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Bad Girls Club
GenreReality television
Created byJonathan Murray
Opening theme"Love Me or Hate Me" by Lady Sovereign
(season 1)
"Bad Girls" by Tokyo Diiva
(season 2–4)
"Bad Girls Remix" by Tokyo Diiva
(season 5-current)
Country of originUnited States
No. of seasons9
No. of episodes131 (list of episodes)
Producer(s)Bunim/Murray Productions
Production location(s)Los Angeles (season 1–4)
Miami (season 5)
Hollywood (season 6)
Running time30 minutes (Season 1-2)
60 minutes (Season 3–present)
Original networkOxygen
Original releaseDecember 5, 2006 (2006-12-05) –
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The Bad Girls Club (or BGC) is an American reality television show. It was created by Jonathan Murray for Oxygen TV channel. The show is about seven women who are called "bad girls" because of their bad behavior. They come from different races and backgrounds. They have psychological and behavior problems. They are put in a big house to live for three months. The production team video tapes their life inside and outside of the house. They live in the house to try and change their "bad ways" and become role models. They have to obey the rules they were given. If they don't follow them, they can be removed from the show. If this happens, a "replacement" will arrive at the house.

In season one and season two, the premise of the show was different from other seasons. There has been six complete seasons of The Bad Girls Club. The ninth season is currently airing on Oxygen. The fourth season had the highest ratings. It became the "breakthrough season" for the show. The show is broadcast in five different countries. The Bad Girls Club was given negative feedback from television critics. This is because the show is about girls fighting. Teenagers have also pretended to be like the girls in the show. This made schools in the United States to dislike the show. Some schools even started banning the show in their cities.

There has been a lot of conflicts about the show. This is because some cast-members stated opinions that made the public very angry. There have been three spin-offs of The Bad Girls Club. Love Games: Bad Girls Need Love Too has been a rating success. The show is about three former "bad girls" looking for love. Oxygen released mobile games, comic strip and merchandise to help promote the show. There has been 62 people who been on the show. Kerry Harvick (from the first season) became a country singer. Tanisha Thomas (from the second season) became a host in many Bad Girls Club spin-offs. Amber Meade, Amber Buhl, Sarah Michaels, Kendra Jones, Natalie Nunn and Lea Beaulieu were in the "Love Games: Bad Girls Need Love Too" show.

About the show[change | change source]

The show follows seven women. They are between the ages of 21 and 27. They live in a big house for three months. The production team video tapes their lives in and out of the house. The girls are called "bad girls". This is because of their bad behavior. However, they are put in the show because they want to change their "bad ways". They also want to become role models to young women. Other "bad girls" are only there to reach goals of their own. In the show, the "bad girls" must try to live with each other. They must also try and deal with a lot of changes from their roommates. They must follow all the rules that they were given. If they break a "bad girl" breaks a rule, she will be removed from the show. A "replacement" is then brought in. A replacement is a "bad girl" who did not enter the house on the first night. She is brought in the show, to fill in. This is because the show is about seven women trying to change. The "bad girls" have to talk in a room about their day.

Sometimes, a "bad girl" may divide into cliques. Create bad behavior to feel happy, book parties in nightclubs and shop for food. They must also maintain their personal lives. The "bad girls" are allowed to contact their families and boyfriends (or girlfriends). They are given a home computer to communicate with the world. However, watching television and having a cell phone is not allowed. Bullying and double tagging is known to happen in the show. Double tagging means that two or more "bad girls" jump one of their roommates. Sometimes, a "bad girl" may wish to leave the show. This is because of their roommates who are bullying them, being or feeling alone, problems at home, court dates, or because they feel like they are "better" then the girls in the house.

It is rare if two or more replacements come into the show. The only seasons to have a lot of replacements was season one (2006), season five (2010) and season six (2011). The replacement "bad girl" is always treated badly by the original cast. It is rare if a replacement wants to leave the show. The only season to have a replacement leave was on the fifth season.

A Bad Girl knows what she wants and how to get it. She makes her own way, makes her own rules and she makes no apologies. A Bad Girl blazes her own trail and removes obstacles from her path. A Bad Girl fights and forces her way to the top with style and beauty. A Bad Girl believes in jumping first and looking later. People will love you. People will hate you. Others will secretly wish to be you. A Bad Girl is you.

—Bad Girls Club creed[1]

This is the Bad Girls Club creed. It was first seen in the third season.

Season one and Season two[change | change source]

The show was different in these two seasons. The age requirements were 21 and 31. "Nicknames" were not given to anyone. Nicknames started in the third season. Season one was the first season to have a lot of replacement "bad girls". Even though this season was different, the rules were kept the same for later seasons. Another thing that stood the same was how the first episode started. The first episode always starts with a physical fight. The fight that is seen, shows how the first "bad girl" is removed from the show.

For the second season, the show began to change. The maximum age requirements to apply dropped from 35 to 27. The cast had to work. They were given jobs that did not give them any money. They had to learn how to be dependent on others for teamwork. They also needed to build a work ethic. This skill would help them in their life after the show. If a "bad girl" wanted to quit her job or did not show up, she would be removed from the show. The girls were given the jobs of planning and decision making. This became the first and only season to have the "bad girls" working. This was also the last time episodes were only 30-minutes long.

Live shows[change | change source]

The OxygenLive was released on August 3, 2010. This allowed fans of the show to submit their opinions about the season or the cast. Fans had to submit their comments on Facebook or Twitter. Their comments were then showed during the re-cap episode of The Bad Girls Club. OxygenLive! was an online talk show. Tanisha Thomas (from season two) was the hose. The live show debuted after the first episode of the sixth season aired on Oxygen. The show was about talking with the cast of season six. Thomas gave them questions to answer from fans.

Airings and locations of The Bad Girls Club[change | change source]

Season Season premiere Season finale Locations
Season 1[2] December 5, 2006 April 24, 2007 Los Angeles, California
Season 2[2] December 4, 2007 May 13, 2008
Season 3[3] December 2, 2008 March 24, 2009
Season 4[4] December 1, 2009 March 9, 2010
Season 5[5] August 3, 2010 November 9, 2010 Miami, Florida
Season 6[6] January 10, 2011 April 25, 2011 Los Angeles, California
Season 7[7] August 1, 2011 TBA New Orleans, Louisiana

U.S. television ratings[change | change source]

"Viewers" is the estimated number viewers that watched a program either while it was broadcast or watched via DVR on the same day the program was broadcast.

Season Timeslot (ET) Airings Premiered Ended A18-49 W18-34 H/H Share Highest rated episode
(in millions)
Total viewers (average)
Date Premiere
(in millions)
Date Finale
(in millions)
(in millions)
Season 1 10 P.M Tuesdays 6 December 2006 N/A 24 April 2007 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 393,000[8][9]
Season 2 4 December 2007 N/A 20 May 2008 N/A N/A 267,000[10] 191,000[10] N/A N/A 681,000[10][11]
Season 3 2 December 2008 1.03[12] 31 March 2009 0.8[13] N/A 641,000[10] 476,000[10] N/A 1.07[10] 1,143,000[10][11]
Season 4 1 December 2009 1.67[12] 9 March 2010 N/A 2.66[14] 749,000[12] 527,000[12] 1.1/2[15] 2.27[16] 1,677,000[12][17]
Season 5 9 P.M 3 August 2010 1.34[18] 9 November 2010 1.71[19] 1.90[20] 831,000[21] 810,000[21] 1.1/2[22] 1.96[23] 1,679,000[21]
Season 6 Mondays 10 January 2011 1.71[24] 25 April 2011 1.36[25] 1.55[26] 700,000[27] N/A 1.0/1[24] 1.85[28] N/A
Season 7 1 August 2011 N/A N/A N/A N/A 900,000[29] 494,000[30] N/A 1.75[31] 1,331,000[30]

International broadcast[change | change source]

Country / Region Channel Title
United States (origin) Oxygen The Bad Girls Club
Netherlands[32] RTL Entertainment De slechte meisjes (The Bad Girls)
Australia[33] MTV Australia The Bad Girls Club
Hungary[34] Kemény lányok klubja (Tough Girls Club)
Sweden[35] TV11 Stygga flickors klubb (Naughty Girls Club)
Russia MTV Russia Дом Плохих Девчонок (Bad Girls Home)

Cast members[change | change source]

     Replacement bad girl

Season Name Age[I] Hometown[II] Profession
1 Zara Sprankle 22 Cicero, NY
Ripsi Terzian 23 Watertown, MA
Aimee Landi 24 Philadelphia, PA
Leslie Ramsue 24 Atlanta, GA Model
Ty Colliers 25 Atlanta, GA
Jodie Howell 29 Baltimore, ML Model
Kerry Harvick 31 Nashville, TN Singer-songwriter
Joanna Hernandez 23 Sacramento, CA
DeAnn Witt 24 Dallas, TX
Andrea Laing 26 High Point, NC
2 Tanisha Thomas 21 Brooklyn, NY
Nikki "Cordelia" Carlisle 22 Wallingford, CT Porn actress
Hanna Thompson 22 Brooklyn, NY Actress
Melissa "Lyric" Greene 22 Phoenix, AZ Rapper
Darlen Escobar 24 Austin, TX
Neveen Ismail 24 Portland, OR
Jennavecia Russo 26 Las Vegas, NV Voice actress
Andrea Sharples 22 Portland, OR Blogger
3 Ailea Carr 21 Buford, GA
Whitney Collings 21 Boston, MA
Amber Buell 23 Pittsburgh, PA
Kayla Carter 23 Compton, CA
Sarah Michaels 23 Milwaukee, WI
Tiffany Torrence-Davis 24 Chicago, IL
Amber Meade 25 Montevideo, MS
Ashley Weaver 21 Seattle, WA
4 Kendra James 22 Charlotte, North Carolina Former beauty queen
Amber McWha 23 Morgantown, West Virginia
Katherine "Kate" Squillace 23 Boston, MA
Natalie Nunn 24 Oakland, CA Socialite, club promoter, model
Portia Beaman 24 Kansas City, MO
Annie Andersen 25 Los Angeles, CA Animal rights activist
Florina "Flo" Kaja 26 Staten Island, NY Singer, club promoter, LGBT rights activist
Lexie Woltz 21 Belleville, IL
5 Danielle Rosario 21 Long Island, NY
Morgan Osman 21 Miami, FL Socialite, club promoter, model
Lea Beaulieu 22 Miami, FL
Kristen Guinane 23 Boston, MA Hooters waiter
Catya "Cat" Washington 24 Philadelphia, PA Model
Erica Lynne[36] (or Langston)[37][38] 25 Yorba Linda, CA Former cheerleader
Brandi "Venus" Arceneaux 26 Inglewood, CA Porn actress, exotic dancer, club promoter
Ashley Cheatham 21 Houston, TX Model
Kayleigh Severn 22 San Diego, California
Christina Hopkins 22 Staten Island, NY Model, club promoter
6 Jessica Rodriguez 21 Chicago, IL
Kori Koether 21 Phoenix, AZ Model
Lauren Spears 21 Lexington, KY
Sydney Steinfeldt 21 Dallas, TX
Jade Bennett 22 Milwaukee, Wisconsin Socialite
Nicole "Nikki" Galladay 22 Annandale, NJ Football player, model, body builder
Charmaine "Char" Warren 27 Chicago, IL Administrative assistant
Ashley King 21 Norfolk, VA Model, Socialite
Jennifer Buonagurio 21 Bergen County, NJ Playboy model, exotic dancer
Wilmarie "Wilma" Sena 27 Passaic, NJ Model
7 Angelic Castillo 21 Bronx, NY Go-go dancer, exotic dancer
Judi Jai 21 Olympia Fields, IL
Tiara Hodge 22 Houston, TX Entrepreneur
Nastasia Townsend 23 Sacramento, CA
Shelly Hickman 23 St. Louis, MO Bartender
Tasha Malek 23 Miami, FL
Priscilla Mennella 25 Staten Island, NY
Cheyenne[39][40] 22 Austin, TX

^[I] Contestant's age at the start of the season.
^[II] U.S. state abbreviations can be found here.

Spin-offs[change | change source]

  • Bad Girls Road Trip
  • Love Games: Bad Girls Need Love Too
  • Bad Girls Club: Flo Gets Married
  • Tanisha Gets Married

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