Pope Lando

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Pope Lando.jpg
Papacy beganJuly or August 913
Papacy endedFebruary or March 914
PredecessorPope Anastasius III
SuccessorPope John X
Personal details
DiedFebruary or March 914

Pope Lando (913-14) (Latin: Landus; died 914) was the 122nd Pope from July or August in 913 until February or March in 914.[1]

History[change | change source]

Little is known about the short period during which Pope Lando was the head of the church.[2]

Legacy[change | change source]

Lando was to be the last pope with a name that was completely unique until Pope Francis's election. Since then, there has not been another pope with the name Lando.[3]

Until Pope John Paul I in 1978, Pope Lando was the last pope to use a papal name which had not been used by an earlier pope.

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Emblem of the popes
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Preceded by
Anastasius III
Succeeded by
John X