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Directed byNathan Greno
Byron Howard
Produced byRoy Conli
John Lasseter
Glen Keane
Screenplay byDan Fogelman
StarringMandy Moore
Zachary Levi
Donna Murphy
Narrated byZachary Levi
Music byPatrick Doyle
Alan Menken, Twitter, Beds R Us, Illuminati
Edited byTim Mertens
Distributed byWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
Release date
  • November 24, 2010 (2010-11-24)
Running time
100 minutes[1]
CountryUnited States
Budget$260 million
Box office$590,721,936

Tangled is a 2010 American animated fantasy and comedy movie about a princess named Rapunzel. It was produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Pictures. It is the 50th movie in the Walt Disney Animated Classics series. It is loosely based on the German fairy tale "Rapunzel" from the Brothers Grimm. The movie is about a lost princess with long magical hair who wants to leave her tower. Against her "mother's" wishes, she gets help from a bandit thief to take her out into the world.

The movie was first titled and marketed as Rapunzel. It was changed to Tangled shortly before its release. Tangled cost about $260 million to make. The movie earned about $590 million.

Tangled was first played at the El Capitan Theatre on November 14, 2010. It went into general release on November 24. The movie was released on Blu-ray and DVD on March 29, 2011.

Plot[change | change source]

When a golden drop of sunlight falls from the sky, a magic flower grows. Mother Gothel (Donna Murphy), an elderly witch has hoarded the flower's healing magic to keep herself young for many centuries, and is furious when soldiers from a nearby kingdom pluck it and give it to their sick, pregnant queen. Afterwards, the queen gives to a baby daughter, Rapunzel, whose long, blonde hair contains the flower's healing properties. Gothel breaks into the palace at night to cut Rapunzel's hair and use the magic once again, but discovers that cutting her hair will render it useless, so she steals the baby, and isolates her in a tower in the woods, where she raises her, lying to the girl about the dangers of the outside world to keep her safe and content. Meanwhile, every year on Rapunzel's birthday, the king and queen release floating lanterns in the hopes their daughter will see them and come home.

Knowing the lanterns are made for her, on the eve of her eighteenth birthday, Rapunzel (Mandy Moore) plucks up the courage to ask Gothel's permission to see the lanterns and discover their source, but she refuses. Meanwhile, in the kingdom, the dashing bandit Flynn Rider (Zachary Levi), steals Rapunzel's intended crown from the palace, and abandons his partners, the Stabbington brothers, while they flee. He takes refuge with the crown in the tower, but Rapunzel knocks him out with a frying pan, and hides him in her wardrobe. Upon Gothel's return, Rapunzel tries to show Flynn to her to convince her she's ready for the "dangerous" world, but is still dismissed.

Rapunzel sends Gothel away on a three-day trip to pick up some paints for her. When Gothel leaves, Rapunzel hides the crown from Flynn and uses it as leverage as a means to get him to take her to the lanterns on her birthday. On their journey, Flynn and Rapunzel stop over at the Snugly Duckling, a tavern filled with menacing barbarian thugs, who initially try to capture Flynn, but Rapunzel charms them. Meanwhile, Gothel comes across Maximus, a palace horse who is pursuing Flynn. Realizing the palace guards may be closing on the tower, Gothel rushes back only to discover that Rapunzel is missing, but finds Flynn's satchel with the crown, and she goes after the pair.

The soldiers, led by Maximus, search the tavern for Flynn. Rapunzel and Flynn escape through a secret passage, but end up trapped in a flooding cavern. Resigned to their fate, Flynn reveals his real name is Eugene, and Rapunzel reveals her hair glows when she sings. Using the light from Rapunzel's hair, they escape the cavern and take refuge in the woods. Meanwhile, Gothel teams up with the Stabbingtons and gives the crown to Rapunzel as a test of Flynn's loyalty.

The next morning, Maximus arrives to arrest Flynn, but Rapunzel talks him into calling a truce with him for her birthday. Rapunzel and Flynn arrive at the kingdom and enjoy the festivities, culminating in an evening boat ride as the King, Queen and citizens release lanterns. As a thank you for fulfilling her dream to see the lanterns, Rapunzel gives Flynn the satchel with the crown. They confess their love, and just as the two are about to kiss, Flynn sees the Stabbingtons on the lakeside, and rows the boat over to apologize and hand the crown over to them, however, the brothers assault him and tie him to a boat heading for the palace. While Flynn is taken into custody by the guards, Gothel stages a rescue by disabling the brothers, and returns to the tower with Rapunzel.

Back at the tower, Rapunzel discovers the kingdom's sun symbol she has subconsciously incorporated into her artwork over the years, and realizes that she is the missing princess who the kingdom release the lanterns for, and angrily confronts Gothel. Meanwhile, Maximus and the thugs free Flynn, who rides back to the tower, and enters, where he discovers Rapunzel has been chained and gagged. After stabbing Flynn, and leaving him to die of his injuries, Gothel tries to flee with the captive Rapunzel, who agrees she will willingly go with Gothel, if she can be free to heal Flynn. Not wanting her to be a captive any longer, Flynn cuts Rapunzel's hair, turning it brown causing its powers to dissipate. Gothel ages rapidly, and falls out the tower window, and is reduced to ash.

Flynn confesses his love for Rapunzel, and dies of his injuries. As the heartbroken Rapunzel mourns, her tears, infused with the healing magic, bring Flynn back to life. When the two return to the kingdom, Rapunzel is reunited with her parents, who pardon Eugene. The kingfom rejoices, and after a time, Rapunzel and Flynn wed.

Cast[change | change source]

Release dates[change | change source]

Country Premiere
 Bangladesh 24 November 2010
 Canada 24 November 2010
 United States 24 November 2010
 Israel 25 November 2010
 Kazakhstan 25 November 2010
 Malaysia 25 November 2010
 Russia 25 November 2010
 Indonesia 26 November 2010
 Italy 26 November 2010
 Mexico 26 November 2010
 Poland 26 November 2010
 Venezuela 26 November 2010
 Belgium 1 December 2010
  Switzerland 1 December 2010 (French speaking region)
 Egypt 1 December 2010
 France 1 December 2010
 Netherlands 1 December 2010
 United Arab Emirates 2 December 2010
 Hungary 2 December 2010
 Kuwait 2 December 2010
 Lebanon 2 December 2010
 Bulgaria 3 December 2010
 Austria 8 December 2010
  Switzerland 9 December 2010 (German speaking region)
 Germany 9 December 2010
 Albania 10 December 2010
 Portugal 16 December 2010
 Slovakia 16 December 2010
 Ukraine 16 December 2010
 Turkey 24 December 2010
 Chile 30 December 2010
 Croatia 5 January 2011
 Argentina 6 January 2011
 Australia 6 January 2011
 Bolivia 6 January 2011
 Greece 6 January 2011
 New Zealand 6 January 2011
 Uruguay 6 January 2011
 Brazil 7 January 2011
 Colombia 7 January 2011
 Panama 7 January 2011
 Romania 7 January 2011
 Ecuador 14 January 2011
 Serbia 15 January 2011
 Peru 20 January 2011
 Estonia 21 January 2011
 India 21 January 2011
 Iceland 21 January 2011
 Czech Republic 27 January 2011
 Slovenia 27 January 2011
 United Kingdom 28 January 2011
 Ireland 28 January 2011
 Lithuania 28 January 2011
 Vietnam 28 January 2011
 South Africa 28 January 2011
 Philippines 2 February 2011
 Denmark 3 February 2011
 Hong Kong 3 February 2011
 Taiwan 3 February 2011
 Spain 4 February 2011
 Norway 4 February 2011
 Sweden 4 February 2011
 South Korea 10 February 2011
 Finland 11 February 2011
 Latvia 11 February 2011
 Thailand 3 March 2011
 Japan 12 March 2011
 Georgia 17 March 2011
 Cambodia 29 September 2011

Awards[change | change source]

Group Category Result
83rd Academy Awards[2] Best Original Song ("I See the Light") Nominated
38th Annie Awards[3] Best Animated Feature Film
Writing in a Feature Production (Dan Fogelman)
Broadcast Film Critics Association Awards 2010[4] Best Animated Feature Film
Best Song ("I See the Light")
68th Golden Globe Awards[5] Best Animated Feature Film
Best Song ("I See the Light")
National Movie Awards Animation Won
Las Vegas Film Critics Society Best Song ("I See the Light")
Phoenix Film Critics Society Awards[6] Best Animated Film Nominated
Best Original Song ("I’ve Got a Dream")
37th Saturn Awards Best Animated Film
2011 Teen Choice Awards[7] Choice Animated Movie Voice (Zachary Levi)
British Academy Children's Awards (BAFTA) Favorite Film
54th Grammy Awards Best Compilation Soundtrack for Visual Media
Best Song Written For Visual Media ("I See the Light") Won

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