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Trinidad and Tobago at the
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 British West Indies (1960)

Trinidad and Tobago were first in the Summer Olympic Games in 1948, before independence from Great Britain. Trinidad and Tobago have been in fourteen Summer Olympics and three Winter Olympics.

Medalists[change | change source]

Summer[change | change source]

Medal Name Games Sport Event
22 Silver Rodney Wilkes 1948 London Weightlifting Men's featherweight
33 Bronze Rodney Wilkes 1952 Helsinki Weightlifting Men's featherweight
33 Bronze Lennox Kilgour 1952 Helsinki Weightlifting Men's 90 kg class
22 Silver Wendell Mottley 1964 Tokyo Athletics Men's 400m
33 Bronze Edwin Roberts 1964 Tokyo Athletics Men's 200m
33 Bronze Wendell Mottley
Kent Bernard
Edwin Roberts
Edwin Skinner
1964 Tokyo Athletics Men's 4x400 relay
11 Gold Hasely Crawford 1976 Montreal Athletics Men's 100m
33 Bronze Ato Boldon 1996 Atlanta Athletics Men's 100m
33 Bronze Ato Boldon 1996 Atlanta Athletics Men's 200m
22 Silver Ato Boldon 2000 Sydney Athletics Men's 100m
33 Bronze Ato Boldon 2000 Sydney Athletics Men's 200m
33 Bronze George Bovell 2004 Athens Swimming Men's 200m individual medley
22 Silver Richard Thompson 2008 Beijing Athletics Men's 100m
22 Silver Keston Bledman
Marc Burns
Emmanuel Callender
Richard Thompson
Aaron Armstrong*
2008 Beijing Athletics Men's 4x100 relay
33 Bronze Lalonde Gordon 2012 London Athletics Men's 400m
33 Bronze Lalonde Gordon, Jarrin Solomon, Renny Quow*, Deon Lendore, Machel Ceodenio*, Ade Aleyne-Forte 2012 London Athletics Men's 4x400m
33 Bronze Marc Burns, Keston Bledman, Emmanuel Callender, Richard Thompson, 2012 London Athletics Men's 4x100m
11 Gold Keshorn Walcott 2012 London Athletics Men's javelin throw

(*)Participation only at Round 1.

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