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"Loyalakpa" (Meitei: ꯂꯣꯌꯥꯂꯥꯛꯄ), also spelt as "Loyarakpa" (Meitei: ꯂꯣꯌꯥꯔꯥꯛꯄ), is a God in Meitei religion. He is best known for having wrestling with Khoriphaba in the mythology.[1] He is the consort of goddess Thoudu Nungthel Leima.[2] He is one of the ten king-gods (divine kings) in the religion.[3]

In popular culture[change | change source]

  • In 2014, "Ibudhou Loyalakpa Manipuri Dance Group", a non profit association was organized in Imphal, Manipur.[4][5]
  • In Imphal West, "Epa Loyalakpa Handloom &Handicraft co. op. Society" is named after the God, Loyalakpa.[6]

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