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Traditional "family photo" at the G8 summit meeting in Deauville

The 37th G8 summit was held 26–27 May 2011 in the commune of Deauville in France.[1]

History[change | change source]

The Deauville summit of the Group of Eight (G8) was the 37th meeting in a series which began in 1976.

Previous G8 summits have been hosted by France at Rambouillet (1975); Versailles (1982); Paris (1989); Lyon (1996); and Évian-les-Bains (2003).[2]

The G8 and the summit are part of a consultation process. The G8 is not an international organization.[3] It is an informal group.[4]

Participants[change | change source]

G8 leaders walk to the first working session at summit in Deauville. Pictured, from left are: European Commission President Barroso; US President Obama; French President Sarkozy; Canadian Prime Minister Harper; Japanese Prime Minister Kan; German Chancellor Merkel; and British Prime Minister Cameron.

These summit participants were the current "core members" of the G8:[5]

Core G8 members
Host nation and leader are indicated in bold text.
Member Represented by Title
Canada Canada Stephen Harper[6] Prime Minister
France France Nicolas Sarkozy[7] President
Germany Germany Angela Merkel[8] Chancellor
Italy Italy Silvio Berlusconi[9] Prime Minister
Japan Japan Naoto Kan[6] Prime Minister
Russia Russia Dmitry Medvedev[7] President
United Kingdom United Kingdom David Cameron[7] Prime Minister
United States United States Barack Obama[7] President
European Union European Commission Jose Manuel Barroso[7] President
European Council Herman Van Rompuy[10] President

Invited leaders[change | change source]

Other national leaders are traditionally invited to attend the summit.[2] They participate in some, but not all, G8 summit activities. African leaders who came to Deauville included:

Also invited were:

Schedule and Agenda[change | change source]

Traditionally, the host country of the G8 summit sets the agenda. French general priorities included peace and security.[15]

Discussions included some issues which remained unresolved from previous summits.[16]

Some of the specific topics on the agenda were:

  • Afghanistan;[17]
  • G8 + Broader Middle East and North Africa (BMENA);[18]
  • The Internet: new challenges[19]
  • Non-proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction[20]
  • The G8's Partnership with Africa[21]
  • Transatlantic Cocaine Trafficking[22]
  • Counter-terrorism[23]
  • G8 political and security issues[24]

World events caused the list of topics to grow, including

Protesters and demonstrations[change | change source]

Front banner of the anti-G8 demonstration in Le Havre prior to the G8 summit, featuring the "G8 dégage" theme.

Protest groups and others organized public events.[28] In these demonstrations, the slogan G8 dégage ("G8 Go Away") was notable.[29]

The demonstrators are widely understood to be against globalisation.[29]

Business opportunity[change | change source]

According to the Mayor of Deauville, "Our main interest is the economic implications."[30]

For some, the G8 summit became a profit-generating event. For example, the G8 Summit magazines have been published under the auspices of the host nations for distribution to all attendees since 1998.[31]

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