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Miss USA

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The Miss USA pageant is a beauty contest. It has been held every year since 1952. Winners compete in the Miss Universe pageant.

On November 29, 2021, Elle Smith of Kentucky became Miss USA 2021.

It used to be owned by billionaire businessman and television personality Donald Trump who was the 45th President of the United States since 2017. Since September 2015, the pageant has been owned by William Morris Endeavor Entertainment and the International Management Group which are collectively known as WME-IMG.

Winners[change | change source]

Year State Winner Placement at Miss Universe
2022  Texas R'Bonney Gabriel Miss Universe 2022
 North Carolina Morgan Romano
  • 1st Runner-up at Miss USA
  • Took over Miss USA crown when R'Bonney Gabriel won Miss Universe
2021  Kentucky Elle Smith Top 10
2020  Mississippi Asya Branch Top 21
2019  North Carolina Cheslie Kryst Top 10
2018  Nebraska Sarah Rose Summers Top 20
2017  District of Columbia Kára McCullough Top 10
2016  District of Columbia Deshauna Barber Top 9
2015  Oklahoma Olivia Jordan 2nd Runner-Up
2014  Nevada Nia Sanchez 1st Runnner-Up
2013  Connecticut Erin Brady Top 10
2012  Rhode Island Olivia Culpo Miss Universe 2012
 Maryland Nana Meriwether
  • 1st Runner-Up at Miss USA
  • Took over Miss USA crown when Olivia Culpo won Miss Universe
2011  California Alyssa Campanella Top 16
2010  Michigan Rima Fakih Unplaced
2009  North Carolina Kristen Dalton Top 10
2008  Texas Crystle Stewart Top 10
2007  Tennessee Rachel Smith 4th Runner-Up
2006  Kentucky Tara Conner 4th Runner-Up
2005  North Carolina Chelsea Cooley Top 10
2004  Missouri Shandi Finnessey 1st Runner-Up
2003  Massachusetts Susie Castillo Top 15
2002  District of Columbia Shauntay Hinton Unplaced
2001  Texas Kandace Krueger 2nd Runner-Up
2000  Tennessee Lynnette Cole Top 5
1999  New York Kimberly Pressler Unplaced
1998  Massachusetts Shawnae Jebbia Top 5
1997  Hawaii Brook Lee Miss Universe 1997
 Idaho Brandi Sherwood
  • 1st Runner-Up at Miss USA
  • Took over Miss USA crown when Brook Lee won Miss Universe
1996  Louisiana Ali Landry Top 6
1995  Texas Chelsi Smith Miss Universe 1995
 New York Shanna Moakler
  • 1st Runner-Up at Miss USA
  • Took over Miss USA crown when Chelsi Smith won Miss Universe
1994  South Carolina Lu Parker Top 6
1993  Michigan Kenya Moore Top 6
1992  California Shannon Marketic Top 10
1991  Kansas Kelli McCarty Top 6
1990  Michigan Carole Gist 1st Runner-Up
1989  Texas Gretchen Polhemus 2nd Runner-Up
1988  Texas Courtney Gibbs Top 10
1987  Texas Michelle Royer 2nd Runner-Up
1986  Texas Christy Fichtner 1st Runner-Up
1985  Texas Laura Martinez-Herring Top 10
1984  New Mexico Mai Shanley Top 10
1983  California Julie Hayek 1st Runner-Up
1982  Arkansas Terri Utley 4th Runner-Up
1981  Ohio Kim Seelbrede Top 12
1980  South Carolina Shawn Weatherly Miss Universe 1980
 Arizona Jineane Ford
  • 1st Runner-Up at Miss USA
  • Took over Miss USA crown when Shawn Weatherly won Miss Universe
1979  New York Mary Therese Friel Top 12
1978  Hawaii Judi Andersen 1st Runner-Up
1977  Texas Kimberly Tomes Top 12
1976  Minnesota Barbara Peterson Unplaced
1975  California Summer Bartholomew 2nd Runner-Up
1974  Illinois Karen Morrison Top 12
1973  Illinois Amanda Jones 1st Runner-Up
1972  Hawaii Tanya Wilson Top 12
1971  Pennsylvania Michele McDonald Top 12
1970  Virginia Deborah Shelton 1st Runner-Up
1969  Virginia Wendy Dascomb Top 15
1968  Washington Dorothy Anstett 4th Runner-Up
1967  Alabama Sylvia Hitchcock Miss Universe 1967
 Florida Cheryl Patton
  • 2nd Runner-Up at Miss USA
  • Took over Miss USA title after 1st Runner-Up Susan Bradley of California declined when Sylvia Hitchcock won Miss Universe
1966  California Maria Remenyi Top 15
1965  Ohio Sue Ann Downey 2nd Runner-Up
1964  District of Columbia Bobbi Johnson Top 15
1963  Illinois Marite Ozers Top 15
1962  Hawaii Macel Wilson Top 15
1961  Louisiana Sharon Brown 4th Runner-Up
1960  Utah Linda Bement Miss Universe 1960
1959  California Terry Lynn Huntingdon 2nd Runner-Up
1958  Louisiana Eurlyne Howell 3rd Runner-Up
1957  Maryland Mary Leona Gage Disqualified (note: was officially announced as Top 15 Semi-Finalist at the time of her disqualification)
 Utah Charlotte Sheffield
  • Succeeded Mary Leona Gage as Miss USA 1957 after Gage was dethroned
  • She competed at Miss World 1957, but was a non-finalist
1956  Iowa Carol Morris Miss Universe 1956
1955  Vermont Carlene King Johnson Top 15
1954  South Carolina Miriam Stevenson Miss Universe 1954
1953  Illinois Myrna Hansen 1st Runner-Up
1952  New York Jackie Loughery Top 10

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