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EASELL (Editing Articles in Simple English by Language Learners) is a research project for a school in California. Up to 37 students will be editing and expanding stub articles on science, history, and literature that relate to their content classes. A few students will be translating articles from other languages' Wikipedias that are currently stubs in Simple English. They will research in library reference sources and then they will edit and cite the sources they reference in the Simple English Wikipedia article.

Each year, they will create their accounts in early March, and they will be doing the actual editing between April 4 and June 10. In April, students will make small edits. In early May, student will make paragraphs of additions. In late May, classmates will circle back to pages and make further edits. Teachers will look over the work and make editorial changes as needed. So, while the class project will be stretched out over two months, we would invite--and even encourage--editors to interact with all pages on our class project after mid-May.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we learn by doing. --swim123blue (talk)

Please note: students will be preparing their sentences in a Google Doc (as they are working individually, with a partner, or in groups) and pasting them in all at once. They are not plagiarizing, I will be checking for that.

The IP range on our primary internet link is: to

Contacts[change source]

Banners[change source]

{{class project|teacher=swim123blue|link=Wikipedia:Schools/Projects/easell}}

For articles: Please add this banner on the top of each article you work on. It indicates to other Wikipedia users this article is part of the EASELL Project project.

Editor[change source]


Participants[change source]

Group 6 (2021)[change source]

  1. user:20chseld301
  2. user:20chseld309
  3. user:21chseld301
  4. user:21chseld302
  5. user:21chseld303
  6. user:21chseld304
  7. user:21chseld305
  8. user:21chseld308

Group 5 (2020)[change source]

  1. user:20chseld301
  2. user:20chseld304
  3. user:20chseld306
  4. user:20chseld307
  5. user:20chseld309
  6. user:20chseld315
  7. user:20chseld408
  8. user:20chseld410
  9. user:20chseld411
  10. user:20chseld412
  11. user:20chseld416
  12. user:20chseld418

Group 4 (2019)[change source]

  1. user:17chseld_110
  2. user:19chseld 408
  3. user:19chseld 409
  4. user:19chseld 411
  5. user:19chseld 413
  6. user:19chseld 414

Group 3 (2018)[change source]

  1. user:18chseld_101
  2. user:18chseld_102
  3. user:18chseld_103
  4. user:18chseld_104
  5. user:18chseld_105
  6. user:18chseld_106
  7. user:18chseld_107
  8. user:18chseld_108
  9. user:18chseld_110
  10. user:17chseld 101
  11. user:16chseld 108
  12. user:16chseld 110
  13. user:17chseld 107
  14. user:16chseld 114
  15. user:18chseld 603

Group 2 (2017)[change source]

  1. user:17chseld_101
  2. user:17chseld_102
  3. user:16chseld_117
  4. user:16chseld_108
  5. user:17chseld_105
  6. user:16chseld_110
  7. user:17chseld_107
  8. user:17chseld_108
  9. user:17chseld_109
  10. user:17chseld_110
  11. user:17chseld_111a

Group 1 (2016)[change source]

  1. user:16chseld_101 (nom de plume for student 102)
  2. user:16chseld_103
  3. user:16chseld_104
  4. user:16chseld_105
  5. user:16chseld_107
  6. user:16chseld_108
  7. user:16chseld_109
  8. user:16chseld_110
  9. user:16chseld_111
  10. user:16chseld_112
  11. user:16chseld_113
  12. user:16chseld_114
  13. user:16chseld_115
  14. user:16chseld_116
  15. user:16chseld_117
  16. user:16chseld_118
  17. user:16chseld_119
  18. user:16chseld_120
  19. user:16chseld_121
  20. user:16chseld_122
  21. user:16chseld_402
  22. user:16chseld_403
  23. user:16chseld_404
  24. user:16chseld_405
  25. user:16chseld_406
  26. user:16chseld_407
  27. user:16chseld_408
  28. user:16chseld_409
  29. user:16chseld_410
  30. user:16chseld_411
  31. user:16chseld_601
  32. user:16chseld_603
  33. user:16chseld_604
  34. user:16chseld_605
  35. user:16chseld_606

Articles editing[change source]

Some students will be choosing stub articles to expand from these sources:

Articles edited[change source]

Group 5 (2020)[change source]

Article Editor
Oryukdo User:20chseld301
dumplings User:20chseld304
Kenting Music Festival User:20chseld306
Milad Tower user:20chseld307
Cellulose User:20chseld411
Dragon Boat Festival User:20chseld416
Fennec Fox User:20chseld418

Group 4 (2019)[change source]

Article Editor
Sandra Cisneros User:19chseld_408
Emily Dickinson User:19chseld_409
Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley User:19chseld_414
Phillis Wheatley user:17chseld_110
Abigail Adams User:19chseld 411
Judith Ortiz Cofer User:19chseld 413

Group 3 (2018)[change source]

Article Editor(s)
Pupusa user:18chseld 107
Korean barbecue user:18chseld 102, user:18chseld 101
Harper Lee user:18chseld 108, user:18chseld 105
British Hong Kong user:18chseld 104
Pasig user:18chseld 110
Yo-yo effect user:18chseld 103, user:18chseld 106
Arthur_Miller user:17chseld 101
Henry David Thoreau user:18chseld 603
Edna St. Vincent Millay user:17chseld 107
Nathaniel Hawthorne user:16chseld 110
Edith Wharton user:16chseld 108
T. H. White user:16chseld 114

Group 2 (2017)[change source]

Article Editor
Taipei user:17chseld 101
Kimchi user:17chseld 102
Byblos user:16chseld 117
Chiang Kai-shek user:16chseld 108
Philippine eagle user:17chseld 105
Acoustic guitar user:16chseld 110
Tainan user:17chseld 107
Lumbini Zone user:17chseld 108
Turn Left, Turn Right user:17chseld 110
Gou Bu Li baozi user:17chseld 111a

Group 1 (2016)[change source]

Article Sandbox Host Editor(s)
Yuan dynasty user:16chseld_110
Chemical formula user:16chseld_118
Cell wall user:16chseld_103 user:16chseld_105, user:16chseld_119
Jogging user:16chseld_112 user:16chseld_104
Long March user:16chseld_114
Batik user:16chseld_115
Fat user:16chseld_107 user:16chseld_109, user:16chseld_113, user:16chseld_121
Inequality user:16chseld_122 user:16chseld_101
Snorkeling user:16chseld_111 user:16chseld_116, user:16chseld_117
Taiwan Strait user:16chseld_120
Mechanical engineering user:16chseld_409 user:16chseld_406
DNA polymerase user:16chseld_410 user:16chseld_408
Kimchi user:16chseld_404 user:16chseld_402
Dairy product user:16chseld_407 user:16chseld_403, user:16chseld 411
Chinese New Year user:16chseld_405
Henry David Thoreau user:16chseld_606
Bubble tea user:16chseld_601
Taipei 101 user:16chseld_603
Ohm's Law user:16chseld_604
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow user:16chseld_605
Qinhuangdao user:16chseld_108