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    Koqkpa is taking a short wikibreak to get ready for exams and will be back on Wikipedia once the exams are over.

    I make articles and sometimes help and expand other articles.
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    About me

    Hi, I'm koqkpa, I like Astronomy and many more, I'm here in simple Wikipedia because it's simple and it's easy to read! I have a YouTube account with 24 or 25 Subscribers. I'm here to improve the Simple English Wikipedia to as good I can, I'll fix those bad guys who ruin the page. Also I'll make everything linked, if one linked word is colored red, I'll make it blue.

    My work

    I will improve the simple wikipedia to as best I can, I'll make articles which aren't made yet, and I also make very little bit of articles that are not made on the English Wikipedia yet. I also revert vandalism only if occurred and sometimes I can not revert vandalism when I am not online, and also I tag articles with deletion which are not notable plus is nonsense.

    Contact me

    Please contact me in Koqkpa (talk)

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    • Shogakukan (Japanese publishing company)

    Deletion reason: little sign of simplification/conversion.

    My Sandbox[change | change source]

    Here is my sandbox, User:Koqkpa/Sandbox. You can freely use it and write anything you want in the sandbox.