Yoshi Touch & Go

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Yoshi Touch & Go
Developer(s)Nintendo EAD
Director(s)Hidetoshi Takeshita
Producer(s)Toyokazu Nonaka
Artist(s)Yasuhisa Nakagawa
Writer(s)Soshi Kawasaki
Composer(s)Yutaka Minobe
Masayoshi Ishi
Platform(s)Nintendo DS, Virtual Console (Wii U)
ReleaseNintendo DS:
  • JP: January 27, 2005
  • ROC: January 27, 2005
  • NA: March 14, 2005
  • EU: May 6, 2005
  • AU: May 19, 2005
  • CHN: February 14, 2006
Virtual Console (Wii U) (Full Release):
  • NA: April 9, 2015
  • EU: July 23, 2015
  • AU: July 24, 2015
  • JP: May 18, 2016
Virtual Console (Wii U) (Promotional Release):
  • EU: June 25, 2015
  • AU: June 26, 2015

Yoshi Touch & Go, known in Japan as Catch! Touch! Yoshi! (キャッチ!タッチ!ヨッシー!, Kyatchi! Tatchi! Yosshī!), is a video game that was developed and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo DS. It first released in Japan on January 27, 2005. It released in North America on March 14, 2005,[1] in Europe on May 6, 2005, and in Australia on May 19, 2005. As of August 2007, the game sold 197,337 copies in Japan.[2] Yoshi Touch & Go was produced by Takashi Tezuka and directed by Hiroyuki Kimura. The game was released on the Wii U Virtual Console in 2015.

The game is about Yoshi and Baby Mario or Baby Luigi. Its graphics and characters are from Yoshi's Island. The game uses the DS's touch screen a lot. It uses the microphone as well. The challenge in the game comes from playing the same thing over and over to get the best score, similar to the classic arcade games of the 1980s.

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