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Hooks[change source]

NOTE: When possible, it is good to have a balance of subjects covered by the hooks. Thanks.

From a collection of Wikipedia's articles:

Nobel 9 Dec 2019 029 copy (49204051647) (cropped).jpg

  • ... that when John B. Goodenough (pictured) won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2019 at aged 97, he became the oldest Nobel Prize winner in history?
  • ... that even though Georg Forster thought highly of many cultures, specifically ones in the Southern Pacific, he was very prejudiced against Poles?
  • ... that the dotted humming frog sometimes lives with the Colombian lesserblack tarantula?
  • ... that Mark Clarke was kicked out of the Conservative Party for bullying Elliot Johnson, a Conservative Party politician to the point of suicide?
  • ... that Dick Conway had his finger amputated so he could continue playing with the New Zealand national rugby union team?
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