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Hello! I'm Belwine (talk · contribs).

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fr-0 Cet utilisateur n’a aucune connaissance en français (ou le comprend avec de grandes difficultés).
nl-0 Deze gebruiker heeft geen kennis van het Nederlands (of begrijpt het met grote moeite).
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Admin mop question.svgThis user is not a Wikipedia administrator but would like to be one someday.

(someday does not mean soon)

>:(Vandals don't like this user.

(don't like, not hate, luckily)

79+This user has created over 79 article(s).

(as of 25th January 2021, see latest count here)

Police man Twinkle Head.svgThis user contributes with Twinkle.
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This user is a member of Wikiproject Anti-Vandalism!
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Face-angel.svgThis user tries to do the right thing. If he makes a mistake, please let him know.

Helpful pages to start on Simple English Wikipedia[change | change source]

Vandalism that I found funny[change | change source]

What do you do here?[change | change source]

  1. Revert vandalism.
  2. Welcome new people.
  3. Mark articles for issues like being a stub and having no sources. Now I usually improve articles instead of doing this.
  4. Create articles on the most wanted list.
  5. Create redirects to existing articles.
  6. Mark articles for QD & RfD.
  7. Other things.

I want to contact you. How do I do that?[change | change source]

Please use my talk page or use the Wikipedia email function.

Awards[change | change source]

(If you have an award for me... Thank you! Please put it on my talk page and I will add it here soon...)

Barnstar of Reversion Hires.png The Anti-Vandalism Barnstar
Thank you for your tireless contributions in anti-vandalism! -- *Fehufangą✉ Talk page ♮ 08:12, 5 January 2021 (UTC)
Barnstar of Humour.svg The Barnstar of Good Humor!
Hello Belwine Thank you very much for your kind response. You are really good person also. Hope that you are well.  Masum Ibn Musa  Conversation 14:48, 17 January 2021 (UTC)

Disclaimers[change | change source]

Unified login: Belwine is the unique login of this user for all public Wikimedia projects.

I have no more rights than you do, and will probably not be able to help with the following issues: (Deletion-related!)

  • Undeleting articles;
  • Consensus on an RfD;
  • An article getting deleted by another user.