Michael Houghton

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Michael Houghton
Born1949 (age 73–74)
Alma materUniversity of East Anglia (BSc)
King's College London (PhD)
Known forHepatitis C
Hepatitis D
AwardsKarl Landsteiner Memorial Award (1992)
Robert Koch Prize (1993)
William Beaumont Prize (1994)
Lasker Award (2000)
Gairdner Foundation International Award (2013 – declined)
Nobel Prize for Medicine (2020)
Scientific career
InstitutionsUniversity of Alberta
Chiron Corporation
ThesisRNA Polymerases and Transcription in the Chicken Oviduct (1977)
Doctoral advisorJames Chesterton
WebsiteOfficial website

Michael Houghton (born 1949) is a British scientist. He co-discovered Hepatitis C in 1989.[1] He also co-discovered the Hepatitis D genome in 1986.[2]

He is the co-recipient of the 2020 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine along with Harvey J. Alter and Charles M. Rice.[3]

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