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Lucile Randon (born 11 February 1904) or Sister André is 2nd the verified oldest French person ever and, since 114-year-old Honorine Rondello's death on 19 October 2017, the oldest person currently living in France.[1] She is also at age 117 years, 207 days (since Italianwoman Maria-Giuseppa Robucci’s death on 18 June 2019) the second oldest person living in the world (behind Japanesewoman Kane Tanaka) and the oldest person living in Europe.

Randon was born in Alès, on 11 February 1904. She worked as a gouvernante in many families, and became a religious sister at age 41. She worked in a hospital in Vichy for 31 years, then moved to a nursing home in Haute-Savoie for 30 years, and finally to Toulon in 2009. Randon on is known by her religious name Sœur Andrée. She is confined to a wheelchair.[2]

Randon had three brothers, and a twin sister who died as an infant. On her birthday she said "115 years is enough, I hope the Good Lord takes me this year".[2]

At age 116 Randon caught and recovered from COVID-19 [3]

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