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This is the Simple English Wikipedia userpage for ELTted. I teach English at Tokyo Medical and Dental University in Tokyo, Japan. My faculty webpage can be seen here.

Hello students[change | change source]

We're going to read some more pages on Simple English Wikipedia, then we are going to help make it better.

  • Then, I will help you all register for accounts. Be careful with your privacy and do not use your full name or student number, please.
  • The next step will be learning how to edit pages. It is pretty easy to do it in a basic way. Remember, you can't really break any pages here.
  • Finally, you're ready to get started and give it a try.

Be Bold! And, be creative!


Useful websites[change | change source]

For Better English can tell you which words go together.

List of autumn 2013 students[change | change source]

Sign up for Articles to Edit[change | change source]

Click this link. Copy and paste your username in the first article you want to edit. Then in the second one that you will check for a classmate. [1]

Final Project[change | change source]

Click here for our big Final Project.

Mark your pages like this[change | change source]

Students, please copy and paste this code into articles you make:
{{User:ELTted/template/school project}}.

Articles we will start with[change | change source]

First, we will improve articles that already exist. We'll start new articles in the next week or two. You can find a list of our articles here.

Digital Language and Literacy Project[change | change source]

Selected articles for improvement[change | change source]

List each article and sign it. Put a * first to make a list and 4 tildes (~~~~) to sign your name.

Code for web references[change | change source]

Copy and paste this code into your article to add a reference.

<ref>{{cite web |url= |title= |accessdate=2013-07-10 |last= |first= |coauthors= |date= |format= |work= |publisher= |pages= |quote= }}</ref>

List of autumn 2012 students[change | change source]

  • If your name is missing, add it here.

List of spring 2012 students[change | change source]

  • If your name is missing, add it here.

List of articles spring students worked on[change | change source]

This isn't 100% complete, but includes most of them.

About this account[change | change source]