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Cuba at the
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Summer appearances

Cuba was first at the Olympic Games in 1900.

The International Olympic Committee's official abbreviation for Cuba is CUB.[1]

History[change | change source]

Teams from Cuba have been in 19 of 26 Summer Olympic Games overall. Cuban athletes have never been in the Winter Olympic Games.

Cuban athletes have won a total of 208 medals at the Summer Olympics.

The National Olympic Committee for Cuba is the Comité Olímpico Cubano. It was formed in 1926 and recognized in 1954.

Medalists[change | change source]

Medal Name Games Sport Event
11 Gold Mijail López 2008 Beijing Wrestling (Greco-Roman) Men's 120 kg
22 Silver Yarelys Barrios 2008 Beijing Athletics Women's discus throw
22 Silver Yoanka González 2008 Beijing Cycling (Track) Women's points race
22 Silver Yanet Bermoy 2008 Beijing Judo Women's -48 kg
22 Silver Anaysi Hernández 2008 Beijing Judo Women's -70 kg
22 Silver Yalennis Castillo 2008 Beijing Judo Women's -78 kg
33 Bronze Ibrahim Camejo 2008 Beijing Athletics Men's long jump
33 Bronze Yordanis Arencibia 2008 Beijing Judo Men's -66 kg
33 Bronze Oscar Brayson 2008 Beijing Judo Men's +100 kg
33 Bronze Idalys Ortiz 2008 Beijing Judo Women's +78 kg
33 Bronze Eglis Yaima Cruz 2008 Beijing Shooting Women's 50m rifle 3 positions
11 Gold Robeisy Ramírez 2012 London Boxing Men's flyweight
11 Gold Roniel Iglesias 2012 London Boxing Men's lightweight
11 Gold Idalys Ortiz 2012 London Judo Women's +78 kg
11 Gold Leuris Pupo 2012 London Shooting Men's 25m rapid fire pistol
11 Gold Mijail López 2012 London Wrestling (Greco-Roman) Men's 120 kg
22 Silver Yarisley Silva 2012 London Athletics Women's pole vault
22 Silver Asley Gonzalez 2012 London Judo Men's -90 kg
22 Silver Yanet Bermoy 2012 London Judo Women's -52 kg
33 Bronze Leonel Suarez 2012 London Athletics Men's decathlon
33 Bronze Lazaro Alvarez 2012 London Boxing Men's bantamweight
33 Bronze Yasniel Toledo 2012 London Boxing Men's lightweight
33 Bronze Robelis Despaigne 2012 London Taekwondo Men's +80 kg
33 Bronze Ivan Cambar 2012 London Weightlifting Men's 77 kg
33 Bronze Liván López 2012 London Wrestling Men's 66 kg freestyle

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