Fantasia (movie)

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Produced by Walt Disney
Starring Leopold Stokowski
Deems Taylor
The Philadelphia Orchestra
Walt Disney (voice)
Distributed by Walt Disney Productions
RKO Radio Pictures, Inc.
Release date(s) November 13, 1940 (roadshow)
January 6, 1942 (wide)
Running time 124 minutes (original 1940 version, 2000 restoration)
81 min. (1942 edit)
115 min. (all versions, 1946–1990)
Language English
Budget $2,280,000 (est.)
Money made $76,408,097
Followed by Fantasia 2000

Fantasia is the third animated movie produced by Walt Disney Productions. It was first released on November 13, 1940. It was originally released by itself instead of RKO Pictures, which was the distributor of Disney from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, until Peter Pan.

Fantasia contains eight clasical music pieces. One of them is from Igor Stavinski's The Rite of Spring. It tells the story of life on Earth until the extinction of the dinosaurs. The Tyrannosaurus in Fantasia is the central dinosaur.

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