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Armenia at the
NOCNational Olympic Committee of Armenia (in Armenian)
Summer appearances
Winter appearances
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 Russian Empire (1900–1912)
 Soviet Union (1952–1988)
 Unified Team (1992)

Armenia first took part in the Olympic Games in 1994. They have taken part in all summer and winter Olympics since then.

Before Armenia became independent, they competed in the Olympics as a part of the Soviet Union team. After the Soviet Union collapsed, Armenia got their own team.

The Armenian athletes have won twelve medals altogether. They won these medals in wrestling, weightlifting and boxing.

Medallists[change | change source]

Medal Name Games Sport
11 Gold Armen Nazarian 1996 Atlanta Wrestling
22 Silver Armen Mkertchian 1996 Atlanta Wrestling
33 Bronze Arsen Melikyan 2000 Sydney Weightlifting
33 Bronze Roman Amoyan 2008 Beijing Wrestling
33 Bronze Tigran G. Martirosyan 2008 Beijing Weightlifting
33 Bronze Gevorg Davtyan 2008 Beijing Weightlifting
33 Bronze Tigran V. Martirosyan 2008 Beijing Weightlifting
33 Bronze Yuri Patrikeyev 2008 Beijing Wrestling
33 Bronze Hrachik Javakhyan 2008 Beijing Boxing
22 Silver Arsen Julfalakyan 2012 London Wrestling
33 Bronze Hripsime Khurshudyan 2012 London Weightlifting
33 Bronze Artur Aleksanyan 2012 London Wrestling

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