn[change | change source]

In November 2003, Microsoft starting the released for developer Windows Mobile Longhorn was the news codenamed is ''Crossbow'' coming on January 2004, at the Mobile World Congress on November 20, 2003, where the mistaken for Windows Mobile Longhorn, in December 17, 2003, the Windows CE 5.1 Tablet has been available for Microsoft, based for Windows Mobile Longhorn Beta.

In January 12, 2004, the codenamed ''Crossbow'' has been released for officially, the Windows Mobile Longhorn can starting history on January 15, 2004, in the milestone 1 for Windows Mobile Longhorn development, in January 21, 2004, Windows Mobile Longhorn can be leaked on Internet.

Leaked for internet[change | change source]

In February 2004, Windows Mobile Longhorn build 4002 is the officially for Microsoft can be released, leaked on BetaWiki on January 29, 2019. In March 13, 2004, the officially released for Windows Mobile Longhorn Beta 2 has been available for Microsoft Corporation.

Beta and Pre-RTM[change | change source]

In April 19, 2004, Windows Mobile Longhorn build 4074 is available leaked on BetaArchives on February 20, 2018. Windows Mobile Longhorn build 4093 can be released on June 15, 2004, based for Windows Longhorn build 4093 and 5000. In January 2006, Microsoft released Pre-RTM for Windows Mobile Longhorn, can renamed for Windows Mobile Longhorn to Windows Mobile 6.0 on January 20, 2006. In January 30, 2006, Windows Mobile 6.0 can launch for 5 device in LG, Samsung, HTC Vouge and Vodafone, at the Mobile World Congress 2006. In March 2006, Windows Mobile 6.0 by Microsoft can be released by schedule on February 12, 2007. In May 16, 2006, Windows Mobile Longhorn is mainstream support for sale and extended support as for on May 29, 2006. Windows Mobile 6.0 can be released on February 12, 2007, in January 3, 2007, the officiall Pre-RTM for Windows Mobile 6.0 can reach renamed is RTM version for Windows Mobile 6.0 officially.

Features and user interface[change | change source]

Windows Mobile 6.0 can succesor for the desktop Windows CE 6.1 and 6.2, released from Microsoft on April 12, 2007 at the Mobile World Congress on 2007, the first mobile device can released next version for Windows Mobile 6.1, released on 2008, in Windows Mobile 6.0 family, Windows CE 6.2 can be use for enterprise, family, business and more, not the student and teacher, Windows CE 6.2 can reach released on April 12, 2007, in the next of Windows CE 6.1, in the next Windows logo below sticker inside Windows Mobile 6.0, look like the Windows Mobile 5.0, can released for Windows CE Tablet PC Congress on June 16, 2008. Can launch for Windows Mobile 6.0 and Windows Mobile 6.1, Windows CE Tablet PC Congress was released taken on May 15, 2008 in Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer, in July 2008, Windows CE Tablet PC Congress was available for different language : Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Turkey, Arabian and English. Windows Mobile 6.0 can succesor from the Windows CE Tablet PC Congress developed for Windows Mobile 6.1 was developer until January 7, 2009. In Windows Mobile 6.0 features, the main for theme in the blue light colored, the Windows Start can like for Windows Mobile 6.0, about the succesor for operating system Windows Vista Business. In next features, can be the smillar icon for sounds and record.

Distribution[change | change source]

Windows Mobile 6.0 was released extended awards on January 14, 2009, available from United States and United Kingdom on January 25, 2009, in the state for Bill Gates say : ''We never say for Windows Tablet PC again'', succesor for Windows Vista Business edition.

In February 28, 2009, Windows Mobile 6.0 was available for 110% awards, in September 2009 has been an 185% awards, the succeded for Windows Mobile 6.1 has been mainstream support for Service Update 1 has been ended on January 14, 2010.

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