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Santa Claus, as he is typically shown

Commonly associated with Christmas, Santa Claus is mostly shown as a big and cheerful white-bearded man wearing a red suit with white trim. According to the American version of the legend, Santa, as he is often known, lives in the North Pole with his wife, Mrs. Claus, some elves who build his toys, and reindeer who pull his sled through the sky. [[Father Christmas, the Nordic version of the myth, is said to live in Lapland, Finland. He is also associated with bringing gifts to small children on Christmas by sliding down fireplace chimneys and reindeer pulling his sled.

Santa was most likely created from different traditions and characters from European and Christian culture, such as St. Nicholas, the Dutch Sinterklaas, and others. There are many popular culture items about Santa. Santa is known as Saint Nicholas, Saint Nick, Father Christmas, Kris Kringle, Kristingle, Christingle, Santy, and many other names.[1]

Santa Claus' home[change | change source]

Santa Claus House in North Pole, Alaska

Santa is said to live in a small hill called Korvatunturi in Lapland, Finland in the Nordic myth. There is a theme park in Rovaniemi, which is near Korvatunturi, called Santa Claus Village.

The saint who inspired the legend of Sinterklaas, (and thus, Santa Claus) is Saint Nicholas, who lived in the 4th Century AD and had a reputation for secret gift-giving, especially to the poor and needy, such as putting coins in the shoes of those who left them out for him.[2]

He is also said to live at the northmost end of the world at the North Pole.

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