Line of succession to the Japanese throne

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Crown Prince Naruhito is heir apparent to the Japanese throne

The line of succession to the Japanese throne is the list of people who may become Emperor of Japan.[1]

Order of succession[change | change source]

In 2018, the current order of succession is clear.

  1. Crown Prince Naruhito, born 1960, the Heisei Emperor's first son[2] Became the Reiwa Emperor in 2019
  2. Prince Akishino (Fumihito), born 1965, the Heisei Emperor's second son[3]
  3. Prince Hisahito of Akishino, born September 6, 2006[4] Prince Akishino's son
  4. Prince Hitachi (Masahito), born 1935, the Heisei Emperor's brother[5]

Emperor Naruhito has one daughter, Princess Aiko.[2] Prince Akishino currently has two daughters (Princess Mako and Princess Kako) and one son (Prince Hisahito).[3]

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The chrysanthemum symbol of the Japanese emperor and his family.
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