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Hi, I'm koqkpa, I like Astronomy and many more, I'm here in simple Wikipedia because it's simple and it's easy to read! I have a YouTube account with 24 or 25 Subscribers. I'm here to improve the Simple English Wikipedia to as good I can, I'll fix those bad guys who ruin the page. Also I'll make everything linked, if one linked word is colored red, I'll make it blue.

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I will improve the simple wikipedia to as best I can, I'll make articles which aren't made yet, and I also make very little bit of articles that are not made on the English Wikipedia yet. I also revert vandalism only if occurred and sometimes I can not revert vandalism when I am not online, and also I tag articles with deletion which are not notable plus is nonsense

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Feel free to contact me in Koqkpa (talk)

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Created Pages (119 pages)[change | change source]

Pages sorted by date of creation:

  1. Alpha Fornacis (star in constellation fornax)
  2. Pre-main-sequence star (star in the stage when it has not yet reached the main sequence)
  3. Brazier (container used to burn charcoal or other solid fuel for cooking, heating, or cultural rituals)
  4. Stellar birthline (Construct in astrophysics)
  5. Ludo (board game)
  6. Anne Graham Lotz (American evangelist)
  7. The Tokyo Tower of Babel (proposed building in Japan)
  8. Xiaomi Mi 1 (smartphone model)
  9. X-Seed 4000 (envisioned building)
  10. Toshio Ojima (Japanese architect)
  11. Bow shock (boundary between a magnetosphere and an ambient magnetized medium, for example when the solar wind encounters the magnetic field of Earth)
  12. NGC 6357 (emission nebula in the constellation Scorpius)
  13. WISE 1506+7027 (Star in the constellation Ursa Minor)
  14. Lacaille 9352 (star in the constellation Piscis Austrinus)
  15. HD 210271 (star in the constellation Piscis Austrinus)
  16. MACS J1149 Lensed Star 1 (blue supergiant, the most distant star detected at 9 billion light years from Earth)
  17. HD 1 (star in the constellation Cepheus)
  18. NGC 3109 (spiral galaxy in the constellation Hydra)
  19. NGC 300 (spiral galaxy in the constellation Sculptor)
  20. NGC 55 (spiral galaxy in the constellation Sculptor)
  21. Alphard (star in the constellation Hydra)
  22. ESO 325-G004 (elliptical galaxy in the constellation Centaurus)
  23. Dactyl (moon) (moon of asteroid 243 Ida)
  24. Extragalactic planet (planet that is outside the Milky Way Galaxy)
  25. TRAPPIST-1g (extrasolar planet)
  26. Lambda Velorum (star in the southern constellation of Vela)
  27. HV 888 (red supergiant)
  28. Fomalhaut (star in the constellation Piscis Austrinus)
  29. Effective temperature (estimated temperature of an astronomical body)
  30. Pollux b (extrasolar planet)
  31. Artie P. Hatzes (american astronomer)
  32. RSGC1-F02 (star in the open cluster RSGC1)
  33. Karl Schwarzschild Observatory (observatory)
  34. Tautenburg (municipality in the Saale-Holzland district in Thuringia in Germany)
  35. Kanda, Tokyo (area name in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan)
  36. Magnetopause (abrupt boundary between a magnetosphere and the surrounding plasma)
  37. 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko (short-period comet)
  38. Mimosa (star) (star in the constellation Crux)
  39. Hellabyte (multiple of the unit byte, equivalent to 1,000 yottabytes)
  40. COinS (bibliographic metadata embedding method)
  41. Frank E. Woods (American screenwriter)
  42. John Middleton (giant) (English giant commonly known as the Childe of Hale)
  43. List of stars in Piscis Austrinus (Wikimedia list article)
  44. Microscopium (constellation in the southern celestial hemisphere)
  45. Sokołów Podlaski (city and urban gnima of Poland)
  46. National anthem of Scotland (national anthem)
  47. James Wilkinson (American soldier and statesman (1757–1825))
  48. Additive color (the situation where color is created by mixing the visible light emitted from differently colored light sources)
  49. Hanako (fish) (scarlet koi fish (c. 1751 – 1977))
  50. Trith-Saint-Léger (commune in Nord, France)
  51. Naré Maghann Konaté (12th-century faama (king) of the Mandinka people)
  52. First Mexican Republic (1824-1864 federal republic in Central America)
  53. Dondinho (Brazilian footballer (1917–1996))
  54. SDSS J1229+1122 (star)
  55. Galaxy morphological classification (system for categorizing galaxies based on how they look like)
  56. List of stars in Sculptor (Wikimedia list article)
  57. HD 942 (star)
  58. Gliese 1 (star in the constellation Sculptor)
  59. Cosmic time (measure of time by a physical clock with zero peculiar velocity in the absence of matter over-/under-densities since the Big Bang)
  60. Midcourse Space Experiment (space observatory)
  61. Stellar-wind bubble (cavity light years across filled with gas blown into the interstellar medium from a hot star)
  62. Cucumis (genus of plants)
  63. Solrinnes (commune in Nord, France)
  64. Robert Innes (British Astronomer)
  65. UGC 12591 (massive spiral galaxy)
  66. Bellatrix (star) (star in the constellation Orion)
  67. TRAPPIST-1f (extrasolar planet)
  68. Algae (disambiguation) (Wikimedia disambiguation page)
  69. Mu Columbae (no description yet)
  70. 88 modern constellations by area (no description yet)
  71. Beta Monocerotis (no description yet)
  72. Chromosphere (2nd of the 3 main layers in the Sun's atmosphere (above the photosphere, below the solar transition region); 3000–5000 km deep, with a rosy red color only apparent during eclipses)
  73. Equinox (celestial coordinates) (point in time defined via celestial coordinates)
  74. TRAPPIST-1e (extrasolar planet)
  75. NGC 4945 (galaxy in the M83 group of galaxies)
  76. ULAS J1120+0641 (Extremely distant quasar)
  77. HD 8673 (star in the constellation Andromeda)
  78. Galactic year (unit of time)
  79. Abell S740 (galaxy cluster in the constellation Centaurus)
  80. Sculptor group (group of galaxies)
  81. Icosidodecahedron (Archimedean solid)
  82. Earth radius (mean distance from the Earth's center to its surface)
  83. Antlia Dwarf (galaxy)
  84. IRAS 05280-6910 (red supergiant star in the Large Magellanic Cloud)
  85. WASP-17 (star)
  86. Subgiant (type of star larger than main-sequence but smaller than a giant)
  87. James Dunlop (Australian astronomer (1793-1848)
  88. HD 49674 (star in the constellation Auriga)
  89. HD 218619 (star in the constellation Sculptor)
  90. SPT-CL J0546-5345 (one of the most massive galaxy clusters ever found in the early universe)
  91. Bionic Tower (proposed vertical city)
  92. Alpha Sculptoris (star in the southern constellation of Sculptor)
  93. HV 986 (variable star)
  94. GSC 02620-00648 (star)
  95. Kepler-69 (G-type star)
  96. Kepler-69b (extrasolar planet)
  97. Gliese 229 (star in the constellation Lepus)
  98. Castor (star) (star in the constellation Gemini)
  99. AH Scorpii (red supergiant in the constellation Scorpius)
  100. Quaternary numeral system (numeral system with four as its base)
  101. WOH S281 (red supergiant)
  102. Kordylewski cloud (Large concentrations of dust that exist at the L4 and L5 Lagrangian points of the Earth–Moon system)
  103. TRAPPIST-1d (extrasolar planet)
  104. V346 Puppis (no description yet)
  105. Messier 80 (globular star cluster)
  106. Epsilon Piscis Austrini (star in the constellation Piscis Austrinus)
  107. Pismis 24-1 (star)
  108. Strontianite (carbonate mineral)
  109. Javanese calendar (calendar used in Java, Indonesia)
  110. Algae Lake (body of water)
  111. Mount Bromo (Active volcano in East Java, Indonesia)
  112. 40 Eridani (triple star system in the constellation Eridanus)
  113. Volcanic gas (gases given off by active volcanoes)
  114. Otte Brahe (Danish noble)
  115. 901 (year)
  116. Epsilon Canis Majoris (star in the constellation Canis Major)
  117. Little Nightmares II (2021 puzzle solving horror video game)
  118. Dvaravati sila (sacred stone in Hinduism)
  119. Area code 773 (area code of Chicago outside of Downtown)

Pages got deleted (4)[change | change source]

  • Shogakukan (Japanese publishing company)

Deletion reason: little sign of simplification/conversion.

  • Somma volcano (a volcanic caldera that has been partially filled by a new central cone)

Deletion reason: Complex article from an another wikipedia/not perfectly simplified.

  • Gon (unit) (angle unit)

Deletion reason: Redirect to a nonexistent page.

  • Ludo (board game)

Deletion reason: Close copy to enwiki article.

Pages recreated after deletion (2)[change | change source]

  • Mount Bromo (Active volcano in East Java, Indonesia)

Why was it deleted: Article was deleted because of the same reason as my article Somma volcano listed above.

Recreation: Recreated with a more advanced/better simplification.

  • Ludo (board game)

Why was it deleted: Article was deleted because of the same reaosn as my article Ludo listed above.

Recreation: Recreated with a more advanced/better simplification.

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Here is my sandbox, User:Koqkpa/Sandbox. You can freely use it and write anything you want in the sandbox.

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The Crab Nebula, One of my favorite structures in Astronomy