Moroni, Comoros

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Location of Moroni on the island of Grand Comore
Location of Moroni on the island of Grand Comore
Coordinates: Coordinates: 11°45′S 43°12′E / 11.750°S 43.200°E / -11.750; 43.200
 • Total60,200 (est)[1]
Time zoneUTC+3 (Eastern Africa Time)

Moroni (Arabic: موروني) is the capital of the Comoros. It is the largest city in the country. Moroni replaced Dzaoudzi as the capital in 1962. The city has a population of about 60,200 people.[1]

The city is located on the western coast of Grande Comore island. Moroni is served by the Prince Said Ibrahim International Airport. There is also a harbour which has ship which go between the African mainland and the islands in the Comoros archipelago, as well as Madagascar and other Indian ocean islands.

History[change | change source]

Moroni became the capital of Comoros in 1958.[2]

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