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Philippines at the
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Philippines at the Olympics is a history which includes 23 games in 16 countries and 370+ athletes.[1] Since 1911, the Philippines has contributed to the growth of the "Olympic Movement".[2]

The International Olympic Committee's official abbreviation for the Philippines is PHI.

History[change | change source]

The Philippine National Olympic Committee was formed in 1911. It was recognized by the International Olympic Committee in 1929.[3]

Philippines's team first competed at the 1924 Summer Olympics in Paris.[1]

The team did not compete in the 1980 Summer Olympics.

Filipino athletes have also been at the Winter Olympic Games three times after 1972, but not since 1994. The Philippines is the first nation in the tropics to be in the Winter Olympic Games.

Medalists[change | change source]

Summer games[change | change source]

Medal Name Games Sport Event
33 Bronze Teofilo Yldefonso 1928 Amsterdam Swimming Men's 400 metre breaststroke
33 Bronze Simeon Toribio 1932 Los Angeles Athletics Men's high jump
33 Bronze José Villanueva 1932 Los Angeles Boxing Men's bantamweight
33 Bronze Teofilo Yldefonso 1932 Los Angeles Swimming Men's 200 metre breaststroke
33 Bronze Miguel White 1936 Berlin Athletics Men's 400 metre hurdles
22 Silver Anthony Villanueva 1964 Tokyo Boxing Men's featherweight
33 Bronze Leopoldo Serantes 1988 Seoul Boxing Men's light flyweight
33 Bronze Roel Velasco 1992 Barcelona Boxing Men's light flyweight
22 Silver Mansueto Velasco 1996 Atlanta Boxing Men's light flyweight
22 Silver Hidilyn Diaz 2016 Rio De Janiero Weightlifting Women's 53 kg
11 Gold Hidilyn Diaz 2020 Tokyo Weightlifting Women's 55 kg
22 Silver Nesthy Petecio 2020 Tokyo Boxing Women's featherweight
22 Silver Carlo Paalam 2020 Tokyo Boxing Men's flyweight
33 Bronze Eumir Marcial 2020 Tokyo Boxing Men's middleweight

Summer Youth games[change | change source]

Medal Name Games Sport Event
11 Gold Luis Gabriel Moreno 2014 Nanjing Archery Mixed Team

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