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Saudi Arabia at the
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Summer appearances

Saudi Arabia has been in eight Summer Olympic Games. They first were in the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, West Germany. They have never been in the Winter Olympic Games.

By Saudi Arabian law, women cannot be in the Olympic Games.[1] However, the International Olympic Committee is reportedly pressuring the Saudi Olympic Committee to send female athletes to the 2012 Summer Olympics.[2] Others want Saudi Arabia to not be in the Olympics unless they let women in.[3]

The Saudi Arabian Olympic Committee was formed in 1964 and recognized in 1965.[4]

Medalists[change | change source]

Medal Name Games Sport Event
22 Silver Hadi Al Somayli 2000 Sydney Athletics Men's 400 m hurdles
33 Bronze Khaled Al Eid 2000 Sydney Equestrian Individual jumping
33 Bronze Ramzy Al Duhami
Abdullah Al Saud
Kamal Bahamdan
Abdullah Sharbatly
2012 London Equestrian Team jumping

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