Pope Clement V

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Clement V
Papacy beganJune 5, 1305
Papacy endedApril 20, 1314
PredecessorPope Benedict XI
SuccessorPope John XXII
Personal details
Birth nameBertrand de Got
Villandraut, France
Died(1314-04-20)April 20, 1314
Roquemaure, France
Other popes named Clement

Pope Clement V (Latin: Clemens Quintus; 1264 –20 April, 1314), born Bertrand de Got, was a French cleric of the Roman Catholic Church and the 196th Pope from 1305 until his death.[1]

He was the first of the seven popes who lived in Avignon in France.

Early life[change | change source]

Bertrand de Got was born around 1264 in Villandraut in Gironde region of France.[2]

Bishop[change | change source]

Betrand was Archbishop of Bordeaux.[2]

Pope[change | change source]

He was elected pope on June 5, 1305; and he chose to be called Clement V. He was the fourth of six non-cardinals to be elected pope in the Middle Ages.[3]

Pope Clement moved the papacy to Avignon.[2]

The pope was involved in conflicts with the Knights Templar.[2]

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The Coat of Arms of Clement V
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