Pope Gregory V

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Pope Gregory V
Papacy began3 May 996
Papacy ended18 February 999
PredecessorPope John XV
SuccessorPope Sylvester II
Personal details
Birth nameBruno of Carinthia
Bornc. 972
Duchy of Saxony
Died(999-02-18)18 February 999
Other popes named Gregory

Gregory V (Latin: Gregorius Quintius; c. 972-18 February 999), also known as Bruno of Carinthia, was a German priest of the Roman Catholic Church and the 139th Pope from 3 May 996 to 18 February 999.[1]

Early life[change | change source]

Bruno of Carinthia was a son of Otto I, Duke of Carinthia. He was made chaplain of the Holy Roman Emperor Otto III.[2]

Pope[change | change source]

Bruno was elected pope in 996; and he chose to be called Gregory. He was the first German Pope.[3]

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Preceded by
John XV
Succeeded by
Silvester II