Kingman Reef

Coordinates: 6°23′N 162°25′W / 6.383°N 162.417°W / 6.383; -162.417
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Kingman Reef
Southeast part of Kingman Reef, looking north
Kingman Reef is located in Oceania
Kingman Reef
Kingman Reef
Location in Oceania
Kingman Reef is located in Pacific Ocean
Kingman Reef
Kingman Reef
Kingman Reef (Pacific Ocean)
Coordinates6°23′N 162°25′W / 6.383°N 162.417°W / 6.383; -162.417
Area0.03[1] km2 (0.012 sq mi)
(Land area – not including the lagoon)
Length17 km (10.6 mi)
Width8 km (5 mi)
United States

Kingman Reef is a coral reef in the North Pacific Ocean, owned by the United States.[2]

It is the farthest north of the Northern Line Islands. It is only sometimes above water.

Palmyra Atoll is the other U.S. territory in the Northern Line Islands.

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