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This is a list of National Hockey League (NHL) players who have played at least one game in the NHL from 1917 to present and have a last name that starts with "A".

Aalto - Allen[change | change source]

Player Position Country Birthplace Played Teams Notes
Antti Aalto Centre  Finland Lappeenranta, Finland 1997–01 Anaheim Ducks
George Abbott Goaltender  Canada Sydenham, Ontario 1943–44 Boston Bruins
Reg Abbott Centre  Canada Winnipeg, Manitoba 1952–53 Montreal Canadiens
Justin Abdelkader Centre  United States Muskegon, Michigan 2008- Detroit Red Wings
Clarence "Taffy" Abel Defence  Canada Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan 1926–34 Rangers, Black Hawks
Gerry Abel Left Wing  United States Detroit, Michigan 1966–67 Detroit Red Wings
Sid Abel Left Wing  Canada Melville, Saskatchewan 1938–54 Red Wings, Black Hawks Head coach of Chi, Det, Stl, Kan
Dennis Abgrall Right Wing  Canada Moosomin, Saskatchewan 1975–76 Los Angeles Kings
Ramzi Abid Left Wing  Canada Montreal, Quebec 2002– PHX, PIT, ATL, NSH
Thommy Abrahamsson Defense  Sweden Leksand, Sweden 1980–81 Hartford Whalers
Gene Achtymichuk Centre  Canada Lamont, Alberta 1951–59 Canadiens, Red Wings
Doug Acomb Left Wing  Canada Toronto, Ontario 1969–70 Toronto Maple Leafs
Keith Acton Centre  Canada Stouffville, Ontario 1979–94 MTL, MNS, EDM, PHI, WSH, NYI
Doug Adam Left Wing  Canada Toronto, Ontario 1949–50 New York Rangers
Russ Adam Centre  Canada Windsor, Ontario 1982–83 Toronto Maple Leafs
Bryan Adams Left Wing  Canada Fort St. James, British Columbia 1999–01 Atlanta Flames
Craig Adams Right Wing  Canada Seria, Brunei 2000– CAR, CHI, PIT
Greg C. Adams Forward  Canada Duncan, British Columbia 1980–90 PHI, HAR, WSH, EDM, VAN, QUE, DET
Greg D. Adams Left Wing  Canada Nelson, British Columbia 1984–01 NJ, VAN, DAL, PHX, FLA
Jack Adams Centre  Canada Fort William, Ontario 1917–27 Maple Leafs, Senators (o) Also Head Coach of Det, played in PCHA, Hockey Hall of Fame inductee (1959)
Jack Adams Left Wing  Canada Calgary, Alberta 1940–41 Montreal Canadiens
John Adams Goaltender  Canada Port Arthur, Ontario 1972–75 Capitals, Bruins
Kevyn Adams Centre  United States Washington, D.C. 1997–2008 TOR, CLS, FLA, CAR, PHX, CHI
Stewart Adams Left Wing  Canada Calgary, Alberta 1929–1933 Black Hawks, Maple Leafs
Rick Adduono Centre  Canada Fort William, Ontario 1975–1980 Bruins, ATL Flames
David Aebischer Goaltender   Switzerland Fribourg, Switzerland 2000– COL, MTL, PHX
Dmitry Afanasenkov Left Wing  Russia Arkhangelsk, Russia 2000– Lightning, Flyers
Bruce Affleck Defense  Canada Penticton, British Columbia 1974–1984 STL, VAN, NYI
Maxim Afinogenov Right Wing  Russia Moscow, Russia 1999– Buffalo Sabres
Jim Agnew Defense  Canada Deloraine, Manitoba 1986–1993 Canucks, Whalers
Fred Ahern Right Wing  United States South Boston, Massachusetts 1974–1978 CAL, CLE, COLr
Rudy Ahlin Left Wing  United States Eveleth, Minnesota 1937–1938 Chicago Black Hawks
Peter Ahola Defense  Finland Espoo, Finland 1991–1994 LA, PIT, SJ, CGY
Chris Ahrens Defense  United States San Bernardino, California 1972–1978 Minnesota North Stars
John Aiken Goaltender  United States Arlington, Massachusetts 1957–1958 Montreal Canadiens
Lloyd Ailsby Defense  Canada Lac Pelletier, Saskatchewan 1951–1952 New York Rangers
Brad Aitken Left Wing  Canada Scarborough, Ontario 1987–1991 Penguins, Oilers
Johnathan Aitken Defense  Canada Edmonton, Alberta 1999–2007 Bruins, Blackhawks
Andy Aitkenhead Goaltender  Canada Glasgow, Scotland 1932–1935 New York Rangers
Micah Aivazoff Centre  Canada Powell River, British Columbia 1993–1996 DET, EDM, NYI
Mika Alatalo Left Wing  Finland Oulu, Finland 1999–2001 Phoenix Coyotes
Tommy Albelin Defense  Sweden Stockholm, Sweden 1987–2006 QUE, NJ, CGY
Andrew Alberts Defense  United States Eden Prairie, Minnesota 2005– Bruins, Flyers
Clint Albright Centre  Canada Winnipeg, Manitoba 1948–1949 New York Rangers
Gary Aldcorn Left Wing  Canada Shaunavon, Saskatchewan 1956–1961 TOR, DET, BOS
Keith Aldridge Defense  United States Detroit, Michigan 1999–2000 Dallas Stars
Claire Alexander Defense  Canada Collingwood, Ontario 1974–1978 Maple Leafs, Canucks
Art Alexandre Left Wing  Canada Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec 1931–1933 Montreal Canadiens
Nikita Alexeev Wing  Russia Murmansk, Russia 2001–2003 Tampa Bay Lightning
Daniel Alfredsson Right Wing  Canada Grums, Sweden 1995– Ottawa Senators Won Calder Memorial Trophy (1996)
Jeff Allan Defense  Canada Toronto, Ontario 1977–1978 Cleveland Barons
Bobby Allen Defense  United States Hull, Massachusetts 2002–2003 Edmonton Oilers
Bryan Allen Defense  Canada Kingston, Ontario 2000– Canucks, Panthers
Chris Allen Defense  Canada Chatham, Ontario 1997–1999 Florida Panthers
George Allen Left Wing  Canada Bayfield, New Brunswick 1938–1947 NYR, CHI, MTL
Keith Allen Defense  Canada Saskatoon, Saskatchewan 1953–1955 Detroit Red Wings
Peter Allen Defense  Canada Calgary, Alberta 1995–1996 Pittsburgh Penguins
Vivan "Squee" Allen Right Wing  Canada Bayfield, New Brunswick 1940–1941 New York Americans

Alley - Apps[change | change source]

Player Position Country Birthplace Played Teams Notes
Steve Alley Left Wing  United States Anoka, Minnesota 1979–1981 Hartford Whalers
Dave Allison Defense  Canada Fort Frances, Ontario 1983–1984 Montreal Canadiens
Jamie Allison Defense  Canada Lindsay, Ontario 1994–2007 CGY, CHI, CLS, NSH, FLA
Jason Allison Centre  Canada North York, Ontario 1993– WSH, BOS, LA, TOR Won Eddie Powers Memorial Trophy (1994)
Mike Allison Forward  Canada Fort Frances, Ontario 1980–1990 NYR, TOR, LA
Ray Allison Forward  Canada Cranbrook, British Columbia 1979–1987 Whalers, Flyers
Bill Allum Defense  Canada Winnipeg, Manitoba 1939–1941 Black Hawks, Rangers
Ralph "Red" Almas Goaltender  Canada Saskatoon, Saskatchewan 1946–1953 Red Wings, Black Hawks
Dave Amadio Defense  Canada Glace Bay, Nova Scotia 1957–1969 Red Wings, Kings
Peter Ambroziak Wing  Canada Kanata, Ontario 1994–1995 Buffalo Sabres
Mike Amodeo Defense  Canada Toronto, Ontario 1979–1980 Winnipeg Jets (o)
Tony Amonte Right Wing  United States Hingham, Massachusetts 1990–2008 NYR, CHI, PHX, PHI, CGY
Bill "Red" Anderson Defense  Canada Tillsonburg, Ontario 1942–1943 Boston Bruins
Craig Anderson Goaltender  United States Park Ridge, Illinois 2002– CHI, FLA, COL
Dale Anderson Defense  Canada Regina, Saskatchewan 1956–1957 Detroit Red Wings
Doug "Andy" Anderson Centre  Canada Edmonton, Alberta 1952–1953 Montreal Canadiens
Earl Anderson Right Wing  United States Roseau, Minnesota 1974–1977 Red Wings, Bruins
Glenn Anderson Forward  Canada Vancouver, British Columbia 1980–1996 EDM, TOR, NYR, STL
Jim Anderson Left Wing  Canada Pembroke, Ontario 1967–1968 Los Angeles Kings Also head coach of Was
John Anderson Left Wing  Canada Toronto, Ontario 1977–1989 TOR, QUE, HAR
Lorne Anderson Goaltender  Canada Renfrew, Ontario 1951–1952 New York Rangers
Murray Anderson Defense  Canada The Pas, Manitoba 1974–1975 Washington Capitals
Perry Anderson Left Wing  Canada Barrie, Ontario 1981–1992 STL, NJ, SJ
Ron Anderson Right Wing  Canada Red Deer, Alberta 1967–1972 DET, LA, STL, BUF
Ron Anderson Forward  Canada Moncton, New Brunswick 1974–1975 Washington Capitals
Russ Anderson Defense  United States Des Moines, Iowa 1976–1985 PIT, HAR, LA
Shawn Anderson Defense  Canada Montreal, Quebec 1986–1995 BUF, QUE, WSH, PHI
Tommy Anderson Defense  United Kingdom Edinburgh, Scotland 1934–1942 Red Wings, Americans
Erik Andersson Left Wing  Sweden Stockholm, Sweden 1997–1998 Calgary Flames
Jonas Andersson Left Wing  Sweden Stockholm, Sweden 2001–2002 Nashville Predators
Kent-Erik Andersson Right Wing  Sweden Örebro, Sweden 1977–1984 North Stars, Rangers
Mikael Andersson Right Wing  Sweden Malmö, Sweden 1985–2000 BUF, HAR, TB, PHI, NYI
Niklas Andersson Left Wing  Sweden Kungalv, Sweden 1992–2001 QUE, NYI, SJ, NSH
Peter Andersson Defense  Sweden Federtalve, Sweden 1983–1986 Capitals, Nordiques
Peter Andersson Defense  Sweden Örebro, Sweden 1992–1994 Rangers, Panthers
Steve Andrascik Right Wing  Canada Sherridon, Manitoba 1971–72 New York Rangers
Paul Andrea Right Wing  Canada North Sydney, Nova Scotia 1965–71 NYR, PIT, CAL, BUF
Lloyd Andrews Left Wing  Canada Tillsonburg, Ontario 1921–25 Toronto Maple Leafs
Dave Andreychuk Left Wing  Canada Hamilton, Ontario 1982–06 BUF, TOR, NJ, BOS, COL, TB
Alexander Andrijevski Right Wing  Belarus Minsk, Belarus 1992–193 Chicago Blackhawks
Ron Andruff Centre  Canada Chemainus, British Columbia 1974–79 MTL, COLr
Greg Andrusak Defense  Canada Cranbrook, British Columbia 1993–00 Penguins, Maple Leafs
Mel Angelstad Left Wing  Canada Saskatoon, Saskatchewan 2003–04 Washington Capitals
Lou Angotti Right Wing  Canada Toronto, Ontario 1964–74 NYR, CHI, PHI, PIT, STL Coach for Stl, Pit
Darrell Anholt Defense  Canada Hardisty, Alberta 1983–84 Chicago Black Hawks
Hub Anslow Left Wing  Canada Pembroke, Ontario 1947–48 New York Rangers
Mike Antonovich Centre  United States Calumet, Minnesota 1975–84 MNS, HAR, NJ
Shawn Antoski Left Wing  Canada Brantford, Ontario 1990–98 VAN, PHI, PIT, ANA
Nikolai Antropov Centre  Kazakhstan Ust-Kamenogorsk, Kazakhstan 1999– TOR, NYR, ATL
Syl Apps Centre  Canada Paris, Ontario 1936–48 Toronto Maple Leafs Won Calder Memorial Trophy (1937), Won Lady Byng Memorial Trophy (1942)
Syl Apps, Jr. Centre  Canada Toronto, Ontario 1970–80 NYR, PIT, LA

Arbour - Ayres[change | change source]

Player Position Country Birthplace Played Teams Notes
Al Arbour Defense  Canada Sudbury, Ontario 1953–71 DET, CHI, TOR, STL Coached for Stl, NYI, Won Jack Adams Award (1979)
Amos Arbour Left Wing  Canada Waubaushene, Ontario 1918–24 MTL, HAM, TOR
Ernest "Ty" Arbour Left Wing  Canada Waubaushene, Ontario 1929–31 Pirates, Black Hawks
Jack Arbour Defense  Canada Waubaushene, Ontario 1926–29 Red Wings, Maple Leafs
John Arbour Defense  Canada Niagara Falls, Ontario 1965–72 BOS, PIT, VAN, STL
Michel Archambault Left Wing  Canada Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec 1976–77 Chicago Black Hawks
Dave Archibald Right Wing  Canada Chilliwack, British Columbia 1987–97 MNS, OTT, NYI
Jim Archibald Right Wing  Canada Craik, Saskatchewan 1984–87 Minnesota North Stars
Ron Areshenkoff Centre  Canada Grand Forks, British Columbia 1979–80 Edmonton Oilers
Denis Arkhipov Centre  Russia Kazan, Russia 2000– Predators, Blackhawks
Bill Armstrong Left Wing  Canada London, Ontario 1990–91 Philadelphia Flyers
Bob Armstrong Defence  Canada Toronto, Ontario 1950–62 Boston Bruins
Chris Armstrong Defense  Canada Regina, Saskatchewan 2000–04 Wild, Ducks
Colby Armstrong Right Wing  Canada Lloydminster, Saskatchewan 2005– Penguins, Thrashers
Derek Armstrong Centre  Canada Ottawa, Ontario 1993– NYI, NYR, LA, STL
George Armstrong Centre  Canada Skead, Ontario 1949–71 Toronto Maple Leafs Coached for Tor
Murray Armstrong Centre  Canada Manor, Saskatchewan 1937–46 TOR, NYA, DET
Norm "Red" Armstrong Right Wing  Canada Owen Sound, Ontario 1962–63 Toronto Maple Leafs
Tim Armstrong Forward  Canada Toronto, Ontario 1988–89 Toronto Maple Leafs
Chuck Arnason Right Wing  Canada Ashern, Manitoba 1971–79 MTL, ATLf, PIT, KC, COLr, CLE, MNS, WSH
Tyler Arnason Centre  United States Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 2001– CHI, OTT, COL
Scott Arniel Left Wing  Canada Kingston, Ontario 1981–92 Win(o), BUF, BOS
Jason Arnott Centre  Canada Collingwood, Ontario 1993– EDM, NJ, DAL, NSH
Fred Arthur Defense  Canada Toronto, Ontario 1980–83 Whalers, Flyers
John Arundel Defense  Canada Winnipeg, Manitoba 1949–50 Toronto Maple Leafs
Magnus Arvedson Left Wing  Sweden Karlstad, Sweden 1997–2004 Senators, Canucks
Arron Asham Right Wing  Canada Portage la Prairie, Manitoba 1998– MTL, NYI, NJ, PHI
Barry Ashbee Defense  Canada Weston, Ontario 1965–66, 70–74 Bruins, Flyers
Don Ashby Centre  Canada Kamloops, British Columbia 1975–81 TOR, COLr, EDM
Brent Ashton Forward  Canada Saskatoon, Saskatchewan 1979–93 VAN, COLr, NJ, MNS, QUE, DET, Win(o), BOS, CGY
Frank Ashworth Centre  Canada Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan 1947–47 Chicago Black Hawks
Tom Askey Goaltender  United States Tonawanda, New York 1997–99 Anaheim Ducks
Oscar "Ossie" Asmundson Right Wing  Canada Red Deer, Alberta 1932–35, 36–38 NYR, DET, STLe, NYA, MTLm
Kaspars Astashenko Defense  Latvia Riga, Latvia 1999–01 Tampa Bay Lightning
Mark Astley Defense  Canada Calgary, Alberta 1993–96 Buffalo Sabres
Hardy Astrom Goaltender  Sweden Skelleftea, Sweden 1977–81 Rangers, Rockies
Walt Atanas Right Wing  Canada Hamilton, Ontario 1944–45 New York Rangers
Blair Atcheynum Right Wing  Canada Estevan, Saskatchewan 1992–93, 1997–01 OTT, STL, NSH, CHI
Steve Atkinson Right Wing  Canada Toronto, Ontario 1968–69, 70–75 BOS, BUF, WSH Also played in World Hockey Association
Bob Attwell Right Wing  United States Spokane, Washington 1979–81 Colorado Rockies
Ron Attwell Right Wing  Canada Humber Summit, Ontario 1967–68 Rangers, Blues
Jean-Sebastien Aubin Goaltender  Canada Montreal, Quebec 1999– PIT, TOR, LA
Norm Aubin Forward  Canada Saint-Léonard, Quebec 1981–83 Toronto Maple Leafs
Serge Aubin Centre  Canada Val-d'Or, Quebec 1999–06 COL, CLS, ATL
Pierre Aubry Forward  Canada Cap-de-la-Madeleine, Quebec 1980–85 Nordiques, Red Wings
Oscar Aubuchon Left Wing  Canada Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec 1942–44 Bruins, Rangers
Adrian Aucoin Defense  Canada Ottawa, Ontario 1994– VAN, TB, NYI, CHI, CGY, PHX
Keith Aucoin Centre  United States Chelmsford, Massachusetts 2005– Hurricanes, Capitals
Philippe Audet Left Wing  Canada Ottawa, Ontario 1998–99 Detroit Red Wings
Donald Audette Right Wing  Canada Laval, Quebec 1989–04 BUF, LA, ATL, DAL, MTL, FLA
Les Auge Defense  United States St. Paul, Minnesota 1980–81 Colorado Rockies
Patrik Augusta Left Wing  Czech Republic Jihlava, Czechoslovakia 1993–94, 98–99 Maple Leafs, Capitals
Alex Auld Goaltender  Canada Cold Lake, Alberta 2001– VAN, FLA, PHX, BOS, OTT, DAL
Jared Aulin Centre  Canada Calgary, Alberta 2002–03 Los Angeles Kings
Larry Aurie Right Wing  Canada Sudbury, Ontario 1928–39 Detroit Red Wings
Sean Avery Centre  Canada North York, Ontario 2001– DET, LA, NYR, DAL
Don Awrey Defense  Canada Kitchener, Ontario 1963–79 BOS, STL, MTL, PIT, NYR, COLr
P. J. Axelsson Left Wing  Sweden Kungälv, Sweden 1997– Boston Bruins
Vernon Ayres Defense  Canada Toronto, Ontario 1930–36 NYA, MTLm, STLe, NYR

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