Kashmiri language

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कॉशुर Koshur كأشُر
Pronunciation [kəːʃur]
Native to Jammu and Kashmir (India)[1]
Region Northwestern region of the Indian subcontinent
Native speakers 5.6 million  (2001 census)e18
Language family
Kashtawari (standard)
Writing system Perso-Arabic script (contemporary),[2]
Devanagari script (contemporary),[2]
Sharada script (ancient/liturgical)[2]
Official status
Official language in  India[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-1 ks
ISO 639-2 kas
ISO 639-3 kas

Kashmiri (کأشُر Kashur) is a language from the Dardic subgroup of the Indo-Iranian languages.[3] It is spoken primarily in the Kashmir Valley, in Indian-administered Kashmir.[4]

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