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the rfd tag keep getting removed, can the page be protected? Tsugaru Let's Talk! :) 🍁 02:43, 9 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]

@つがる If the page is at risk of deletion, is protection really nesscary? SoyokoAnis - talk 19:35, 9 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]
Semi-Protection would to be stop the RFD template from being removed. --Tsugaru Let's Talk! :) 🍁 19:48, 9 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]

Call for Candidates for the Movement Charter Drafting Committee ending 14 September 2021

Movement Strategy announces the Call for Candidates for the Movement Charter Drafting Committee. The Call opens August 2, 2021 and closes September 14, 2021.

The Committee is expected to represent diversity in the Movement. Diversity includes gender, language, geography, and experience. This comprises participation in projects, affiliates, and the Wikimedia Foundation.

English fluency is not required to become a member. If needed, translation and interpretation support is provided. Members will receive an allowance to offset participation costs. It is US$100 every two months.

We are looking for people who have some of the following skills:

  • Know how to write collaboratively. (demonstrated experience is a plus)
  • Are ready to find compromises.
  • Focus on inclusion and diversity.
  • Have knowledge of community consultations.
  • Have intercultural communication experience.
  • Have governance or organization experience in non-profits or communities.
  • Have experience negotiating with different parties.

The Committee is expected to start with 15 people. If there are 20 or more candidates, a mixed election and selection process will happen. If there are 19 or fewer candidates, then the process of selection without election takes place.

Will you help move Wikimedia forward in this important role? Submit your candidacy here. Please contact strategy2030(_AT_)wikimedia.org with questions.

Xeno (WMF) 17:02, 10 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]

Server switch

SGrabarczuk (WMF) (talk) 00:45, 11 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]

Talk to the Community Tech

Read this message in another languagePlease help translate to your language


As we have recently announced, we, the team working on the Community Wishlist Survey, would like to invite you to an online meeting with us. It will take place on September 15th, 23:00 UTC on Zoom, and will last an hour. Click here to join.



The meeting will not be recorded or streamed. Notes without attribution will be taken and published on Meta-Wiki. The presentation (first three points in the agenda) will be given in English.

We can answer questions asked in English, French, Polish, and Spanish. If you would like to ask questions in advance, add them on the Community Wishlist Survey talk page or send to sgrabarczuk@wikimedia.org.

Natalia Rodriguez (the Community Tech manager) will be hosting this meeting.

Invitation link

See you! SGrabarczuk (WMF) (talk) 03:03, 11 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]


Hi! How do I connect items to Wikidata? Quite a few articles I created have been popping up in notices with "Mike Peel" or "Pi bot" connecting it to Wikidata. How do I do this?

Ely - Talk 12:42, 11 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]

Elytrian, when you create an article, see the area left of the page. Under "in other languages", there should be an "Add links" button. Press that. If the article you created is on enwiki, enter "enwiki" in the top box and the title of the page on enwiki in the bottom box. Then press "Link with page". It will say which pages the page is being linked to, you just need to press "Confirm". Now, your page is linked to Wikidata. --Ferien (talk) 12:57, 11 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]
@Elytrian: A tip about this: Make sure that the subject of the page you're linking is an exact match for the subject of the one you link to. For various reasons, sometimes there isn't an exact subject match for an article here. Also, a page on enwiki with the same title as a page here isn't necessarily about the same thing. The title of the matching page may be different, and that's okay. --Auntof6 (talk) 18:40, 11 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]
Yeah. Our article "Swirlies" was about sticking someone's head in a toilet, and it linked to the en.wiki article about the band "en:The Swirlies." Darkfrog24 (talk) 21:03, 11 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]

Why my created articles are not shown in google search

I have created some article so why it is not searchable in google search 2405:201:3000:4110:DC1B:D073:8320:77F (talk) 09:21, 14 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]

Articles you create don't automatically go to google. It depends on when google discovers and adds the page. -Djsasso (talk) 10:41, 14 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]
Thankyou for your reply but please undo your move https://simple.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Brij_Kishore_Sharma&action=history because as all citations his orignal name is Brij Kishore Sharma "Tara" not Brij Kishore Sharma — Preceding unsigned comment added by 2405:201:3000:4110:dc1b:d073:8320:77f (talkcontribs) 07:48, 14 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]

How to add simple wikipedia page to English wikipedia page category

I want to add simple wikipedia page to a english wikipedia category so how I can do it — Preceding unsigned comment added by 2405:201:3000:4110:dc1b:d073:8320:77f (talkcontribs) 07:51, 14 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]

Hello, and welcome to our Wikipedia. English Wikipedia has many more pages than we do, thir category system is different. So if a category you think should exist here doesn't exist, there are two options: Either you find another category that fits, or you create the new category. Note that categories need to have at least three pages (or categories) in them. If you you tell us what the page, is, we can also help you finding a category for it. --Eptalon (talk) 11:28, 14 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]

Page Move Request

Sir there is two person with on name one is poet and one is politician see this https://simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brij_Kishore_Sharma and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brij_Kishore_Sharma so I want that please change the poet's wikipedia page name because as all references his orignal name is Brij Kishore Sharma "Tara" and it is difficult know who is "Tara" and who is sharma so please move this page https://simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brij_Kishore_Sharma. Thankyou — Preceding unsigned comment added by 2405:201:3000:4110:dc1b:d073:8320:77f (talkcontribs) 08:24, 14 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]

Question on UserPage

hello wish you a great time how can i give my name on my User page a color, like your name displays with color not just simple black color. Sakura emad (talk) 18:14, 13 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]

{{DISPLAYTITLE:User:}} use this. after the user, insert whatever you want to put as your title. Colored characters are made using the <span> tag. See my page or TDKR Chicago 101's page for examples. Ely - Talk 09:57, 14 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]
 Done Thank you dear Sakura emad (talk) 22:41, 14 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]

Change Simple Wikipedia to English Wikipedia

Please I want help to write a english wikipedia from a Simple Wikipedia can anyone help me If any user wants to help me so please give the username in my talkpage and after I give the article name and you have to create English Wikipedia by some reason I am unable to create that page I know how to create article in english wikipedia but I am unable to do it so please can you create that article — Preceding unsigned comment added by Educreationbilaspur (talkcontribs) 13:57, 14 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]

What? --Derpdart56 (talk) 13:58, 14 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]
@Derpdart56: What he's saying is that he's unable to make an article in the English Wikipedia? Dingothegorg 14:03, 14 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]
... --Derpdart56 (talk) 14:04, 14 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]
Hello, like here there are two cases where articles cannot be made: 1) Users who have shown bad bahavior in the past are blocked from editing; depending on what they did, the block may be temoporary, or it may be permanent 2) Certain aticles cannot be created by certain user groups; this usually means, that in the past, there has been a lot of vandalism / edit warring (by different editors) for the given article. Again, the block may be temporary or permanent.--Eptalon (talk) 14:19, 14 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]
@Educreationbilaspur: I think I know what the problem might be. I see you have made exactly three changes on the Regular English Wikipedia (en.wiki) and that you are not blocked. Sometimes, in controversial areas, new Wikipedia accounts are not allowed to edit or create certain articles. This is because people were making bad edits, as Eptalon says above, getting blocked, and then sneaking back in with new accounts, pretending to be different people. The Regular English Wikipedia admins made a new rule: People can only edit controversial articles if they have been on the Regular English Wikipedia for 30 days and made 500 edits.
You need to be on the English Wikipedia for 30 days and make 500 good edits. I say make the best of your time there. Have some fun. Participate in an RfC. If you make fifteen edits a day or so, you'll hit 500 in almost exactly 30 days. The time will fly by! Darkfrog24 (talk) 17:40, 14 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]

How to make this article more better by which it can be undelete

https://simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brij_Kishore_Sharma_%22Tara%22 I want to know where is problem in refernces or my writing style I want to know that Is the subject will notable by that refernces — Preceding unsigned comment added by 2405:201:3000:4110:510D:B8DB:83E4:A4CB (talkcontribs) 14:13, 14 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]

1) Some of your references aren't good. For example, you cite Wikinews. Wikinews is not a reliable source. What you should do is go look at the sources the Wikinews article uses and, if they're good, put those in the Simple English Wikipedia article.
2) The Deccan Herald and Times of India look like the exact same source. Are they both relaying the same thing from a third party. WP:SAYWHEREYOUGOTIT applies, but this is really one source and not two. Also, Bonadea says those sources are fake anyway.
3) Can you find some real, solid sources? Darkfrog24 (talk) 17:46, 14 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]
@Darkfrog24 I Helped that Wikipedia Page and added as many sources as possible and I want to say you that please recheck and then reply that the page is good or not because I have added some more sources and removed wrong sources Mr. Hindi (talk) 10:06, 15 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]

Casual stuff.

Why are there so many 181s here??? Also, does anybody even read this page? It seems to full of biological stuff and North Carolina. Ely - Talk 04:17, 15 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]

This list is automatically generated, and only moderately useful. Example: List of ISO-639-1 codes, over 200 of the 600-odd codes are attributed. They are used for languages. 'nn' is Nynorsk (one of the two forms of Norwegian, similar to Swedish). 'nr' is South-Ndebele...--Eptalon (talk) 08:51, 15 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]
This page as Eptalon mentions is just updated based on how many links go to pages. However, its not very useful as for lots of articles those number are raised up really high because the link is on a template that is used on many pages. -Djsasso (talk) 14:55, 15 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]


What is the Template:Wtf template used for? Dingothegorg 15:12, 15 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]

I guess it is used to show emotion towards something somebody said. SoyokoAnis - talk 16:33, 15 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]


Hi everyone!

I just wanted to introduce myself before I get started editing here! I’m especially interested in dinosaurs and dinosaur related articles, which is where I plan on spending most of my time. I would also greatly appreciate any advice. Thanks! Don Jon Arnold (talk) 01:14, 16 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]

Welcome. You can start by requesting a new username in Special:GlobalRenameRequest. Darubrub (Let me know) 01:18, 16 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]
Why would (s)he want a rename? Ely - Talk 03:22, 16 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]
@Elytrian: I had the same thought until I saw the actual user name. I'm going to block, as they did on enwiki. --Auntof6 (talk) 03:35, 16 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]

How do I practice my edit skills?

I'm not very good at it. --Derpdart56 (talk) 14:34, 17 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]

Hello Dear @Derpdart56 can you explain a little more 🙏 so you can help me to understand you. 😊 🌸 Sakura emad 💖 (talk) 14:36, 17 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]
I keep making stub pages and I'm not good at sources and formatting.--Derpdart56 (talk) 14:38, 17 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]
@Derpdart56 ok let's start like that: first let's meet some Useful pages
First Part. 🌸 Sakura emad 💖 (talk) 14:48, 17 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]
Key content
  • Teahouse ask everything you need about wikipedia (English wikipedia)
🌸 Sakura emad 💖 (talk) 14:51, 17 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]
Also you might be interested to look at:
as they helpful too. 🌸 Sakura emad 💖 (talk) 14:56, 17 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]
Create a Sandbox by clicking here. See WP:MANUAL. 💠Ely - Talk💠 13:22, 19 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]

Did you know

Hello everybody...

Did you know is currently lacking in active contributors. We have only had 2 DYK nominations in the past three months.

If you can, please help at DYK. You can help by nominating articles or reviewing current nominations.

Thanks! --Ferien (talk) 12:54, 19 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]

Does an article need to meet certain requirements for a DYK @Ferien? (Not the hook) 💠Ely - Talk💠 13:25, 19 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]
Elytrian, both the article and hook need to meet certain requirements. There are other rules here.
You can find all about DYK here :) --Ferien (talk) 13:42, 19 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]
Sure. Didn't know about that. I'll try helping out later today (I'm writing this 00:07 AEST - my local time) SHB2000 (talk) 14:08, 19 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]
checkY Problem Acknowledged 🌸 Sakura emad 💖 (talk) 14:23, 19 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]
I'll help out! I'll try to scout some articles that are good enough for the section. It might take a while though. Washing Machine of Lies (talk) 01:13, 20 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]

Why doesn't simple.wikipedia use Community Tech bot?

I'm just wondering but why? On the English Wikivoyage, whenever a commons file is going to be deleted, it leaves a message on the relevant talk page about that. Then later if it needs to be uploaded locally (such as FoP issues or something although not for copyright violations), it can be rather done in a timely manner instead of waiting and then you'll see a red link. SHB2000 (talk) 22:23, 14 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]

Because this is a simple wiki? SoyokoAnis - talk 16:34, 15 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]
Simple means the vocabulary, not anything else. I guess SHB2000 could have simplified his message though. Ely - Talk 17:23, 15 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]
@Elytrian: Simple language here also means sentence structure. --Auntof6 (talk) 18:06, 15 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]
@SHB2000: can you point to one or two instances (in the last few month of editing here), where using the bot would have beeen beneficial (I am thinking along the lines of a page losing an image, because it got deleted from commons).--Eptalon (talk) 18:13, 15 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]
The thing is, no one would know if it got deleted unless CTB would notify us, which is what is does on the English Wikivoyage. I'd presume there's many images deleted and no one's noticed. SHB2000 (talk) 22:23, 15 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]
Well a bot does remove the uses of the image here if they get deleted there. Notifying us isn't really necessary as we are a completely separate wiki and being notified of every image getting deleted at commons would be overwhelming for our wiki. -Djsasso (talk) 15:10, 20 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]
Also for more info on that, see m:Community Tech/Commons deletion notification bot SHB2000 (talk) 23:31, 15 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]
could've... SHB2000 (talk) 23:30, 15 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]

Unsigned Script

hello 👋 hope you have a great time i have a problem: i installed unsignedhelper.js in my common.js but it does not work even though i added it in a proper way. Thank you for helping me 😊🌸 🌸 Sakura emad 💖 (talk) 13:28, 16 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]

You are missing a semi-colon at the end of line in your common.js. -Djsasso (talk) 15:14, 20 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]

LTA section

Specialized reports on habits of LTAs. Could help us track them.--Derpdart56 (talk) 17:06, 20 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]

I don't think it's important here. Most LTAs that are active here have reports in the English Wikipedia. Besides, that would require more manpower for an already fairly small community. Nonetheless, I have done a small report on a LTA here who is currently inactive. Etoza (?) 17:11, 20 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]
We just use the ones on en.wiki. And in general en:WP:RBI applies. Making a page about them often encourages them. -Djsasso (talk) 18:08, 20 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]

Movement Charter Drafting Committee - Community Elections to take place October 11 - 24

This is a short message with an update from the Movement Charter process. The call for candidates for the Drafting Committee closed September 14, and we got a diverse range of candidates. The committee will consist of 15 members, and those will be (s)elected via three different ways.

The 15 member committee will be selected with a 3-step process:

  • Election process for project communities to elect 7 members of the committee.
  • Selection process for affiliates to select 6 members of the committee.
  • Wikimedia Foundation process to appoint 2 members of the committee.

The community elections will take place between October 11 and October 24. The other process will take place in parallel, so that all processes will be concluded by November 1.

We are very happy about the wide range of diverse Wikimedians that are running for the election and selection processes for the drafting committee of the Movement Charter! As the number of candidates is quite large and thus informing yourself about them might be a bit more complicated, we want to try something different this time: We want to organize a so-called “Voting Advice Application (or “Election Compass) with statements related to the Movement Charter. All candidates can propose their statements here.

For the full context of the Movement Charter, its role, as well the process for its creation, please have a look at Meta. You can also contact us at any time on Telegram or via email (wikimedia2030@wikimedia.org). Best, Zuz (WMF) (talk) 13:13, 21 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]


There is only one word suggested here in Wikipedia:Words to avoid in Simple English. It's does not look encyclopedic in feature. So, why not let's expand the article by having a discussion either here or at the talk page of the article! Any comments! Haoreima (talk) 05:04, 20 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]

For example: vernacular=>dialect, bagged=>achieved, get, etc. Haoreima (talk) 05:10, 20 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]
It only includes the one word because that word is regularly debated by people that are new here and is controversial and because one reason most people argued about it was because it wasn't put down in a guideline anywhere, so last year it was put in a guideline so future debates might be less likely to happen. Most other words are uncontroversial. -Djsasso (talk) 15:05, 20 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]
If you check the top section of my talk page you will see more examples. Also, it is not only words which need to be simple. Sentence structure should be simple, too. And read good English. Read George Orwell. Read anything! It'll all help. Macdonald-ross (talk) 07:39, 23 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]

can anyone please have a look at this

Hello, I have created a sand box draft User:Suryabeej/Ashish Chanchlani looking at all the awards and sources I feel it might pass GNG, but want a second opinion on this, can anyone please guide me with this?, Also if anyone over here feels like it meets the GNG please move it to mainspace Thanks Suryabeej   talk 08:21, 21 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]

Don't think he's notable enough. No enwiki article, and those awards don't seem notable enough. SHB2000 (talk) 08:30, 21 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]
SHB2000 Hello thanks for the response, I guess En wiki has nothing to do with Simple wiki though as both the platforms are different and have different notability criteria but also if we go on all the sources available like Forbes and him being listed under 30 under 30 list don't you think he passes GNG? Thanks Suryabeej   talk 08:38, 21 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]
if Forbes lists them as number 30, uhm, not sure. SHB2000 (talk) 08:40, 21 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]
SHB2000 please have a look at this Suryabeej   talk 08:41, 21 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]
had a look at it. not notable SHB2000 (talk) 13:35, 21 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]
  • YouTube channels are not inherently notable: "If a topic has received important coverage in reliable sources that are independent of the subject, it is presumed to be notable". Anyone can put up a YouTube channel. Macdonald-ross (talk) 13:20, 21 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]
  • Macdonald-ross yes the topic has received important coverage in reliable sources which I feel makes him eligible!!

please check This Forbes Article This India Today Piece This Hindustan Times Article This Outlook Piece what would be your openion about someone who has got such coverages ? Do you feel a non notable person will get such editorial coverages on India's most reliable news platforms? Suryabeej   talk 06:15, 23 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]

Editor loss.

We're suffering a huge loss of long time editors like PotsdamLamb (in a fight), Darubrub (mental health and he's renamed to avoid detection) and IAmSwiz (mental health). In that time, only Sakura Emad has joined as a constructive non-anonymous editor. Is this slightly worrying? I've put up a recruiting template on my en-wiki page, and so has Ferien, but no luck.

Is there any way to encourage people to edit more? 💠Ely - Talk💠 16:01, 21 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]

I proposed an embassy on en.wiki a while ago but it never went anywhere. Derpdart56 (talk) 16:03, 21 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]
Maybe recruit people in the village pump? DingoTalk 16:06, 21 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]
...perhaps. Derpdart56 (talk) 16:07, 21 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]

I hadn't even heard about this. My well wishes go out to all. Hockeycatcat (talk) 16:07, 21 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]

Editors come and go, like on all Wikimedia projects, but unfortunately we have lost quite a few editors recently. However, I think there has been an increase in active editors though, since I started actively editing in late December. --Ferien (talk) 16:24, 21 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]
Hello 👋 @Elytrian, @Derpdart56, @Dingothegorg, @Hockeycatcat, @Ferien , what makes People to Join wikipedia?
My Experience
before coming here i was on English wikipedia on my first days there, i was quite stressed because i was new to the environment, somehow i was frustrated and got conflict with some editors because of my silly edits[1][2][Talk Page] Because of the conflicts that i got it gave me so much stress and i was unable to edit wikipedia for a while afraid that i make another mistake and will be frowned upon.
My Suggestion
Our goal is to build an environment which is helpful and friendly towards other editors, in a way that make them feel comfortable while editing wikipedia, Encouraging NewComers to edit wikipedia and help them be more familiar with the environment, Building a healthy and friendly Environment[3][4][5], wikipedia in General is for everyone regardless to gender and race and age everyone uses wikipedia, especially Simple English wikipedia the editors includes children, schoolers, and others who doesn't familiar with and can't be familiar so soon, i think instead of enforcing the rules, we should be more open to them, and talk to them more in a friendly manner, when they make a mistake[6][7]; Everyone make a mistake and it's quite a normal, they can't harm wikipedia by making unconstructive or bad edits;[8] that's being said Instead of assuming that fellow editors are out to harm the project and its ideals, assume that they don't know how they're contributing in a non-constructive way,[8] Because even bad editors and Trolls can turn to Reliable and Great editor who can build a better encyclopedia[9][10] in the end i suggest make the wikipedia more easier and friendly to others, and let them make a mistake and learn from it, and don't cause stress to anyone, will help us to build a welcoming environment.
Thank you
Can't read all of this?
if you think it's too long to read, Please try use (https://ttsreader.com/) A Robot Reader helps and reads English sentences for you ( i use it every time specially for Long sentences) 😊 🌸 Sakura emad 💖 (talk) 17:34, 21 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]
I honestly do not see it as really worrying. It is sad that those editors left WP, but we have to work with what we have. We have had multiple new editors here that are greatly helping Simple Wikipedia. We can remember the past, but we shouldn't mourn it, instead, we should embrace the present and future. PS: I feel like some English Wikipedia users think Simple Wiki is a filler/pointless project, so I don't think advertising will do much Etoza (?) 18:02, 21 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]
The Wikipedia ball keeps on spinning.
I feel like simple wiki editors will always come and go, even if it is sad to see. We have what, like 30 really active editors here, most of which I can recite from memory. I think a more effective method of recruitment would be trying to get editors from other language Wikimedia projects that are trying to learn english. I also agree with Etoza that we should focus on maintaining what we have, like dyk, ga's, etc. AnApple47 (talk) 01:56, 22 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]
I reluctantly disagree with trying to recruit people who are trying to learn English. Such people are part of our target audience (that is, people the articles are written for), but not necessarily the best for writing articles. Writing simple English is harder than writing regular English. People who are learning English tend to think that, since they are new to the language, whatever they know must be simple, but that isn't the case. Even people whose first language is English can have a hard time writing in simple language. We need people who 1) are very proficient in English and 2) know or can learn what makes language simple. Even when we recruit people who are proficient in English, there's usually a learning curve before they can write effectively here. That's one reason I created that list of ways that this wiki is different from others. --Auntof6 (talk) 09:31, 22 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]
@Auntof6: Yeah, I can see why that wouldn't be the best idea now. I still think we might be able to find new editors there who might know english well enough to edit. AnApple47 (talk) 13:53, 22 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]
I wouldn't really consider myself as "active" given that I'm more found on voy then here, although I do come time to time here.
But I should say that I prefer this smaller community over the larger English Wikipedia which is full of problems. Given the unfriendly environment on en, it's why I did retire. Although we have lost some editors, it may be for the better. SHB2000 (talk) 02:30, 22 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]
Editors have always left (for various reasons), and new editors have joined the project. There's the right to vanish, so if an editor no longer feels like wanting to contribute he or she can leave the project. I think what is most important is to be friendly to new editors, once it is clear they want to conmtribute productively; and no, I am also talking about unnamed editors. As pointed out above, the "Language skills" required are usually not those of someone "learning the language", which doesn't mean that those cant contribute. Simplifying is long and tedious, and I welcome any ediotr helping this project, no matter what their background is. In most cases, a form can be found where the editor can contribute productively. --Eptalon (talk) 20:32, 22 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]

This isn't anything new. Sometimes we lose some editors and sometimes we gain a whole bunch at once. Also be aware that we often gain editors that you don't realize because you don't see them take part in discussions. As someone who has been on this wiki for well over a decade I can tell you if anything the last little while we have been growing faster than we have since the heydays of 2007-20010 when we were many times more active than we are now. We will most likely always be small because it takes a very strong grasp of the English language to edit here. As mentioned above, a mistake people often make is they assume people who are our target audience are the ones who should edit here more, but the opposite is true, editing here actually takes more skill than to write the average "regular English" article. As such most editors will always gravitate to the en.wiki as its easier to write and there is a bigger audience to write for. We will always be at the whims of people who find us "by accident" or who come here cause they got into block/ban trouble on en.wiki. There isn't much we can do about it, its been talked about many times and solutions like embassies on en.wiki are just not workable as most editors there just want us shut down. -Djsasso (talk) 20:44, 22 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]

I notice on one of the people you mentioned they mention they started university. That is one of the biggest reasons we lose editors and not something we can help, for some reason minors gravitate to this wiki so we inevitably lose them when they discover "real life". -Djsasso (talk) 21:15, 22 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]

Idea: Bring the Teahouse over to simple

New editors can discuss stuff, get advice and stuff. Derpdart56 (talk) 15:53, 21 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]

Full support. Just worrying on implementation of the teahouse. Also it might ruin the simplicity of the wikipedia. 💠Ely - Talk💠 15:56, 21 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]

Hmm... It's a good idea, but I'm not sure if many people would use it since the Simple community is much, much smaller than enwiki. Hockeycatcat (talk) 15:58, 21 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]

We've always used simple talk as our teahouse, village pump and everything merged. While an introduction of a teahouse could be more welcoming to editors, and I would be willing to volunteer, the first thing this page says about Simple Talk is "This is the place to ask any questions you have about the Simple English Wikipedia." If this is the one of the main reasons for this discussion page existing, why do we need to have another place? --Ferien (talk) 16:12, 21 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]
maybe we could make simple talk more inviting, like having dedicated question answers, or pictures? I also don't think a Teahouse is a good idea because it might be confusing to newcomers. AnApple47 (talk) 01:59, 22 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]
Simple talk is the teahouse. -Djsasso (talk) 11:52, 23 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]

I need help archiving my talk pages

AAAAAAA WHY AM I BAD AT THIS. I can't get the blasted box for it to display the archives correctly. Derpdart56 (talk) 13:13, 23 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]

Umm, seems fine to me. This ain't the place to express anger btw. 💠Ely - Talk💠 13:17, 23 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]
LOoks fine, Sassobot comes around periodically, and cleans up the page...--Eptalon (talk) 13:21, 23 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]
I had this same issue as well. Took me three whole week to figure this out, which eventually worked after using redirects SHB2000 (talk) 13:22, 23 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]
It's working, but I might mention that it is a bit redundant since your archives are listed in your talk header and in a box on the side. Probably don't need both. -Djsasso (talk) 14:31, 23 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]
Just noticed you were doing it monthly and by numbers. I have fixed how the monthly ones work. I would create redirects for the other two or rename them so they fit the monthly pattern and they will all show up in one place. -Djsasso (talk) 14:39, 23 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]


Hey guys, me and some colleagues are simplifying the article about Interlingue. Could anyone help us do so so that we can propose it as a good article? Thank you ina advance. --Caro de Segeda (talk) 11:12, 25 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]

Dark Mode

Could dark mode ever come to the Simple English Wikipedia? Dingothegorg 14:33, 16 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]

I honestly don't think so. Simple is far behind en-wiki. Perhaps someone could make a script that could do this (though I doubt a script can do this). But dark mode would be epic. 💠Ely - Talk💠 14:54, 16 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]
I think it could be added, since the one on en-wiki simply inverts the colors. This is true even for images, but they do get inverted back into what they normally are. Washing Machine of Lies (talk) 12:59, 17 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]
Actually, you can add dark mode to any wiki! You simply need to add this line to the very top of your Special:MyPage/common.css:
:@import "https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=MediaWiki:Gadget-dark-mode.css&action=raw&ctype=text/css";
I found that information here on the regular English wiki. Washing Machine of Lies (talk) 14:31, 20 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]
*Gasp* thank you! 💠Ely - Talk💠 14:39, 20 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]
Nvm, it doesn't work. I'm using the nightpedia script instead. 💠Ely - Talk💠 14:48, 20 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]
@Elytrian: You're supposed to use common.css not common.js. DingoTalk 14:51, 20 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]
Ehh. Nightpedia is wayyy better than dark mode anyway. (emojis look very cool) 💠Ely - Talk💠 16:27, 20 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]
Technically you shouldn't have emoji's in your signatures anyway. Pictures are not allowed in signatures. -Djsasso (talk) 18:09, 20 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]
I have a working dark mode script that works here on simple wiki. Just need to pull it out, let me know if you are interested --Tsugaru Let's Talk! :) 🍁 19:55, 20 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]
Do emojis count as images? SHB2000 (talk) 01:11, 21 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]
Of course they are. They don't stand for sounds, do they? Macdonald-ross (talk) 08:49, 4 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]

Reply tool for everyone

Hello, all. I have good news about the mw:Talk pages project.

The Reply tool puts the [reply] button on talk pages. Next week, everyone will have the Reply tool turned on. You will be able to turn it off in Special:Preferences#mw-prefsection-editing-discussion. You can read more about it at mw:Help:DiscussionTools.

You can try it out now by turning on "Discussion tools" in Special:Preferences#mw-prefsection-betafeatures. The Beta Feature will also add a [subscribe] button to each ==Level 2 section== on a talk page. If you subscribe to the section, then you will get Special:Notifications if someone adds a new comment to that section (but not if they fix typos or edit other parts of the page). This can be very helpful on busy pages, especially if you only want to follow one conversation. Please try it out and share your thoughts at mw:Talk:Talk pages project/Notifications. (Only the Reply tool will be turned on for everyone. The other Discussion tools are still being tested.)

Please let me know if you have any questions. Whatamidoing (WMF) (talk) 19:56, 20 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]

This is  Done! Please let me know if you run into any problems. There is some technical information at mw:Help:DiscussionTools/Why can't I reply to this comment? Whatamidoing (WMF) (talk) 17:07, 30 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]
I've been using the reply function and it's very helpful. It figures out the correct indents for you and adds your signature. I highly recommend that people try it. Auntof6 (talk) 23:41, 2 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]
The only think I hate about it is the autosign feature. SHB2000 (talk) 23:44, 2 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]
What issue do you have with that? It works fine for me, but I don't use a custom signature. -- Auntof6 (talk) 23:48, 2 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]
It works fine even with custom signatures --Tsugaru Let's Talk! :) 🍁 00:51, 3 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]
it helped me alot thank you. 🌸 Sakura emad 💖 (talk) 01:13, 3 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]
Not a problem on this wiki, but it is an issue on other wikis. SHB2000 (talk) 01:27, 3 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]
Automatic signatures was one of the main requests from the communities in the massive multi-wiki, multi-lingual consultation at the start of this project. I don't think that the team will disable that feature. Whatamidoing (WMF) (talk) 17:00, 4 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]

Which one? --Tsugaru Let's Talk! :) 🍁 01:44, 3 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]

  • Reply tool should also work on mobile devices. —Yahya (talkcontribs.) 20:51, 4 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]
    @PPelberg (WMF) will be happy to see your comment, @Yahya, because the Editing team wants to do that soon.
    Obviously, getting the Reply tool on the mobile site requires a bit of work, but the key design elements are done. One thing to notice: while you're typing on the desktop site, the editing box is moved over. It makes the box narrower, but you can see where your comment will go. On a smartphone, if the box gets narrower, there will not be enough room to type. On mobile, the box will be the full size. When you post your reply, it will end up in the right place. It will only be full size while you are typing. Whatamidoing (WMF) (talk) 00:32, 5 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]

Need help!

I don't want to lose on info on this article, so maybe some of you could come and help me simplify it? The article (though technically a draft, is massive.) You might want to see this as well. 💠Ely - Talk💠 16:58, 25 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]

@Elytrian You don't mind me editing in your userspace, do you? SHB2000 (talk) 13:23, 29 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]
Nope. 💠Ely - Talk💠 14:23, 29 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]

Category:M w

Not sure the proper way to rename a category but Category:M w needs a more descriptive name. I had to go to enwiki's version of the category en:Category:Articles using Mw magnitude scale to figure out what it was for. Nunabas (talk) 16:26, 27 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]

Yeah it was renamed at en.wiki. The template that was putting the articles there has been updated to go to the new category that en.wiki uses. -Djsasso (talk) 11:52, 28 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]

Adding twinkle

Hello. I looked in my settings under the gadgets tab and I was not able to find Twinkle. How do I install Twinkle? Mikehawk10 (talk) 04:10, 29 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]

Hi Mikehawk10. You'll need to get autoconfirmed before you can use Twinkle. I'm pretty sure getting autoconfirmed works the same here as it does on enwiki, your account needs to exist for 4 days and have 10 edits. --Ferien (talk) 05:44, 29 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]

Problem in Google Translate article

I saw spamming in Google Translate article. People added crow language, fox language, ewe language, etc. in the list of languages supported. Besides, they added many human languages which aren't actually supported in the Google Translate in the list of supported languages. For example, Garo language was found added. I need other editors to rectify these errors in the article. We can take information from en wiki article en:Google Translate. There, we may find better information. Haoreima (talk) 13:15, 29 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]

It seems the first eight languages (Abaza, Abellen, Abenaki, Abkhaz, Abure, Acehnese, Adyghe, and Afar) aren't even supported. The first one that appears for me is Afrikaans and the second is Albanian. SHB2000 (talk) 13:20, 29 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]
Two significant spammings which I recently removed are these 1 and 2. Haoreima (talk) 13:24, 29 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]
I have a feeling that almost a third of the languages mentioned there aren't actually supported by google given the high number of inaccuracies there. SHB2000 (talk) 13:32, 29 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]
@Haoreima: You say you need other editors to fix the errors. Is there a reason you can't do it yourself? You could go to GT and copy/paste the list of languages. I'd do it myself, but I'm using a tablet right now and it would be tricky. --Auntof6 (talk) 16:22, 29 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]
Auntof6 Tablet? Are you well, sister? Are you ill? And, tricky? What do you mean by saying "tricky"? Please clarify me, I don't understand, "tablet", "tricky", "copy/paste" from Google Translate! :):-) Haoreima (talk) 17:20, 29 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]
@Haoreima: I am fine. Another meaning of "tablet" is a tablet computer. A tablet computer is a device like an iPad -- smaller than a laptop and bigger than most mobile phones. By "tricky", I meant that the kind of editing I'd need to do would be difficult on a mobile device. "Copy/paste" means to copy text with the copy function on whatever device you're using, then use the paste function to add it somewhere else. A common way of copying that way is with the control-C function on a PC, and then you paste with control-V. --Auntof6 (talk) 20:11, 29 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]
@Auntof6: What about copyright infringement if I did so? Haoreima (talk) 04:31, 30 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]
@Haoreima: I'm only suggesting you copy the list of language names, nothing else. I don't think there's anything copyrightable there. Of course, you'd have to format it. --Auntof6 (talk) 06:02, 30 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]
I don't think that's copyrightable per c:COM:TOO. SHB2000 (talk) 06:22, 30 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]

Select You the question statements for candidates of Drafting Committee Movement Charter

Into 2021-10-04 11:59:59 UTC you can select question statements for the candidates of Drafting Committee Movement Charter. ✍️ Dušan Kreheľ (talk) 02:04, 30 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]

Quick deletion of Ssgyysg gysgysygsgy gysyg gys ygs ygssyg

The page you wrote, Ssgyysg gysgysygsgy gysyg gys ygs ygssyg, has been selected for quick deletion. If you think this page should be kept, please add {{wait}} below the line {{QD}} and say why on the talk page. If the page is already gone, but you think this was an error, you can ask for it to be undeleted. You can find more information about the reason here. Derpdart56 (talk) 15:27, 30 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]

Uhhhh.... Derpdart56 (talk) 15:28, 30 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]
I know... vandal user talk redirects are annoying... 💠Ely - Talk💠 16:03, 30 September 2021 (UTC)[reply]

Firefox - For Linux Mint / Firefox

Hi! Does anyone here use one of these firefox browsers to edit Wikipedia, I have an enquiry about something. Tsugaru Let's Talk! :) 🍁 03:09, 3 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]

Universal Code of Conduct Draft Enforcement Guidelines review still needs your ideas and opinions

Hello everyone,

This is just a reminder that the Universal Code of Conduct Draft Enforcement Guidelines are open for review and comment. The Drafting Committee will start working on revisions and improvement in less than two weeks (October 17), so it is important that you give them your ideas and opinions soon!

There is now a short, simple version of the Draft Guidelines here to make your review easier. If possible, also help translate the short version into more languages!

We will also hold one last conversation hour on October 15, 2021 03:00 and 14:00 UTC.

On behalf of the Drafting Committee, much thanks to everyone who has given ideas so far. We hope to hear from more of you - the Guidelines will be much stronger if more opinions are included.

Best, Zuz (WMF) (talk) 11:28, 6 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]

Twinkle QD

Does anyone know if Twinkle could be configured to be able to directly issue warnings (including the page name) for bad page creations, instead of just leaving a QD notice? That seems to me like it would be more useful, especially for repeat violations. J991 16:27, 6 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]

In those situations I don't leave the QD notice and just leave the warning notice, although being an admin I rarely leave a notice anyway since I am the one deleting the article as I see them. -Djsasso (talk) 11:33, 7 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]

Let's talk about the Desktop Improvements


Have you noticed that some wikis have a different desktop interface? Are you curious about the next steps? Maybe you have questions or ideas regarding the design or technical matters?

Join an online meeting with the team working on the Desktop Improvements! It will take place on October 12th, 16:00 UTC on Zoom. It will last an hour. Click here to join.


  • Update on the recent developments
  • Sticky header - presentation of the demo version
  • Questions and answers, discussion


The meeting will not be recorded or streamed. Notes will be taken in a Google Docs file. The presentation part (first two points in the agenda) will be given in English.

We can answer questions asked in English, French, Polish, and Spanish. If you would like to ask questions in advance, add them on the talk page or send them to sgrabarczuk@wikimedia.org.

Olga Vasileva (the team manager) will be hosting this meeting.

Invitation link

We hope to see you! SGrabarczuk (WMF) 15:09, 4 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]

Hello! I'd like to remind that the meeting will happen today. You are welcome to join! SGrabarczuk (WMF) (talk) 15:53, 12 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]

Hi guys

Hi gang! I know it's been a long while since I've said hi, but I keep you all in my thoughts and read from time to time I'm doing well, I've started another doctorate this year in clinical psychology (ClinPsyD) after doing a psychology degree (BSc(Hons) Psychology & Counselling, at the Open University in England. I've retired from medicine and wanted to do something else with my life, so look forward to me editing psychology based articles (and, of course, medical articles). I hope you are all doing well and that everyone got through Covid-19 okay. Big hugs to the old gang and hand shakes to those of you new to me. Yours, fr33kman 22:14, 7 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]

So very glad to see your name pop up in my watchlist today! Glad you're well, and welcome back around. --Gordonrox24 | Talk 00:27, 8 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]
Fr33kman You don't probably know me, since I joined a few years ago but, HEYYYYY, I am so glad to hear from you! --Tsugaru Let's Talk! :) 🍁 00:45, 8 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]
hi guys i am new to this wiki good to be here i am really looking forward to getting to know everyone! Cocopuff2018 (talk) 00:52, 8 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]
Nice to meet you! AnApple47 💬 00:55, 8 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]
+1 Camouflaged Mirage (talk) 11:46, 8 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]
Welcome back! It's always good to see people return. Simple's barely changed. :) -BRP ever 04:53, 8 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]
A new editor that sees your past marks everywhere. 💠Ely - Talk💠 08:56, 13 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]

Automated systems

Adding deletion tag to article: Failed to retrieve edit token.

Hello! Any idea why am I getting a Adding deletion tag to article: Failed to retrieve edit token. when trying to nominate an article for RfD? The article I am trying nominate is Peter Jean-Marie. --Ramaswar57 (talk) 08:19, 9 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]

I think this is because of https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/MediaWiki_1.37/Deprecation_of_legacy_API_token_parameters I think MediaWiki:Gadget-morebits.js needs correction.—Yahya (talkcontribs.) 10:22, 9 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]
So, it seems the issue is caused by a config change which needs to have a fix in the js, so this requires an IA attention. Camouflaged Mirage (talk) 12:24, 9 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]
can anyone fix the problem? 🌸 Sakura emad 💖 (talk) 13:11, 11 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]
Still not fixed! :( --Ramaswar57 (talk) 16:24, 12 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]

Wikipedia page here

If you look at it, above the Wikipedia logo there are two rude words. How do you remove it? Link: https://simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia

Fixed.--Gordonrox24 | Talk 21:34, 9 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]

Thank you.--SimpleWikiExpert (talk) 21:47, 9 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]

Help for leaving warning messages while Twinkle isn't working

You can manually leave warning messages. Here's how to find the appropriate template to use.

  • Click on the Twinkle warning link to bring up the window.
  • Select the relevant warning level and issue.
  • To the left of the text describing the issue, Twinkle shows you the template to use. Make a note of it, then exit the Twinkle dialog.
  • On the user talk page, go to the section for the current month, or create the section if it doesn't exist.
  • Look at the template to see what parameters are required or available.
  • Add the template, being sure to substitute it, like this:
If you're using parameters, it might look like this:
{{subst:uw-vandalism2|page name}}

Hope this helps. --Auntof6 (talk) 22:42, 10 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]

Wikipedia:User_talk_page_warnings will be an useful page for all the warnings / headings. Camouflaged Mirage (talk) 11:54, 11 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]
It can be useful, but the method I described tells you the template to use so you don't have to search for it. -- Auntof6 (talk) 18:34, 11 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]

Category question

Should we adopt the same practice that enwiki does en:WP:TEMPLATECAT in which they dont use templates for adding pages to content categories? Nunabas (talk) 15:28, 11 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]

I would be in favor of that for content categories, not only for the reasons given on the enwiki page, but also to stay in sync with enwiki since we copy templates from there. However, I don't think we should remove the cats from templates here if the corresponding enwiki template still has them--again because we copy (and occasionally update) templates from there.
So maybe the way we should implement this is to copy/update templates from enwiki that have had the categories removed. (In fact, that implementation might happen inadvertently.) And when we do that, we need to hardcode categories that are no longer added by the template(s). --Auntof6 (talk) 18:46, 11 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]
If someone wants to make it official and update the policy I can start migrating categories out of templates. Nunabas (talk) 13:26, 12 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]
I understand wanting to get this done, but something like this usually need a discussion with input from a good number of editors. Discussions usually go for at least a week, whereas you just raised this question yesterday. -- Auntof6 (talk) 19:03, 12 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]

Allow the Ukrainian-language Wikipedia to unblock me as I have been blocked for weeks until I cannot begin to create many new pages on different things such as the hadith, and all about the world..

Hello. Could you please help me to be unblocked from the Ukrainian language Wikipedia, as I have been not editing in the Ukrainian-language Wikipedia for weeks, and I would like to begin editing in it through the hadith qudsi and also the Polish author Nela the Little Reporter. Could you please allow the Ukrainian-language Wikipedia to unblock me? Thank you.

Each wiki makes its own decisions. We cannot make decisions for another wiki. Sorry. Macdonald-ross (talk) 13:29, 12 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]


What on earth is a token parameter? I'm having trouble reverting text. Macdonald-ross (talk) 08:28, 13 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]

Yeah, Twinkle isn't working for me either. I also get the same "token" error. But RW works good for me and seems to be more fast than TW. --Hulged (talk) 08:35, 13 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]
Same issue! Redwarn saved me. 💠Ely - Talk💠 09:27, 13 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]

Voting begins for the MCDC Election

Voting for the election of the members for the Movement Charter drafting committee is now open. In total, 70 Wikimedians from around the world are running for 7 seats in this election.

Voting is open from October 12 to October 24, 2021.

The Movement Charter committee will consist of 15 members in total: The online communities will vote for 7 members, 6 members will be selected by the Wikimedia affiliates through a parallel process, and 2 members will be appointed by the Wikimedia Foundation. The plan is to assemble the committee by November 1, 2021.

You can learn more about each candidate to inform your vote here

You can also learn more about the Drafting Committee here

We are piloting a voting advice application for this election. Click through the tool and you will see which candidate is closest to you! To try out this tool, visit: App

Go vote at SecurePoll: Vote

Read the full announcement: here

Best,Zuz (WMF) (talk) 18:43, 13 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]


Hello 👋 Everyone, Twinke is not working for me, i wonder if it is the same for everyone, whenever i use twinkle like for anything i'll get an error message shows Failed to retrieve edit token. what should i do about it. 🌸 Sakura emad 💖 (talk) 03:15, 8 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]

Yep it is not working for me either. I can just do everything manually though. --Tsugaru Let's Talk! :) 🍁 03:33, 8 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]
Same here. --Auntof6 (talk) 04:33, 8 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]
Should we report that Bug on Phabricator? 🌸 Sakura emad 💖 (talk) 04:37, 8 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]
Twinkle is a user script, so I think the solution is to find the maintainer for that, it's not a system tool per say, so phab won't be suitable unless is a config change that changed the thing, but mostly it should be the script for TW to deconflict not the system to accomodate unless all scripts are broken. Camouflaged Mirage (talk) 11:46, 8 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]
Please someone help to recover the tool; otherwise we lost a great helpful Tool that helped us in a super speedy way to prevent vandalism and improve the encyclopedia. 🌸 Sakura emad 💖 (talk) 12:23, 8 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]
We faced the same problem in bnwiki. —Yahya (talkcontribs.) 18:17, 8 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]
@Sakura emad this phab task about Internet Archive bot tagging issue, How it is connected with this problem? --MdsShakil (talk) 19:15, 8 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]
@MdsShakil: Corrected. —Yahya (talkcontribs.) 19:36, 8 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]
@MdsShakil i do apologize i was confused 😢 🌸 Sakura emad 💖 (talk) 02:51, 9 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]
@Yahya thank you alot. 🌸 Sakura emad 💖 (talk) 13:42, 9 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]
@Yahya, you might want to take a look to the recent changes in simplewiki's Twinkle and try to apply them to your installation. 1234qwer1234qwer4 (talk) 17:39, 14 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]
I'm happy to report AntiCompositeNumber and 1234qwer1234qwer4 have put in sufficient work to see Twinkle now currently operational. Thank you for the patience. Operator873 connect 04:20, 14 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]
Thanks @AntiCompositeNumber indeed. My suggestions were pretty much just following the instructions at mw:MediaWiki 1.37/Deprecation of legacy API token parameters. 1234qwer1234qwer4 (talk) 17:38, 14 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]

I have been not editing pages in the Ukrainian-language Wikipedia for a long time and the request to unblock me in it

Hello. I have been not editing any pages in the Ukrainian-language Wikipedia for a long time, which is more than a month, so could you please allow the Ukrainian-language Wikipedia to unblock me, as I gonna start editing new pages in the Ukrainian-language Wikipedia with hadith qudsi and Nela the Little Reporter? I sincerely week to you this thing.

Thank you.

Sorry, 548asiaslavia. We here at Simple have no say in what the Ukranian Wikipedia decides to do. You should look at its own unblock policies. ...but if you scroll up you'll see a Simple user, Purplebackpack89, asking to be unblocked/unbanned here. Look at what people do and don't like about what Purple wrote. Maybe others on the Ukrainian Wikipedia would react the same way. Good luck! Darkfrog24 (talk) 13:55, 12 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]
@Darkfrog24: Socking user from this years archives. 💠Ely - Talk💠 09:27, 13 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]
The above user + IP (Previous section) is evading a lock. The master is User:Adam Asrul. This is a known LTA from zhwp etc, suggest we DENY. --Camouflaged Mirage (talk) 12:37, 14 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]


There seems to be something wrong with twinkle. It's leaving QD notification on the talk page of someone completely independent from the page instead of the one who created it. I am not sure what's causing it, so leaving a note here to see if anyone else is facing that issue. And if there are any ways to fix it if this is a bug.-BRP ever 11:30, 3 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]

One issue for me since long is that occasionally no warnings is given to page creator. Camouflaged Mirage (talk) 12:17, 3 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]
My guess without digging too deep is that they aren't using the Twinkle through preferences. They are calling something from their javascript. Which would be why its happening to them and as far as I know, no one else has seen it. -Djsasso (talk) 15:37, 4 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]
FWIW it happened so because that vandal was redirecting the talk page to some other page, and TW issues a warning on the redirect target page. JavaHurricane (talk) 11:36, 7 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]
Yeah I didn't look too closely, that would do it. -Djsasso (talk) 12:08, 7 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]
It might be worth borrowing something from the enwiki version, since that stops the warning if the user talk page is a cross-namespace redirect. 1234qwer1234qwer4 (talk) 13:55, 16 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]

Citrivescence's disruptive editing

You really need to block Citrivescence as they had sent admins to block similer IPs like this one,2600:6C40:5400:1D2B:849:F134:9A1F:9A1A on different wikis in which the IPs were learning to change Wiki sites. This message that Citrive left: [[1]] seems like he is tired of the messages an warnings. They want the harassment to go away. Can you look at Citrivescence's changes on the different wikis. -- (talk) 15:24, 12 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]

Asking what one is and is not allowed to do about harassment is not Wiki misconduct. Darkfrog24 (talk) 17:44, 12 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]
This IP is a troll of Citrivescence. Macdonald-ross (talk) 13:09, 16 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]

I don't like to be blocked in the Chinese-language Wikipedia, as the Chinese-language Wikipedia is totally different from other-language Wikipedia

Hello. As I see that the Chinese-language Wikipedia is totally different, I would like to ask you for this thing: Could you please encourage the Chinese-language Wikipedia to unblock my account, or could you bring me to the question part in the Chinese-language Wikipedia? I indeed don't like to be blocked in the Chinese-language Wikipedia for too long as I understand it is totally different from other-language Wikipedia which I used to experience it. I will be to much worried if I'm being blocked in the Chinese-language Wikipedia while I already experienced that the Chinese-language Wikipedia is totally different from all experiences that I feel in other-language Wikipedia.

Thank you. — Preceding unsigned comment added by 548asiaslavia (talkcontribs) 18:35, 14 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]

  • Each wiki decides for itself how to administer the blocking procedure. We have no influence there, and they have no influence here. I notice you did not sign your post, so a good start to your quest would be that you learn how WP works. Macdonald-ross (talk) 07:03, 15 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]
This is an LTA evading their global lock. SHB2000 (talk) 10:37, 15 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]

Effect of Apple’s iCloud Private Relay

SGrabarczuk (WMF) (talk) 21:34, 18 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]

Learn how Movement Strategy Implementation Grants can support your Movement Strategy plans

Movement Strategy Implementation grants now provide more than $2,000 USD to put Movement Strategy plans into action. Find out more about Movement Strategy Implementation grants, the criteria, and how to apply here.

Also, the Movement Charter Drafting Committee election is still ongoing. It would be great to increase community participation. If you haven't voted now is the time. Please vote here before October 24. Regards, Zuz (WMF) (talk) 13:57, 20 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]

How do I explain how a biological procedure is performed without citing the research of scientists who performed the procedure?

I was warned not to cite sources too close to the author when attempting to put together a page on iPS cells to fill the gap of information available in simple English for EFL students on how the calls are produced. Context being that it's a common topic in English textbooks in Japan, and the new push towards BYOD means that students are encouraged to supplement the information in the textbook by examining sources online.

It's my first edit, and I was immediately arrested by the vandalism cops for using sources too close to the author. Which, you know, can obviously be a massive problem. But what's the actual procedure in this case? If I can't cite the article about how they were discovered then what do I cite? My background is in CS and not biology, and I can't imagine a reason it's mistaken to cite a paper other than the one an algorithm was originally proved and analysed unless it was withdrawn from publication when explaining how an algorithm works.

Am I insane? I've read the en wiki article on third party sources, and asked for clarification from the bloke who rolled me back but received no reply.

I'd really like to contribute to the wiki because I feel like it could be a useful educational resource going forward. Am I unwelcome? Do I have to wait for a professional biologist who is also proficient in simple English to write the page? What do you want me to do? — Preceding unsigned comment added by Fujippisensei (talkcontribs)

  • If you don't tell us what you are referring to, how can we answer you? Macdonald-ross (talk) 06:39, 22 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]
    • En page on iPS cells is heavily flagged as being dependent on sources too close to the subject. My judgement is we should wait until the En wiki page is stable before doing our version. In any event, our version will need an experienced editor rather than a specialist subject-matter editor. Macdonald-ross (talk) 06:47, 22 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]
      Okay, I see. So I shouldn't inherently look at the English Wikipedia page as a model. If you really want me to hold off on touching the page until English Wikipedia has resolved its issues, I won't touch it, but hopefully there's somewhere else relevant to students where it's less controversial for me to practice writing Simple Wikipedia content using the guidelines about secondary and tertiary sources Darkfrog24 has pointed me to. Fujippisensei (talk) 01:52, 25 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]
Another thought: I wonder if the user is really familiar with En wiki? The obvious place to discuss his point of view would be on the En Wikipedia:WikiProject Molecular Biology/Molecular and Cell Biology. Macdonald-ross (talk) 07:05, 22 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]
@Fujippisensei:, since you're here on the Simple English Wikipedia, I'll tell you how to do this for here: Go to WP:PRIMARY, WP:SECONDARY and WP:TERTIARY. They're all part of our big No Original Research policy. The short version is that Wikipedia's favorite food is secondary sources. It sounds like you're trying to use an original academic study as a source. Here, we treat that as a primary source. You can use a few primary sources in an article, but they must not be the only or the main sources. That's because we require proof of notability, proof that an idea or thing is important enough to be in a Wikipedia article. The best proof is someone else, someone independent of the original research team, writing about it and getting published.
What you want is secondary sources: Did anyone other than the original research team write articles about the subject? (If "IPS" is "induced pluripotent stem cells," then lots of people did.) Newspaper articles. Magazine articles. Reviews. It may seem counterintuitive, but for a Wikipedia article source, Scientific American or the science section of a normal newspaper is a better choice than Nature, Science or Lancet. Darkfrog24 (talk) 14:59, 22 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]
Yes, that's right. Also, the secondary source can help you to phrase the content in a way suitable for non-expert readers. We usually only have non-expert readers! Macdonald-ross (talk) 08:53, 23 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]
Okay, got it. I need to adjust my frame of mind from writing as an expert to writing as a non-expert, which means that I should rely on secondary sources, which makes sense because I'm definitely not an expert in biology. I will either return to the page mentioned with that in mind, or look for somewhere else to contribute along those lines. Fujippisensei (talk) 01:57, 25 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]
I'm definitely not an editor of English Wikipedia. I'm coming at this as someone who writes simple English, rather than as an encyclopedia expert. The idea is that if I learn how to contribute then I can teach other language teachers in my region to do it, and expand its usefulness to students. Fujippisensei (talk) 01:55, 25 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]

Talk to the Community Tech

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We, the team working on the Community Wishlist Survey, would like to invite you to an online meeting with us. It will begin on 27 October (Wednesday) at 14:30 UTC on Zoom, and will last an hour. Click here to join.


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The meeting will not be recorded or streamed. Notes without attribution will be taken and published on Meta-Wiki. The presentation (all points in the agenda except for the questions and answers) will be given in English.

We can answer questions asked in English, French, Polish, Spanish, German, and Italian. If you would like to ask questions in advance, add them on the Community Wishlist Survey talk page or send to sgrabarczuk@wikimedia.org.

Natalia Rodriguez (the Community Tech manager) will be hosting this meeting.

Invitation link

We hope to see you! SGrabarczuk (WMF) (talk) 23:00, 22 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]

Vandal Talk pages

How should I warn a vandal who redirects their talk page? AnApple47 💬 17:03, 23 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]

@AnApple47 You could undo the redirect first, the do the warning. You could also manually edit the page and type in the warning over the redirect. The first option is probably better if there was other talk on the page before. -- Auntof6 (talk) 17:28, 23 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]
@Auntof6: Thank you for the advice! AnApple47 💬 05:23, 25 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]

Unblock request of Purplebackpack89..

This discussion has lasted for over 3 weeks and it's safe to say that there's no consensus to unblock Purplebackpack89 at this time. Purplebackpack89: I suggest you next appeal in no less than a year from today. Best regards, --Ferien (talk) 18:20, 31 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]

The following discussion is closed. Please do not modify it. Subsequent comments should be made on the appropriate discussion page. No further edits should be made to this discussion.

Hello all,

Purplebackpack89 has recently requested for his block to be revieved. He was community-banned (after a discussion) in 2011. I think the community changed a lot since then, and it would be time for this decision to be re-assessed; after 10 years. Personally, I don't think that unblocking poses much of a problem, almost all people change in a decade. What do other people think? - Again: this is not a vote, it is a discussion; a support or oppose without argument is not really helpful. So, what do other people think?--Eptalon (talk) 16:54, 9 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]

  • My initial thought here is no. The tone of the unblock request reads as openly confrontational, and looking back on the previous discussions it really is the same tone and behaviour that was part of what got him blocked to begin with. Doing some looking around, I found more recent discussions at en:User_talk:Purplebackpack89/Archive_17#ArbCom enforcement, and en:User_talk:Purplebackpack89/Archive_17#TRM running for ArbCom...really? where the user is still actively talking about how he dislikes the editors involved in this original ban discussion. All said, I just don't think the Wikipedia needs the drama that seems to follow this user around, and I am fine with the ban staying.--Gordonrox24 | Talk 20:41, 9 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]
  • Comment The user need more patient to be unlocked Just do good (talk) 20:51, 9 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]
  • No. As much as I'd love to say that it's been a while and is worth another chance (even with their 11 blocks on record, all of them were 10+ years ago and relatively compressed), the evidence why this is still necessary would be the edits on other projects that led to the block in the first place. And the unblock request, which has both en:WP:NOTTHEM and how EVERY few words is in CAPS. If anyone has missed it, it reads: It is INSANE that this block has continued for A DECADE, during a time which I have made thousands of edits on other Wikipedia projects. Can somebody explain why something that happened a DECADE ago should disqualify me from getting an addditional chance on this project NOW? Indeffing in the first place was excessive and it should never have lasted a DECADE. I'd like someone to explain why I don't get a second chance, even though editors with more serious issues, such as sock- and meatpuppetry, have been reinstated. If anything, it shouldn't be my job to prove reinstatement, after this long, it should be others' job to provide evidence why this is still necessary, which, to be honest, they never did in the first place. I feel PERSECUTED. In many cases, the evidence demanded is evidence that can only be obtained by letting me be unblocked for awhile. Naleksuh (talk) 06:34, 10 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]
  • No. The tone of everything he has said after the block is an illustration of why we blocked him, plus the complete absence of any admission and promise to reform. It only just stops short of actually promising to carry on as before. I'm fine with the block staying. Macdonald-ross (talk) 09:23, 10 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]
  • For now, a Yes per Eptalon, pending reading about this specific person's case. People's editing styles change naturally over time. Frankly, I don't think any Wikiproject should have indefinite blocks. They should all have time limits, even if they're ten years. Per Macdonald-ross' concerns, if Purple does whatever it was again, block them again. Does anyone remember off the top of their heads? What is this person supposed to have reformed from? Darkfrog24 (talk) 11:52, 10 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]
The crucial point which you're not addressing is his lack of acceptance of his past behaviour, and his lack of promise not to behave that way again. No-one is released on licence who does not accept his misdemeanour and promise to reform. Whether a block is indefinite rests more on the individual than anything else. Macdonald-ross (talk) 13:10, 10 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]
I disagree. The individual is not the one who decides to impose or lift a block. An admin or the community makes that decision, and it may in fact have very little to do with what the blocked person did or didn't do on-Wiki. I've seen people get blocked and punished for things that just plain didn't happen. A friend of mine got blocked from en.wiki for "lying" about Mars when he was quoting NASA and providing links to the sources he'd used.
But we're talking about Purple, and not my not-lying space fan friend. The problem you point out is very easily solved. Someone has to go to P's talk page and say "Hey Purple, you got blocked for [this specific thing that you did]. Do you promise not to do [specific thing] again?" This is more important than people realize. For one of many things, I've learned that Wikipedia admins are the opposite of a conspiracy: They don't always agree with each other, and they don't always know that they don't agree with each other. What if some admins think Purple is blocked for WP:THIS and others think Purple is blocked for WP:THAT? Then even if Purple apologizes for WP:THIS, the second group of admins will feel the way you feel: That Purple hasn't understood or hasn't owned up.
So what was it that Purple did? I wasn't here on Simple in 2011. Darkfrog24 (talk) 13:40, 10 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]
Okay, I read the conversations at the links that Chenzw was so good as to provide. I see a lot of "this person doesn't understand why they were banned." Again, the solution is simple: Someone with the authority to do so should just tell them. I feel like I might be projecting unfair treatment I've seen elsewhere onto Purple's case, so I'm going to take a break and come back clearheaded. EDIT: To be fair, some people did specifically cite "canvassing," "incivility," and "didn't change X when someone told them to," though that last one might not be misconduct, depending. Is that accurate? Is that what Purple is banned for doing? Could we, if we chose, go to Purple and say, "You were banned for incivility, for improper canvassing, for not stopping [specific], and not anything else"? Darkfrog24 (talk) 14:38, 10 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]
  • Support As I did in 2019. Ten years is a long time when there is clear evidence of an intent to change and improve. What is Wikipedia if not a group of people that chooses to Assume Good Faith. The trusted status on other wikis is sufficient for me to believe this person can be constructive and a good contributor to this project. I'm more than happy to believe this person's intent is to be a good community member, but I am also not blindly trusting. I think the community ban should be removed with a one and done warning for a term of 1 year from the date of decision. In this period, any significant behavior or disruption issues would see the ban reinstated. However, if they rejoin the community, the editor would be considered in good standing on this project and enjoy the same treatment as any other editor on the project. Operator873 connect 20:48, 10 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]
    I like this idea very much. PP89 wants a chance to prove themselves, but others here are concerned of a repeat performance. PP89 can hardly complain of getting the exact chance they've asked for. Darkfrog24 (talk) 00:10, 11 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]
    I think I'd be on board with this if the "clear evidence of an intent to change" part was more clear to me. From everything I'm reading, the user still thinks they were correct and the ban was wrong. I'm not sure what has changed. --Gordonrox24 | Talk 20:39, 11 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]
  • Support unblocking with the conditions mentioned in the comment above. To me, blocks have always been to prevent abuse and not to punish users. The block has lasted for a long time, and given their editing history in other wikis, I think the editor won't cause any further disruption.-BRP ever 21:44, 10 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]
  • Oppose. Not convinced at this point, and that's too bad his actions ten years ago brought this block. I'm not convinced by the tone as well, and the mindset that Wikipedia is the only WMF project. SHB2000 (talk) 23:29, 11 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]
  • No based on PBP's own statements in the request. "Indeffing in the first place was excessive," shows they still do not accept why they were banned. "I'd like someone to explain why I don't get a second chance," ignores the long block history that led up to the indef; PBP had many, many chances. "even though editors with more serious issues, such as sock- and meatpuppetry, have been reinstated" is just plain whataboutism. "it should be others' job to provide evidence why this is still necessary, which, to be honest, they never did in the first place." again shows they have never accepted the reasons for the ban. Gotanda (talk) 22:01, 12 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]
    • I do/don't agree. They/(S)he has not even addressed the reason to WHY they where blocked, and I still don't understand the last line which makes absolutely no sense: "In many cases, the evidence demanded is evidence that can only be obtained by letting me be unblocked for awhile." What sort of evidence? It could and CAN be obtained without editing. People can see the contribs freely. 11 bans is... more than enough to consider an editor unworthy. This line: "even though editors with more serious issues, such as sock- and meatpuppetry, have been reinstated." is almost an attack on a group of editors, and both sock & meat puppetry are forgiven if the socks (if the same user) are blocked and the sock master account is used for legitimate purposes, like a regular wiki account. Also, socking is allowed for legit purposes like doppelgängers.
  • Now obviously 10 years seems too much for a block (I would go mad for even a fortnight) and I think PP98 could be forgiven and we can assume good faith. It is possible PP98 was an en-wiki member (only member) and just... disrespected the simple community. In that case, the conditions for unblocking will change. Different wikiproject members have different opinions. Here, look at Hockeycatcat but on en-wiki... oof.
I think the block can be forgiven if PP98 edits like a regular user for constructive purposes. 💠Ely - Talk💠 09:13, 13 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]
  • Oppose Nope, contrary to what User:Operator873 says above. I don't see any clear indication they intend to improve. They still blame everyone else for why they were banned instead of taking responsibility for their own actions. He is still openly confrontational which is a large part of the reason he was blocked. -Djsasso (talk) 20:06, 21 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]
Weak Support I have to say, looking through PB89's CentralAuth, I'm seeing some improvement, especially on en.wp and other projects. However, I'd like to suggest removing his rollbacker rights temporarily until he can be proven to regain the trust of the community. He should also address what he did that got him banned in the first place and realize what he has done has had negative effects on the community. If he can prove that he really does realize what he has done wrong and can prove beyond reasonable doubt he will improve, I'd give full support. (talk) 21:13, 26 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]
  • Reluctantly, I also oppose lifting the ban. Simply no indication that they have changed at all. Ten years passing is not enough alone to just unblock, they will have to show us they have changed. Unfortunately, the opposite appears to be true reading their unblock request. --IWI (talk) 05:02, 29 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]


At this point I think it is important for all participants to familiarize themselves with previous ban reviews:

I will be adding my thoughts to the above original section shortly. Chenzw  Talk  14:12, 10 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]

Thank you, Chenzw. EDIT: But I'm not seeing a discussion with links and proof. Did it happen before the first ban discussion? Darkfrog24 (talk) 14:21, 10 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]
If I remember correctly, the first link is the discussion that led directly to the community ban. Prior to the community(-sanctioned) ban, the editor was already blocked multiple times. Nevertheless, I will do another search in the archives and get back to you once I find anything new. Chenzw  Talk  16:38, 10 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]

The above discussion is preserved as an archive. Please do not change it. Subsequent comments should be made on the appropriate discussion page, such as the current discussion page. No more changes should be made to this discussion.

Overload of RfD

We now have over 50 items on RfD, and many of these could have been dealt with by QD. Macdonald-ross (talk) 16:28, 25 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]

I think that sometimes our users get frustrated when they request QD, then it gets declined because the case doesn't qualify. This happens fairly regularly with the A4 option (notability); sometimes users don't realize that any claim of notability prevents deletion under that option. Having QD requests declined, for that or other reason, might make people decide to go straight to RfD when it might not be necessary. Maybe we could do some educating about the QD options, either targeted at users who use it incorrectly or aimed at the community in general. -- Auntof6 (talk) 18:52, 25 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]
I think most of the requests for deletion currently on the page aren't eligible for QD and it is better to discuss older pages instead of quickly deleting them, in my opinion. --Ferien (talk) 20:34, 25 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]
Instead of this, we can just quickly delete the pages that meet QD requirements among the ones nominated for RFD. Admins can close the discussion whenever they see it fit.
There have been many debates over the overuse of A4, and I don't this it's unusual for people to seek second or third opinions through RFD. I, myself, would like to do that for pages that have passed the initial new page state (where the article are usually nominated for QD or improved.)
Also, there has been some interesting development in a few cases that are worth considering. For example, in Wikipedia:Requests for deletion/Requests/2021/Candice Pitts. I remember reading that she had become an ambassador, but I had no idea about the coverage she was getting. Although I think some more coverage is required and the article needs a fair bit of improvement, I think this one is a fruitful discussion.
I think the habit of RFDs should be encouraged for cases that are not black-and-white. And overloading is not really a problem as pages will be deleted even if there are no comments. It's only that the process takes place 7 days later. And in the cases where the page have already stayed here for a long time, I don't think it's a problem. Thanks :) -BRP ever 20:52, 25 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]
The problem here isn't that people are going to RFD when they shouldn't. The problem we have is that people are using QD when they shouldn't. In particular A4 gets abused way to often. The most minor claim negates the ability to use it. Also remember our Rfd acts as PROD which means if there are no votes in 7 days it still gets deleted. So our Rfd is never overloaded because the deletes happen automatically if no one votes. And any of the questionable ones get more eyes on them than an incorrect QD. -Djsasso (talk) 12:48, 28 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]
Isn't our RFD sort of PROD elsewhere, so an overload isn't the issue. The issue is that we need to have people !voting based on policy / guidelines. Things like per nom - etc can be omitted as these seems unnecessary as our RFD work like PROD. Things like it's notable without giving sources / explanation doesn't. Socks are of course not helpful. The issue I think is not the load, is the quality of commentary on the RFD. Camouflaged Mirage (talk) 07:57, 26 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]
I prefer to err on the side of RfD over QD.
CamoM, do you mean that it's more of a vote with sources/policies situation than a vote with people situation? Darkfrog24 (talk) 14:31, 26 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]
Yes, it can act like PROD.--Gordonrox24 | Talk 21:40, 26 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]
@Darkfrog24 I will say give QD a go, if it does fulfill QD, then RFD won't be unnecessarily loaded. Just try, if declined, we can always go to RFD.
As of RFDs it's always a vote based on policies, hence it's called !vote not vote. The absolute vote count doesn't always matter, unless in situations where the !votes are very close which is rare. Votes that are useful are always policy based, as of if you want to claim a subject have notablity, good quality sources needs to be provided to make it strong. It's pretty useless to do this  Keep notable and meets GNG. It will be more useful to do this:  Keep meets GNG as [good source 1][independent source 2] is presented. Hope this clarifies. Camouflaged Mirage (talk) 08:43, 27 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]
Yeah, some comments are so baseless that you don't even know what to respond. It's like they just state their opinion with no real understanding. But I guess we can always extend time for cases where the concerns are not sufficiently addressed.-BRP ever 09:54, 27 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]
Oh yes, Camo. I mean that I go RfD for something that is, for example, a hoax but not an obvious one. I use QD quite a lot.
I am familiar with the idea that Wikipedias aspire to be "policies and sources, not votes," but in my experience it usually is votes as in number of people and not number of sources. I had an idea for a whole different RfC structure once. Darkfrog24 (talk) 14:34, 27 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]
@Darkfrog24 Oh yes, at times it's sadly vote counting for some cases, but I will rather it be consensus counting. But to digress, isn't this what political systems around at times function, with first past the post elections can be won by 1 vote. However, Wikipedia is NOTDEMOCRACY that's helps at times. Camouflaged Mirage (talk) 11:50, 28 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]
"Keep notable and meets GNG." is actually perfectly valid comment that explains what policy you think supports its being kept. Could it be more detailed sure it could. But it is a policy based argument which is a good one. -Djsasso (talk) 17:50, 28 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]

How to report sockpuppets and not request checkuser

Hello. I believe that I have identified a sockpuppet of an account that is globally locked. However, the master is almost certainly stale. I would like to know how to report this sockpuppet without requesting a checkuser (as I would do on Wikipedia:Requests for checkuser). Is there a way to do this on simple wiki? Mikehawk10 (talk) 14:23, 26 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]

Mikehawk10, you could just report that account to the administrators' noticeboard. Regards, --Ferien (talk) 14:24, 26 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]

How do I get help on improving articles like peer review in enwiki?

Above, for SpaceX Starship. I want to have more people commenting on the article, since having just me writing it can be tricky sometimes. It is especially useful for proofreading as well, as [2] said. CactiStaccingCrane (talk) 12:32, 30 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]

Here is the venue, hope someone will be able to help, by posting here is right, but do note that we have a small community of editors, so the comments might not be that much. Camouflaged Mirage (talk) 12:33, 30 October 2021 (UTC)[reply]
Thanks a lot! I am going to iron out the issues as much as possible until it seems perfect to me. CactiStaccingCrane (talk) 13:23, 1 November 2021 (UTC)[reply]