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Chile at the
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NOCChilean Olympic Committee (in Spanish)
Ranked 79th
Summer appearances
Winter appearances

Chile was first at the Olympic Games at the first 1896 Summer Olympics.

The International Olympic Committee's official abbreviation for Chile is CHI.[1]

History[change | change source]

A team from Chile has been in most Summer Olympic Games and Winter Olympic Games.

Chilean athletes have won a total of thirteen medals, with tennis as the top medal-producing sport.

The National Olympic Committee for Chile was formed in 1934.

Medalists[change | change source]

Medal Name Games Sport Event
22 Silver Manuel Plaza 1928 Amsterdam Athletics Men's marathon
22 Silver Óscar Cristi 1952 Helsinki Equestrian Individual jumping
22 Silver Óscar Cristi
Ricardo Echeverría
César Mendoza
1952 Helsinki Equestrian Team jumping
22 Silver Marlene Ahrens 1956 Melbourne Athletics Women's javelin throw
33 Bronze Claudio Barrientos 1956 Melbourne Boxing Men's bantamweight
22 Silver Ramón Tapia 1956 Melbourne Boxing Men's middleweight
33 Bronze Carlos Lucas 1956 Melbourne Boxing Men's light heavyweight
22 Silver Alfonso de Iruarrizaga 1988 Seoul Shooting Mixed skeet
33 Bronze National football team
2000 Sydney Football Men's competition
11 Gold Fernando González
Nicolás Massú
2004 Athens Tennis Men's doubles
11 Gold Nicolás Massú 2004 Athens Tennis Men's singles
33 Bronze Fernando González 2004 Athens Tennis Men's singles
22 Silver Fernando González 2008 Beijing Tennis Men's singles

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