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What the Google Translate page looks like, showing "Wikipedia" being translated from Polish to Japanese

Google Translate is a machine translation website from Google that can translate text between different languages.[1] It can translate words, sentences, documents and web pages between any combination of more than 100 supported languages.[2] It was launched on April 28, 2006 and has always been free to use.[3]

Google Translate can do more than just show the translation of words. It can also show how to pronounce (say) the word using text-to-speech, and show the definition (meaning) like a dictionary. More recently, it also lets the community make changes or suggestions, for example, if the computer made a wrong translation. This is very much like how one can contribute to websites like Google Maps and Wikimedia Foundation websites.

Languages[change | change source]

Google Translate currently supports 103 languages:[when?]

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