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Pakistan has several official national symbols including a historic document, a flag, an emblem, an anthem, a memorial tower as well as several national heroes. The symbols were adopted at various stages in the existence of Pakistan and there are various rules and regulations governing their definition or use. The oldest symbol is the Lahore Resolution, adopted by the All India Muslim League on 23 March 1940, and which presented the formal demand for greater autonomy for Muslims in united India, and later led to the demand for a separate and independent 'Pakistan'. The Minar-e-Pakistan memorial tower which was built in 1940 on the site where the Lahore Resolution was passed. The national flag was adopted just before independence was achieved on 14 August 1947. The national anthem and the state emblem were each adopted in 1954. There are also several other symbols including the national animal, bird, flower and tree.

Other National symbols[change | change source]

Symbol Title
Jinnah1945c.jpg Muhammad Ali Jinnah[1][2] Great Leader (Quaid-e-Azam)
Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah[3] Mother of the Nation (Madar-i-Millat)
Iqbal.jpg Sir. Allama Iqbal[1] National poet
MUHAMMAD BIN QASIM.jpg Muhammad bin Qasim[4] National hero
Pakistan nanes color.svg Official Map[4] by Mahmood Alam Suhrawardy[1]
Punjab-Pak-Sufi Poets.jpg Fariduddin Ganjshakar[4] National saint
Zaban urdu mualla.png Urdu[1][not in the source given] National language spoken by 60%, population of Pakistan is Punjabi
Umurrud Shah Takes Refuge in the Mountains, ca. 1570..jpg Hamzanama[1] National epic
Sabel, Kilij, Karabela Kostiumowa - Livrustkammaren - 31063.tif Scimitar[4] National weaponry
IslamSymbol ر.png Primary Islamic symbol[4] - Religious Icon National symbol
Boeing 747-240B(M), Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) JP379636.jpg PIA[4] National Airlines
Badshahi mosque Lahore and Pakistani 500 rupees note.jpg Pakistani rupees[4] (Rs. PKR) National currency
Zainab Chottani with her show stoppers.jpg Shalwar Kameez[4] National dress
Pakistanfilm.png Lollywood[4] National media and film Industry
Jasminum officinale.JPG Common Poet's Jasmine[4] Pakistan National Flower
Himalayan cedar[4] National tree
VB 023 Indian Purple Emperor.jpg Indian purple emperor[4] National butterfly
Dosehri.JPG Mango (summer)[4]Guavas in Pakistan.jpg Guava (winter)[4] National fruits
Bucket of raw okra pods.jpg Okra[4] National vegetable
Bukhari Rice ارز بخاري بالدجاج.JPG Pakistani Biryani[4] National dish
Sugarcanejuice.jpg Sugarcane juice[4] National beverage
Shentu - rural landscape east of Shanwei cun - P1260072.JPG Sugarcane[4] Wheat P1210892.jpg Wheat[4] National crops
Tor Putitora.jpeg Golden Mahaseer[4] National fish
Bufo stomaticus04.jpg Indus Valley toad[4] National amphibian
Platanista gangetica noaa.jpg Indus River Dolphin[4] National marine animal (Nationalised aquatic marine mammal)
Persiancrocodile.jpg Indus crocodile[4] National reptile
The Snow Leopard.jpg Snow leopard[4] Shaheen falcon.jpg Shaheen falcon[4] Military State Bird Of The Pakistan Air Force[4] National predators
Young Rhesus Macaque.jpg Rhesus macaque[4] National mammal
National Animal of Pakistan.jpg Markhor[4] National animal
Alectoris-chukar-001.jpg Chukar partridge[4] National bird
Himalayan Cat.jpg Pakistani cat[4] National pet
Adnan Asim's Karachi City. 3 Talwar ( Swords ) Clifton, Karachi.jpg Teen Talwar[4] National Icon
Kathak dance - 2007-10-12 - 23.jpg Kathak dance[4] National heritage Folk dance
Daff.jpg Dafli[4] National Instrument
HOCKEY ARGENTINA PAKISTAN.jpg Field hockey[5] National sport
Picture of K2.jpg K2[4] National mountain
Sunset by river Indus in Sakardu.jpg Indus River[4] National river
Lahore Fort.jpg Shahi Qila ("Royal fort")[4] National fort
Badshahi Masjid - Side View.jpg Badshahi Mosque ("Emperor's or Imperial Mosque")[4] National Heritage
Ray of light over Faisal Masjid.jpg Faisal Mosque[6][7] National mosque
Mosque at Darbar Hazrat Baba Farid ud Deen Ganj Shakar Rahmatullah Alaih - panoramio (3).jpg Shrine of Baba Farid[1] National shrine of Pakistan (Pakpattan)
Katas Raj Temple.jpg Katas Raj Temples[1] National temple
Fatima Jinnah Park Baradari in Evening.jpg Fatima Jinnah Park (Rose and Jasmine Garden)[4] National Park
[Pakistan monument

]][8] (National Tower of Pakistan) || National monument

Front View of Quaid-e-Azam Tomb.jpg Mazar-e-Quaid[4] National mausoleum
Baab-E-Khyber 2.jpg Bab-e-Khyber ("National pass of Pakistan")[1] National pass
Bab-e-Pakistan[9][10][11] (Gateway of Pakistan) National monument
India Pakistan Border - panoramio.jpg Wagha border[1] National beating retreat ceremony
Pakistan monument 7.jpg Pakistan Monument[12][13] National monument
Close view of Lahore Museum.jpg Lahore Museum[1] National museum
Jinnah Library bagh e jinnah.JPG Quaid-e-Azam Library[1] National library

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