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Kakitsu (嘉吉) was a Japanese era name (年号,, nengō,, lit. "year name") after Eikyō and before Bun'an. This period started in February 1441 and ended in February 1444.[1] During this time, the emperor was Go-Hanazono-tennō (後花園天皇).[2]

Events of the Kakitsu era[change | change source]

In the 1st year of Kakitsu, Ashikaga Yoshinori died. He is remembered at this site
  • 12 July 1441 (Kakitsu 1, 24th day of the 6th month): Shogun Ashikaga Yoshinori was murdered at age 48.[3]
  • 1443 (Kakitsu 3): A Japanese-Korean diplomatic agreement (sometimes called the "Kakitsu treaty") was about on pirates (wakō) in the sea between Japan and Korea.[4]
  • 16 August 1443 (Kakitsu 3, 21st day of the 7th month): Shogun Yoshikatsu died after a fall from a horse.[5]

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