La Romana, Dominican Republic

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La Romana
Harbor at La Romana
Harbor at La Romana
La Romana is located in Dominican Republic
La Romana
Coordinates: 18°25′48″N 68°58′12″W / 18.43°N 68.97°W / 18.43; -68.97Coordinates: 18°25′48″N 68°58′12″W / 18.43°N 68.97°W / 18.43; -68.97
Country  Dominican Republic
Province La Romana
Municipal Districts 1
 • Total 276.36 km2 (106.70 sq mi)
Elevation[2] 10 m (30 ft)
Population (2010)[3]
 • Total 139,671
 • Density 505/km2 (1,310/sq mi)
 • Urban 136,868
  Including populations of its municipal district
Demonym(s) Romanense
Time zone AST (UTC-4)
 • Summer (DST) AST (UTC-4)
Distance 35 km (22 mi) to Higüey
210 km (130 mi) to Santo Domingo

La Romana is a Dominican city along the Caribbean Sea, in the southeastern part of the country. It is the head municipality of the La Romana province.

The town was built on the right (western) side of the mouth of the river Dulce (now also called Romana).

Geography[change | change source]

La Romana is located in the region known as Llano Costero del Caribe (in English, "Caribbean Coastal Plain"), with only few low hills and many savannas. The small islands of Catalina and Saona are part of this municipality but nobody lives in Catalina.[4]

La Romana has the municipality of Guaymate to the north, the La Altagracia province to the east, the Caribbean Sea to the south and the Villa Hermosa municipality to the west.

The city is at 210 km to the east of Santo Domingo and at 35 km of Higüey.

The municipality has a total area of 276.36 km².[1] It has only one municipal district (a subdivision of a municipality): La Caleta.[4]

Population[change | change source]

The municipality had, in 2010, a total population of 139,671: 67,866 men and 71,805 women. The urban population was 98% of the total population.In this numbers are included the population of the municipal district that is part the municipality. The population of the city of La Romana without that municipal district was 130,426.[3]

Economy[change | change source]

The most important company in La Romana is the Central Romana that produces sugar. This factory was built in 1917 by the South Puerto Rico Sugar Company.

There is also here an important Free Trade Zone, a place where there are different companies that made different products to send to other countries and do not pay taxes in the Dominican Republic.

The La Romana International Airport is very near the city and there are several important tourist places such as : Casa de Campo and Alto de Chavón.

Sugarcane is an important crop in the municipality and also cattle raising.

References[change | change source]

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