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Dina Manfredini

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Dina Manfredini (née Guerri, 4 April 1897 – 17 December 2012) was an Italian-born American supercentenarian who was the oldest living person in the world for a short time.[1] She was also, at the time of her death, the oldest validated emigrant ever, surpassing Christian Mortensen on 13 December 2012. However, she was later surpassed by Tekla Juniewicz on 23 February 2022.

At the time of her death, she was the 2nd oldest person ever born in Europe behind Jeanne Calment as well as the 9th verified oldest person ever. She remained as the oldest validated Italian-born person ever until her age was surpassed by Emma Morano on 14 August 2015.[2][3]

Personal history[change | change source]

Manfredini was born in Pievepelago, Modena, Emilia-Romagna. She moved to Des Moines, Iowa in 1920 with her husband Riccardo Manfredini, whom she raised four children with, of whom three were living at the time of her death. She worked in an ammunition factory during World War II and cleaned houses until she was 90. Her husband died at the age of 79 in 1965, when she was 67. After her husband's death she lived alone until moving into a nursing home at the age of 110. Besides four children, she even had seven grandchildren, seven great-grandchildren and twelve great-great-grandchildren.

Longevity milestones[change | change source]

  • 2 August 2011 - Venere Pizzinato-Papo died. Dina Manfredini, aged 114 years and 120 days, become the oldest living Italian-born person.
  • 2 December 2011 - Chiyono Hasegawa died. Dina Manfredini, aged 114 years and 242 days, become the world's 2nd oldest living person.
  • 13 December 2011 - She become the oldest person ever from Italy due to surpassed the final age of Venere Pizzinato-Papo.
  • 4 April 2012 - Become the first Italian person who reach the age of 115.
  • 4 December 2012 - She titled by the Guinness World Records' "oldest living person in the world" upon the death of Besse Cooper at the aged 115 years and 244 days.

Death[change | change source]

Manfredini, who became the world's oldest living person after Besse Cooper's death on 4 December 2012,[4] died of natural infection at 9:30am on 17 December 2012, just 13 days later and a week before her successor as the oldest living woman Japanesewoman Koto Okubo's 115th birthday, at age 115 years, 257 days, and was succeeded as the oldest living person by Japaneseman Jiroemon Kimura, who was just 15 days younger, and as the oldest living person in the United States by Gertrude Weaver, who was 15 months younger.

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