Pope Leo II

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Pope Saint

Leo II
Papacy began17 August 682
Papacy ended28 June 683
SuccessorBenedict II
Personal details
Sicily, Byzantine Empire
Died28 June 683
Rome, Byzantine Empire

Pope Leo II (611 – 28 June 683) was pope of the Catholic Church from 17 August 682 until he died in 28 June 683. He put an end to attempts by the Ravenna archbishops to get away from the control of the Bishop of Rome. He helped the deal for the Ravenna bishops by putting an end to the tax it had been usual for them to pay when they received the pallium.[1] After Agatho died, Leo was elected pope. When Leo died, he was buried in his own monument. After a few years, his remains were moved to a tomb which contained the first four Pope Leos.[2]

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