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This is a list of religions and spiritual traditions. Some entries are written more than once.

Abrahamic religions[change | edit source]

A group of monotheistic traditions often grouped together because all refer to a patriarch named Abraham.

Christianity[change | edit source]

See also: List of Christian denominations by number of members

Catholicism[change | edit source]


Protestantism[change | edit source]

Restorationism[change | edit source]

Gnosticism[change | edit source]

Christian Gnosticism
Early Gnosticism
Medieval Gnosticism
Persian Gnosticism
Syrian-Egyptic Gnosticism

Islam[change | edit source]

Kalam Schools
Shi'a Islam
Sunni Islam
Groups sometimes considered non-Islamic
These religious traditions are not recognized as parts of Islam by mainstream Islamic fiqh, but consider themselves to be Muslim.

Judaism[change | edit source]

Rabbinic Judaism
Non-Rabbinic Judaism
Historical groups
Other sects

Others[change | edit source]

Indian religions[change | edit source]

Religions that began in South Asia and religions and traditions related to, and descended from, them.

Buddhism[change | edit source]

Hinduism[change | edit source]

Major schools and movements of Hindu philosophy

Others[change | edit source]

Iranian religions[change | edit source]

East Asian religions[change | edit source]

African diasporic religions[change | edit source]

These religions are those of African cultures who have settled outside of Africa (diaspora). They are also sometimes called Creole religions. They include a number of related religions that developed in the Americas among African slaves and their descendants in various countries of the Caribbean Islands and Latin America, as well as parts of the southern United States. The traditions come from African traditional religions, especially of West and Central Africa.

Indigenous traditional faiths[change | edit source]

See also: Animism, Paganism, and Shamanism

Traditionally, these faiths have all been classified as Pagan religions, but modern scholars prefer the terms "indigenous", "primal", "folk", or "ethnic".

African[change | edit source]

West Africa
Central Africa
East Africa
Southern Africa

American[change | edit source]

Traditional religions of the Native American peoples.

Eurasian[change | edit source]


Oceania[change | edit source]

Cargo cults[change | edit source]

Historical polytheism[change | edit source]

Further information: Prehistoric religion and History of religion

Ancient Near Eastern[change | edit source]

Indo-European[change | edit source]

Hellenistic[change | edit source]

Neopaganism[change | edit source]

New Age, Esotericism, Mysticism[change | edit source]

Left-Hand Path[change | edit source]

Magic[change | edit source]

New religious movements and UFO religions[change | edit source]

Fictional religions[change | edit source]

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