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Wilhelm Ostwald

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Wilhelm Ostwald
Wilhelm Ostwald by Nicola Perscheid
Born Friedrich Wilhelm Ostwald
(1853-09-02)2 September 1853
Riga, Governorate of Livonia, Russian Empire (now Latvia)
Died 4 April 1932(1932-04-04) (aged 78)
Großbothen near Leipzig, Germany
Nationality Baltic German by birth. Prussian, German (after 1871)
Fields Physical chemistry
Institutions University of Dorpat
Riga Polytechnicum
University of Leipzig
Alma mater University of Dorpat
Doctoral advisor Carl Schmidt[source?]
Doctoral students Arthur Amos Noyes
Georg Bredig
Paul Walden
Frederick George Donnan
Known for Catalysis
Coining the term 'Mole'
Liesegang rings
Ostwald dilution law
Ostwald process
Ostwald ripening
Ostwald's rule
Ostwald viscometer
Ostwald-Folin Pipette
Ostwald–Freundlich equation
Notable awards Faraday Lectureship Prize (1904)
Nobel Prize for Chemistry (1909)

Wilhelm Ostwald (23 September 1853 - 4 April 1932) was a Latvian-German chemist born in Riga, Latvia, winner of the 1909 Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

His parents are Elizabeth Leuckel and Gottfried Wilhelm Ostwald. His son is Wolfgang Ostwald. Wilhelm Ostwald was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1909 and it is Latvia's only Nobel prize. Although he was a German chemist, he was born in Latvia so the Nobel prize went to Latvia.