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Dragon fruit

Pitaya fruit, pitahaya fruit, commonly known as the dragon fruit, is a fruit from Central America, South America, and Asia. It is a favorite to many, particularly people of Asian origin. It has a light sweet taste, an intense shape and color, and has a texture of between that of a kiwi and an apple. In addition to being tasty and refreshing, this contains a lot of water and other vital minerals with varied nutritional ingredients. Dragon fruit has a number of health benefits including its ability to lower cholesterol[source?], boost the immune system[source?], prevent cancer[source?] and heart disease[source?], aid in weight loss[source?], improve digestion[source?], boost energy[source?], defend against bacteria[source?] and fungi[source?], and help in the overall functioning of the body’s systems[source?].

Dragon fruit is an exotic and delicious fruit which is often considered a tropical “super-food” because of its health benefits, and its somewhat “under the radar” quality that makes it less well known than many mainstream fruits and health foods. It is also known as “pitaya” if it comes from the very closely related Stenographers genus, but the actual Dragon Fruit is the fruit of the cactus genus Hylocereus. It has its origins in Mexico, South America, and Central America, but New World settlers probably brought it to Southeast Asian nations like Cambodia, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam, and the Philippines, where it remains an important part of the dietary fruit intake. Dragon Fruits are originally from South America.