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Potwari, Potowari
Native to Pakistan, India
Region Pothohar region, Azad Kashmir and Poonch (Jammu and Kashmir)
Native speakers 2.5 million including Dhundi-Kairali, Chibhali, & Punchhi, but perhaps not 1.04 million Mirpuri  (2007)e18
Language family
Language codes
ISO 639-3 phr (includes other dialects)
Dialects Of Punjabi.jpg
Punjabi–Lahnda dialects. Pothohari is center-north.

Pothohari (or Potwari or Pahari-Potwari) is a dialect of Punjabi spoken in the Potwar district in northern Punjab.

Punjabi and Urdu/Hindi are spoken in a region that has had ethnic and identity conflict, so have been exposed to the dialect versus language question.[2]

Pothohari was historically classified as dialect of Punjabi. Recently it was claimed as a language instead of being a dialect of Punjabi. However these claims are controversial.[3]:838 [4]:46

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