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Deaths in July 2020

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The following is a list of deaths that should be noted in July 2020. For deaths that should be noted before the month that the world is in, please see "Months". Individuals listed must have notability. Names under each date are noted in the order of the alphabet by last name or pseudonym. Deaths of non-humans are noted here also if it is worth noting.

Each listing of a death must have a source. If no reference is included, the death notice will be removed. The following are the requirements of adding a name to the list in its order: name, age, where they came from, what the person is known for, cause of death (if known) and a source.

July[change | change source]

Hugh Downs
1921 – 2020
Ida Haendel
1928 – 2020
Sir Everton Weekes
1925 – 2020
Ángela Jeria
1926 – 2020
Earl Cameron
1917 – 2020
Saroj Khan
1948 – 2020
Leonardo Villar
1923 – 2020
Martha Rocha
1936 – 2020
Cleveland Eaton
1939 – 2020
Volodymyr Troshkin
1947 – 2020
Charlie Daniels
1936 – 2020
Ronald Graham
1935 – 2020
Ennio Morricone
1928 – 2020
Sergey Zagraevsky
1964 – 2020
Amadou Gon

1959 – 2020
Wayne Mixson
1922 – 2020
Alex Pullin
1987 – 2020
Naya Rivera
1987 – 2020
Flossie Wong-Staal
1947 – 2020
Johnny Beattie
1926 – 2020
Park Won-soon
1956 – 2020
Jack Charlton
1935 – 2020
Miloš Jakeš
1922 – 2020
Paik Sun-yup
1920 – 2020
Olga Tass
1929 – 2020
Gabriella Tucci
1929 – 2020
Frank Popper
1918 – 2020
Kelly Preston
1962 – 2020
Wim Suurbier
1945 – 2020
Lajos Szűcs
1943 – 2020
Grant Imahara
1970 – 2020
Zindzi Mandela
1960 – 2020
Adalet Ağaoğlu
1929 – 2020
Sir Toke Talagi
1951 – 2020
Phyllis Somerville
1943 – 2020
Zenon Grocholewski
1939 – 2020
Zizi Jeanmaire
1924 – 2020
John Lewis
1940 – 2020
Silvio Marzolini
1940 – 2020
Ron Tauranac
1925 – 2020
C. T. Vivian
1924 – 2020
Juan Marsé
1933 – 2020
Haruma Miura
1990 – 2020
Lucio Urtubia
1931 – 2020
Sultan Hashim
1945 – 2020
Sapardi Djoko

1940 – 2020
Nikolai Tanayev
1945 – 2020
Victor Chizhikov
1935 – 2020
Lone Dybkjær
1940 – 2020
Charles Evers
1922 – 2020
Joan Feynman
1927 – 2020
Jacqueline Scott
1932 – 2020
Stuart Wheeler
1935 – 2020
Benjamin Mkapa
1938 – 2020
Regis Philbin
1931 – 2020
Ben Jipcho
1943 – 2020
Azimzhan Askarov
1951 – 2020
Peter Green
1946 – 2020
Bernard Ładysz
1922 – 2020
John Saxon
1935 – 2020
Bill English
1929 – 2020
Hans-Jochen Vogel
1926 – 2020
Owen Arthur
1949 – 2020
Gianrico Tedeschi
1920 – 2020
Gisèle Halimi
1927 – 2020
Joe E. Kernan
1946 – 2020
Herman Cain
1945 – 2020
Lee Teng-hui
1923 – 2020
Gilles Lapouge
1923 – 2020
Sir Alan Parker
1944 – 2020
R. D. Pradhan
1928 – 2020

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Months[change | change source]

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References[change | change source]

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  4. Remembering Max Crook November 2, 1936 - July 1, 2020
  5. Gay Culverhouse, Ex-Bucs President and Player Safety Advocate, Dies at Age 73
  6. American broadcaster Hugh Downs dies at age 99
  7. Morre Luizinho Drumond, presidente da Imperatriz (in Portuguese)
  8. Bill Duplissea, one of the Bay Area’s last Republican legislators, dies at 70
  9. State Assemblyman David Gantt Dies
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  17. Ex-prefeita e ex-deputada estadual Dona Dida morre em João Pessoa (in Portuguese)
  18. Transcom chairman Latifur Rahman dies
  19. L’ancien Premier ministre Emmanuel Rakotovahiny décède Archived 2020-07-02 at the Wayback Machine (in French)
  20. Papst-Bruder Georg Ratzinger ist tot[permanent dead link] (in German)
  21. Bishop Pedro Luis Ronchino
  22. Le documentariste Paul Seban est mort (in French)
  23. Hong Kong director Billy Tang dead at age 69
  24. Mūžībā devies bijušais Daugavpils mērs un Saeimas deputāts Aleksejs Vidavskis (in Latvian)
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  26. Veteran children’s author, Kala Keerthi Sybil Wettasinghe passed away at the age of 93
  27. Ci lascia Paolo Cabras (in Italian)
  28. Members of our Association who have died during 2020
  29. Former Examination Yuan head Chiu Chuang-huan dies at 94
  30. Ole Holsti, beloved professor emeritus, passed away
  31. A los 93 años fallece Ángela Jeria, madre de la expresidenta Michelle Bachelet (in Spanish)
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  34. Internado com covid-19, morre o ex-deputado Wanderley Mariz (in Portuguese)
  35. Bishop Teodoro Enrique Pino Miranda
  36. Tilo Prückner ist tot (in German)
  37. Renowned documentary filmmaker Kevin Rafferty of ‘The Atomic Cafe‘ dies at age 73
  38. Byron ‘Reckful’ Bernstein, Popular Twitch Streamer, Dies at 31
  39. Ronald Schwary, Oscar-Winning Producer of 'Ordinary People,' Dies at 76
  40. Actor & writer Mike Walling dies at 69
  41. 시나리오 작가 겸 영화감독 윤삼육 씨 별세 (in Korean)
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  43. Former Phillies RHP Tyson Brummett dies at 35 in plane crash
  44. "Acting legend Earl Cameron dies aged 102". Archived from the original on 2020-07-03. Retrieved 2020-07-31.
  45. Hermine de Clermont-Tonnerre est morte (in French)
  46. 2 Condemned San Quentin Inmates Die Of Apparent COVID-19 Complications
  47. সাবেক অর্থমন্ত্রী ওয়াহিদুল হকের ইন্তেকাল (in Bengali)
  48. Ace choreographer Saroj Khan dies of cardiac arrest
  49. Fiorentina in lutto: è morto Ardico Magnini, eroe del primo scudetto (in Italian)
  50. Décès du facteur de clavecins Claude Mercier-Ythier (in French)
  51. Figure politique haut-savoyarde Michel Meylan est mort à 81 ans (in French)
  52. World's oldest cat dies aged 31 as heartbroken owner pays tribute
  53. Ator Leonardo Villar morre aos 96 anos (in Portuguese)
  54. Elba Perez-Cinciarelli, former assemblywoman, dies at 76
  55. Emily Howell Warner, Who Broke a Sky-High Glass Ceiling, Dies at 80
  56. Alan S. Becker
  57. Archbishop Angelo Fagiani
  58. Galyon brothers, world’s longest-living conjoined twins from Dayton, die at 68
  59. Brandis Kemp Dies: Actress For ABC’s ‘Fridays’ And ‘AfterMASH’ Was 76
  60. KAC-Tormannlegende Robert Mack gestorben (in German) (subscription required)
  61. Martha Rocha, 1ª Miss Brasil, morre em Niterói, no RJ (in Portuguese)
  62. Morreu Seninho. O ex-jogador do FC Porto que jogou com Pelé e grandes craques (in Portuguese)
  63. Bhakti Charu Swami Passes Away: ISKCON चे प्रमुख गुरु ‘भक्ति चारू स्वामी’ यांनी अमेरिकेत घेतला अखेरचा श्वास; कोरोना विषाणूमुळे झाले निधन (in Marathi)
  64. Earl Thomas, a former Chicago Bears wide receiver and tight end, dies at 71
  65. Veteran actor Mary Twala has died
  66. "Vale Kevin Wickham". Archived from the original on 2020-07-08. Retrieved 2020-07-31.
  67. Egyptian actress dies in coronavirus quarantine hospital
  68. William Walter Barlow
  69. Tributes Paid to Professor Horace Barlow
  70. Sesto piange la scomparsa di Fiorenza Bassoli (in Italian)
  71. Près d'Angers. Léo Bergoffen, dernier rescapé d'Auschwitz en Anjou, s'est éteint (in French)
  72. Nick Cordero, Standout Actor in Broadway Musicals, Dies of COVID-19 Complications at 41
  73. PPP leader Ayatullah Durrani passes away
  74. Alabama-born jazz bassist Cleveland Eaton dies at 80
  75. Bettina Gilois Dies: Award-Winning Screenwriter For ‘Bessie’ And Author
  76. ehnkampf-Olympiasieger Holdorf gestorben (in German)
  77. Addio a Mauro Mellini, tra i fondatori del Partito Radicale (in Italian)
  78. Former Mesquite Mayor John Monaco has died, officials confirm
  79. Décès du comédien Aubert Pallascio (in French)
  80. Brad Pye Jr., Trailblazing Sports Writer and Broadcaster, Passes Away
  81. Legendary Augustana, Geneseo football coach Bob Reade passes away
  82. ‘Ka Juaning,’ NPA cofounder, dies at 89
  83. Grethe Ryen (in Norwegian)
  84. Le chanteur de maloya, Tiloun, est décédé (in French)
  85. Не стало Володимира Трошкіна… (in Ukrainian)
  86. FAREWELL TO SUN'S ROYAL ACE Sun royal expert and author Judy Wade dies aged 81
  87. Accident kills Ashoka Wadigamangawa
  88. Former Delhi MLA and convict in 1984 anti-Sikh riots case dies of Covid-19
  89. Ex-APC NWC Member, Inuwa Abdulkadir, Is Dead
  90. Murió Rosario Bléfari: La música, actriz y escritora que representó a toda una generación (in Spanish)
  91. Mor l’actriu Carme Contreras, la Roser del Cor de la Ciutat i la veu d’ET (in Catalan)
  92. Country Music Hall of Fame member Charlie Daniels dies at 83
  93. Odisha MLA Bishnu Charan Das No More
  94. Katie Grays Dorsett
  95. Ronald Graham, 1935-2020
  96. Andrew Kishore, celebrated playback singer, dies at 64
  97. Pēc smagas slimības miris dzejnieks Juris Kronbergs (in Latvian)
  98. Addio a Ennio Morricone (in Italian)
  99. Bishop Zithulele Patrick Mvemve
  100. Nie żyje Zdzisław Myrda, były reprezentant Polski w koszykówce, olimpijczyk, legenda Resovii, odznaczony Brązowym Krzyżem Zasługi (in Polish)
  101. Vale Mark Naley: little man, big mark
  102. Wir trauern um Freya Pausewang (in German)
  103. Zmarła Barbara Pec-Ślesicka (in Polish)
  104. Toto: morto Joe Porcaro Archived 2020-08-09 at the Wayback Machine (in Italian)
  105. Calcio in lutto, è morto Giuseppe Rizza: l’ex Juve aveva 33 anni (in Italian)
  106. Murió Osvaldo “Chiche” Sosa, ex DT de Talleres (in Spanish)
  107. Marta Stebnicka is dead. She was 95 years old
  108. Преминуо Зоран Стојковић (in Serbian)
  109. Умер художник и писатель Сергей Заграевский (in Russian)
  110. Murió el diputado Hernán Alemán por covid-19 Archived 2020-07-07 at the Wayback Machine (in Spanish)
  111. Falleció Dannes Coronel, histórico del CS Emelec (in Spanish)
  112. Toledo Rockets DL Jahneil Douglas, 22, dies after being shot outside of pizza restaurant
  113. Harrower, Elizabeth (1928–2020)
  114. Western Cape municipal mayor dies from Covid-19
  115. Musiker Henry Krtschil 87-jährig in Berlin gestorben (in German)
  116. Mary Kay Letourneau Dies of Cancer at 58
  117. Bill Ramsey: Former Great Britain, Leeds and Hull forward dies, age 76
  118. Juan Rosai, MD, a Pioneer in Pathology, Dies at 79
  119. Ex-speaker of Parliament of Kyrgyzstan Chynybai Tursunbekov passes away
  120. Wölfi Voss, Geb. Mönning
  121. 历史学家、华东师范大学终身教授王家范今晨逝世 (in Chinese)
  122. Norman Louis Allinger
  123. Falleció el ´negrito fullero´ Daniel Alvarado tras sufrir un accidente doméstico (in Spanish)
  124. Muere alcaldesa de Yucatán por COVID-19 (in Spanish)
  125. "The CEO and President of MSI, Sheng-Chang Chiang leaves us at the age of 56 years". Archived from the original on 2020-07-08. Retrieved 2020-07-31.
  126. Ivory Coast's prime minister Amadou Gon Coulibaly dies at 61
  127. Lambert 'Bertie' Croux (in Dutch)
  128. Fallece a los 83 años Ramón Escobar, el alcalde de Segovia que cerró el tráfico por el Acueducto (in Spanish)
  129. 'Sholay' Actor & Jaaved Jaaferi's Father Jagdeep Passes Away At 81
  130. Finn Christian Jagge er død (in Norwegian)
  131. Former Florida governor Wayne Mixson dies
  132. Eldon A. Money
  133. Former KwaDukuza mayor Ricardo Mthembu dies in ICU
  134. Fallece Santiago Nsobeya Efuman Nchama, Vicepresidente Primero del Congreso de Diputados de Guinea Ecuatorial (in Spanish)
  135. "Ranking Lawmaker and CDC Stalwart, Rep. Munah Pelham-Youngblood, Dies". Archived from the original on 2020-08-12. Retrieved 2020-07-31.
  136. Bishop José Antonio Pérez Sánchez, O.F.M.
  137. ASU’s fifth president, Dr. Ross Pritchard, has passed away
  138. Olympic snowboarder Alex 'Chumpy' Pullin dies off Gold Coast beach
  139. Jane Lynch, Chris Colfer and More Hollywood Stars Pay Tribute to Naya Rivera
  140. Décès de Abdelmajid Tlemçani (in French)
  141. Brad Watson, whose writing turned an unflinching gaze toward life, dies at 64 (subscription required)
  142. ‘Ray of hope’ rabbi who made the world laugh dies aged 93; State rabbi William Wolff dies aged 93 (in German)
  143. Flossie Wong-Staal, pioneering UCSD virologist who helped identify AIDS cause, dies
  144. Falleció el maestro de actores Agustín Alezzo después de pasar un mes internado con coronavirus (in Spanish)
  145. Johnny Beattie dead as Scottish comedy and acting legend passes away aged 93
  146. Bob Clark remembered for longtime community service
  147. Hommage à Roland Desné (in French)
  148. Mort de Jean-François Garreaud, acteur de "Plus Belle La Vie" et "La Crim" (in French)
  149. Theatre director Ranjon Ghosal passes away
  150. وفاة حارس مرمى عراقي في ظروف غامضة (in Arabic)
  151. Former minister Sahara Khatun dies in Thailand
  152. Fallece Irma Lanzas, tesorera de la Academia Salvadoreña de la Lengua (in Spanish)
  153. Murió Silvia Martínez, esposa de Memo Luján (in Spanish)
  154. Bruce Nestande, three-term California Assemblyman, dies at age 82
  155. 박원순 서울시장 북악산 숙정문 인근서 숨진 채 발견 (in Korean)
  156. Former national footballer Hafiz Rahim, 36, dies after traffic accident
  157. Умер Владимир Сальков (in Russian)
  158. E’ scomparso Lino Sentimenti (in Italian)
  159. 流体力学家童秉纲院士逝世 (in Chinese)
  160. Aude : l'ancien député Joseph Vidal est décédé (in French)
  161. Acton, Ben Maxwell
  162. World-Renowned Evangelist Morris Cerullo Passes Away at 88
  163. প্রবাসেই প্রয়াত জীববিজ্ঞানী আনন্দমোহন চক্রবর্তী (in Bengali)
  164. Jack Charlton: England and Leeds United legend dies aged 85
  165. Dolor en el mundo del fútbol: murió de coronavirus un histórico técnico del Ascenso (in Spanish)
  166. Former Springbok wing dies of Covid-19 complications
  167. Vikas Dubey: India gangster shot dead after arrest
  168. Trumpeter Eddie Gale has died
  169. Zemřel Miloš Jakeš (in Czech)
  170. وفاة النائبة غيداء كمبش بسبب فايروس كورونا (in Arabic)
  171. "Fidesz Lawmaker Koncz Dies in Road Accident". Archived from the original on 2020-07-13. Retrieved 2020-07-31.
  172. Почина великият български щангист Антонио Кръстев (in Bulgarian)
  173. Mor l'escriptor i professor lleidatà Pep Mòdol (in Catalan)
  174. Korean War hero Paik Sun-yup dies at 99
  175. وفاة الفنان محمود رضا أشهر مصمم رقصات مصرى عن عمر يناهز 90 عاما (in Arabic)
  176. Longtime Phillies coach ‘Irish’ Mike Ryan dies, 78
  177. Morre o ex-deputado Alfredo Sirkis (in Portuguese)
  178. Vermont Musician Gordon Stone Has Died
  179. Gyász: elhunyt az olimpiai bajnok Tass Olga (in Hungarian)
  180. Nachruf Prof. Dr. Michael M. Richter (in German)
  181. Shorttrackster Lara van Ruijven (27) overleden (in Dutch)
  182. Journalism trailblazer and television presenter Genevieve Westcott dies
  183. Ed Wild
  184. ‘Mr. Magic’ of WMC-TV’s ‘Magicland’ dies at age 92
  185. Renowned ceramic artist Jyotsna Bhatt passes away
  186. Mobile baseball legend Frank Bolling dies at 88
  187. Robert Gnaizda
  188. Former Buffalo Bishop Edward Kmiec dies
  189. ဦးပဉ္ဇင်း ဦးကိတ္တိသာရ (မင်းသားကြီး (ဦး) ကျော်ဟိန်း) ရဲ့ သမီး မခင်ခင်ခ နဲ့ ဘီဘီစီ ဆက်သွယ်မေးမြန်းချက် (in Burmese)
  190. Nicholas Lash dies aged 86
  191. Malaysian zoology pioneer Dr Lim Boo Liat dies at 94
  192. Florence Littauer April 27, 1928-July 11, 2020
  193. Mary Miller obituary
  194. "Canadian Musician Rich 'Rock' Priske Dies At 52". Archived from the original on 2020-07-14. Retrieved 2020-07-31.
  195. Si è spento a 90 anni il soprano Gabriella Tucci (in Italian)
  196. "Donald Francis Whiston". Archived from the original on 2021-12-26. Retrieved 2020-07-31.
  197. The life and times of Aboriginal rights champion and political trailblazer John Ah Kit, dead at 69
  198. Swamp pop legend Rod Bernard dies
  199. Steve Bouchie, 1979 Indiana Mr. Basketball and 1981 NCAA champion, has died
  200. Muere el actor Raymundo Capetillo; estaba hospitalizado por coronavirus (in Spanish)
  201. Joanna Cole, Author of 'The Magic School Bus' Book Series, Dies at 75
  202. Original Fairport Convention singer Judy Dyble dead at 71
  203. Somalia: Former Prime Minister Hassan Farah Passes in Turkey
  204. ACU baseball legend Bill Gilbreth, 72, dies
  205. Почина милионерът-филантроп Игнат Канев (in Bulgarian)
  206. Lisa Marie Presley's Son Benjamin Keough Dead at 27
  207. Ex-deputado Nelson Meurer morre aos 77 anos vítima de COVID-19 (in Portuguese)
  208. "Manuel 'Matty' Moroun, owner of Ambassador Bridge, dead at 93". Archived from the original on 2020-07-13. Retrieved 2020-07-31.
  209. FRank Popper (1918-2020)
  210. Kelly Preston Dies of Breast Cancer at 57: 'She Was a Bright, Beautiful and Loving Soul'
  211. Sahlgrenskas styrelseorförande Henrik Ripa har avlidit (in Swedish)
  212. Critic, columnist Sanghvi dies at 100
  213. Eleanor Sokoloff, 106, who taught at Curtis Institute for more than eight decades, dies
  214. Ajax and Netherlands legend Wim Suurbier dies aged 75
  215. Meghalt Szűcs Lajos (in Hungarian)
  216. بعد رحلة علاج فى مصر.. وفاة وزير يمنى أسبق متأثرا بإصابته بكورونا (in Arabic)
  217. Falleció Luis Arias, exministro y comisionado de la CVR (in Spanish)
  218. Jamuna Group chairman Babul dies of COVID-19
  219. Челышев Евгений Петрович (in Russian)
  220. Chuck Hulse 1927–2020
  221. Chittagong Archbishop Moses M Costa no more
  222. Décès de Bernard Cottret, historien français (in French)
  223. لاعب المنتخب الوطني الأسبق حميد دحان في ذمة الله (in Arabic)
  224. Grant Imahara, Host of 'MythBusters' and 'White Rabbit Project,' Dies at 49
  225. Fallece el obispo emérito de Astorga, Camilo Lorenzo Iglesias Archived 2020-07-14 at the Wayback Machine (in Spanish)
  226. Zindzi Mandela has passed away aged 59
  227. Former Motherwell star Pat Quinn has passed away
  228. Debendra Nath Roy: Senior BJP leader Debendra Nath Ray found hanging in North Dinajpur
  229. VRT-correspondent Roger Simons (93) overleden (in Dutch)
  230. 曾毅院士逝世 (in Chinese)
  231. Son dakika... Yazar Adalet Ağaoğlu hayatını kaybetti (in Turkish)
  232. Remembering former IU women’s basketball coach Bea Gorton
  233. Azerbaijan general among troops killed in Armenia border clash
  234. Hutton
  235. Former Navy chief dies of COVID-19
  236. Al. Rep Ronald Johnson, longest serving member of the house, dies at age 76
  237. First Czech Culture Minister Jindřich Kabát dies aged 67
  238. От коронавирусной инфекции умер Цезарь Короленко (in Russian)
  239. US carries out first federal execution in 17 years after Supreme Court clears the way
  240. Triste nouvelle: J.J. Lionel, l’interprète de la «Danse des canards», est décédé (in French)
  241. Ron de Lugo, the Longest Serving V.I. Delegate to Congress, Died Today. He Was 89.
  242. María Lugones (1944-2020)
  243. Neonazi-Opfer Noël Martin gestorben (in German)
  244. Alexander "Mac" A. McCool Jr.
  245. ابوالقاسم سرحدی‌زاده، نماینده مجلس و وزیر کار سابق، درگذشت (in Persian)
  246. Щойно відійшов до Господа наш батько…. (in Ukrainian)
  247. BNP leader Shahjahan Siraj dies
  248. Addio a Carlotta Barilli, attrice di cinema, radio e tv (in Italian)
  249. Severino Cavalcanti, ex-presidente da Câmara dos Deputados, morre no Recife aos 89 anos (in Portuguese)
  250. «Добрый и отзывчивый человек»: умер оператор «Бриллиантовой руки» Игорь Черных (in Russian)
  251. Paul Fusco: 1930 – 2020
  252. Oud-bewindsman Louw de Graaf van het CDA overleden Archived 2020-07-24 at the Wayback Machine (in Dutch)
  253. Galyn Gorg è morta: la ballerina di “Fantastico” avrebbe compiuto proprio oggi 56 anni. La Cuccarini: «Non ci posso credere» (in Italian)
  254. David Kaiser, Rockefeller Heir Who Fought Exxon Mobil, Dies at 50
  255. ‘Laat het paradijs maar komen', stadsprediker Arnol Kox (67) overleden (in Dutch)
  256. Catholic Archbishop of Mobile passes away after fight with COVID-19
  257. Muere la actriz Victoria Rodríguez, viuda de Buero Vallejo Madrid (in Spanish)
  258. Maurice Roëves dead: Doctor Who actor passes away aged 83
  259. Covid-19: Bolivia, muore il vescovo di El Alto Eugenio Scarpellini (in Italian)
  260. Renowned Guyanese archaeologist and artist George Simon passes away
  261. Sir Toke Talagi, longtime premier of Niue, dies[permanent dead link]
  262. Edmonton-born SNFU frontman Ken Chinn (aka Mr. Chi Pig) dead at age 57
  263. Regent Cote (Roger)
  264. Legendary Foreign Correspondent Chris Dickey Dies in Paris (subscription required)
  265. Time Out founder Tony Elliott dies
  266. "Mason Gaffney: A Tribute From RSF" (PDF). Archived from the original (PDF) on 2020-07-24. Retrieved 2020-07-31.
  267. Former Australian Test cricketer Barry Jarman dies aged 84
  268. Eiga kantoku Morisaki Azuma-san shikyo (in Japanese)
  269. Umpire Rick Reed, who worked 1991 World Series, dies at 70
  270. Phyllis Somerville Dies: Actress In ‘The Big C’, Broadway’s ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ Was 76
  271. Phillies fan-favorite, defensive whiz Tony Taylor, 84, dies
  272. Серебряный призер МЧМ и экс-игрок «Вашингтона» Тезиков скончался в возрасте 42 лет. Ему стало плохо на улице (in Russian)
  273. Legendary drummer, Tulsa native Jamie Oldaker dies at 68
  274. Jonathan Oppenheim, 'Paris Is Burning' Editor, Dies at 67
  275. Muere por coronavirus el popular cantautor dominicano Víctor Víctor (in Spanish)
  276. Mantan Bupati Gorontalo David Bobihoe Akib Meninggal Dunia (in Indonesian)
  277. Former World Junior Skating Champion Alexandrovskaya Dies
  278. Professor Emajuddin Ahmed dies
  279. Jornalista José Paulo de Andrade morre aos 78 anos em SP após ser diagnosticado com COVID-19 (in Portuguese)
  280. Politica in lutto: è morto l'ex sottosegretario Gianfranco Anedda (in Italian)
  281. Algérie : l'ancien ministre Moussa Benhamadi meurt en détention du Covid-19 (in French)
  282. Brigid Berlin, Artist Who Assiduously Documented Warhol’s Factory, Is Dead at 80
  283. Bishop Pierre-Marie Coty
  284. Alex Dawson dead: Busby Babe hero and former Man Utd striker dies aged 80
  285. Seyfi Dursunoğlu hayata veda etti[permanent dead link] (in Turkish)
  286. Kardinal Zenon Grocholewski ist tot. Ein enger Mitarbeiter von Johannes Paul II. Starb Archived 2020-07-18 at the Wayback Machine (in German)
  287. È morta Zizi Jeanmaire, danzatrice e showgirl, moglie di Roland Petit (in Italian)
  288. Georgia congressman and civil rights icon John Lewis has died at age 80
  289. Legendary WOAY broadcaster and State Senator Shirley Love passes away
  290. Відійшов у вічність легендарний захисник Динамо 1970-1980-х (in Ukrainian)
  291. Murió Silvio Marzolini, una leyenda del fútbol argentino (in Spanish)
  292. "Bishop John Neale RIP". Archived from the original on 2020-07-20. Retrieved 2020-07-31.
  293. Ontwerper Nissan 240Z overleden (in Dutch)
  294. J. I. Packer (1926–2020)
  295. The Rev Prebendary Bill Scott
  296. C.S. Seshadri, a leader in algebraic geometry
  297. Michael Silverstein, groundbreaking anthropologist and linguist, 1945-2020
  298. "Andrzej Strzelecki – Theater died". Archived from the original on 2020-07-24. Retrieved 2020-07-31.
  299. Ron Tauranac passes away aged 95
  300. "C.T. Vivian, civil rights hero and intellectual, dead at 95". Archived from the original on 2020-07-17. Retrieved 2020-07-31.
  301. Nie żyje Marian Więckowski (in Polish)
  302. Litterateur ‘Lato Sathi’ passes away at 74
  303. René ‘Black Panther’ Carmans (75) overleden: “Hij was bijna doelman bij de nationale ploeg maar ene Jean Marie Pfaff stak er een stokje voor” (in Dutch)
  304. Renowned SA actress Elize Cawood dies
  305. RIP Derek Ho
  306. Molecular Imaging Pioneer Sam Gambhir Passes Away
  307. Father Raymond James Hannigan
  308. Katherine Hoffman, ‘Eternal’ Florida State Figure, Dies at 105
  309. Higher courts rebuff late legal efforts, Iowan Dustin Honken put to death
  310. Former whip Md Ashraf Hossain dies
  311. Умер казахстанский писатель и государственный деятель Мырзагельды Кемел (in Russian)
  312. Boško Marinko
  313. Muere el escritor Juan Marsé (in Spanish)
  314. Ex-Iran weightlifter Mirzaei passes away
  315. ANC MP Martha Mmola dies due to Covid-19 related illness
  316. 30-year-old actor Haruma Miura found dead at home
  317. La Châtre : Cécile Reims, ancienne résistante et graveuse de renom, est morte à 92 ans (in French)
  318. Taiteilija Jope Ruonansuu on kuollut (in Finnish)
  319. Bilibid inmate Jaybee Sebastian, key prison drug trade witness, dies of COVID-19
  320. alece o bispo da diocese de Palmares (PE), dom Henrique Soares da Costa (in Portuguese)
  321. Oldest Filipino bishop dies at age 96
  322. Sculptor Keith Sonnier, America’s Experimental Poet of Light and Neon, Has Died at Age 78
  323. Baba Ibrahim Suma-Keita
  324. Fallece el navarro Lucio Urtubia, histórico militante anarquista (in Spanish)
  325. Former Flying Fijian dies at 43
  326. تلفزيون الناصرية: وفاة وزير الدفاع الاسبق سلطان هاشم في سجن الحوت Archived 2021-08-07 at the Wayback Machine (in Arabic)
  327. "Gambia Legend Momodou Njie 'Biri Biri' Dies after Long illness". Archived from the original on 2020-07-19. Retrieved 2020-07-31.
  328. Bruce G. Blair, acclaimed expert on the risks of nuclear war, dies at 72
  329. Décès de l’ancien ministre David Cliche (in French)
  330. È morta Giulia Maria Crespi: una vita per l'ambiente Archived 2020-07-21 at the Wayback Machine (in Italian)
  331. Sonia Darrin, Femme Fatale in Bogart's 'The Big Sleep,' Dies at 96
  332. L’ancien premier ministre ivoirien, Seydou Diarra, est mort (in French)
  333. Bishop Louis Dicaire
  334. Penyair Sapardi Djoko Damono Meninggal Dunia (in Indonesian)
  335. Zmarł Mikołaj Kubica Archived 2020-07-21 at the Wayback Machine (in Polish)
  336. Former Canucks defenceman Jack McIlhargey passes away at age 68
  337. Addio all’architetto Meneghetti, docente al Politecnico di Milano e direttore dell'istituto di Urbanistica (in Italian)
  338. Morto a 104 anni Ottaviani recordman di atletica master e campione di ottimismo: Marche in lutto (in Italian)
  339. Emitt Rhodes Dead at 70
  340. У ДТП під Мукачевом загинув футбольний тренер Віктор Ряшко (in Ukrainian)
  341. Voorzitter voetbalbond Bolivia overleden aan coronavirus (in Dutch)
  342. Olimpiai érmeseink - Séllyei István
  343. Экс-премьер-министр Николай Танаев дүйнөдөн кайтты (in Kyrgyz)
  344. "Former UJ rector dies at 79". Archived from the original on 2020-07-19. Retrieved 2020-07-31.
  345. "Ex CJ IHC Justice Sardar Muhammad Aslam passes away". Archived from the original on 2020-07-20. Retrieved 2020-07-31.
  346. Former L.A. City Councilman Hal Bernson dies at 89
  347. Progressives mourn the loss of political commentator Michael Brooks
  348. "Died Creator of the bear Misha mascot of Moscow Olympic games 1980". Archived from the original on 2020-07-24. Retrieved 2020-07-31.
  349. Ross Philip (Ross) Dallow MNZM QPM NZSSM (Erebus)
  350. Esther Salas case: 'Feminazi' rants of lawyer who shot judge's family
  351. Lone Dybkjær er død (in Danish)
  352. Actor Bijay Mohanty no more
  353. Canadian Wall of Famer Doug Rogers Passes Away
  354. "Retired AP correspondent Arthur Rotstein dies from COVID-19". Archived from the original on 2020-07-21. Retrieved 2020-07-31.
  355. Veteran socialist leader and Lok Sabha member Ram Awadesh Singh passes away at a private hospital in Patna
  356. Trauer um die „Hexe von der Kö“ (in German)
  357. CDU-Gründungsmitglied gestorben: Günter-Helge Strickstrack ist tot (in German)
  358. Former Tiger Shane Tuck passes away
  359. Exministro Jorge Villavicencio muere por covid-19 (in Spanish)
  360. François Amoudruz, l'infatigable passeur de mémoir (in French)
  361. Beloved Jamaican Singer Dobby Dobson Dies At 78
  362. Suka K. Frederiksen er død (in Danish)
  363. 哀悼!“大先生”李吉均院士逝世 (in Chinese)
  364. Ballarat in mourning after Olympian Margaret McIver dies, aged 86
  365. Anti-apartheid stalwart Andrew Mlangeni has died
  366. "Napier". Archived from the original on 2020-07-28. Retrieved 2020-07-31.
  367. Muere el académico de la RAE Francisco Rodríguez Adrados (in Spanish)
  368. ‘Twisted’ lyricist, vocalese pioneer Annie Ross has Died
  369. England Grand Slam winner Mike Slemen has passed away aged 69
  370. Tim Smith (Cardiacs) RIP
  371. Prof.Mr. W. (Wouter) Snijders (in Dutch)
  372. Madhya Pradesh Governor Lalji Tandon dies
  373. Designer and David Bowie collaborator Kansai Yamamoto dies aged 76
  374. Voormalig doelman FC Eindhoven en Helmond Sport Jos Bax (74) overleden (in Dutch)
  375. Θρήνος στον Ηρακλή! Πέθανε ο Χαλιαμπάλιας (in Greek)
  376. È morto Dino De Poli: la sua Fondazione Cassamarca cambiò il volto di Treviso (in Italian)
  377. In Memoriam Olympiër Charles Dewachtere (in Dutch)
  378. "Civil rights leader and political figure Charles Evers passes away at 97". Archived from the original on 2020-07-23. Retrieved 2020-07-31.
  379. Умер митрополит Евлогий Archived 2020-07-24 at Archive.today (in Russian)
  380. Joan Feynman
  381. Скончался советский хоккеист Александр Гусев (in Russian)
  382. Former Steeler, Pitt-Johnstown wrestler Carlton Haselrig dies at 54, coroner says
  383. В Подмосковье нашли мертвым олимпийского чемпиона по вольной борьбе Александра Иваницкого (in Russian)
  384. Oval ace Ralph Liguori dies at 93
  385. O’Neill extends condolences at death of Tom Mitchell
  386. Former UConn basketball star Stanley Robinson dead at 32 years old
  387. L’ancien lanceur des Expos Bob Sebra est décédé[permanent dead link] (in French)
  388. Priest who survived Maute captivity passes away
  389. Morto l'esperto in diritto internazionale Luzius Wildhaber (in Italian)
  390. Mike Adams Dead: Pro Life Activist & Political Columnist Dies at 55
  391. Former Oklahoma Head Coach John Blake Dead At 59
  392. Jean Brankart, tweede in Tour 1955, op 90-jarige leeftijd overleden Archived 2020-07-24 at the Wayback Machine (in Dutch)
  393. Eric de Cromières, président du club de rugby de Clermont, est mort (in French)
  394. Harvard Economics Professor Emmanuel Farhi Dies ‘Unexpectedly’ at 41
  395. Joseph Jerome Farris
  396. Former Hatters Defender Passes Away - RIP Alan Garner
  397. Legendary Big Ten Conference Athlete Has Died At 73
  398. Head of Ecija’s most known pol clan, Tomas Joson III, dies at 72
  399. In memoriam Jurriaan Koolen Archived 2020-08-08 at the Wayback Machine (in Dutch)
  400. LSU Mourns the Passing of Internationally Renowned Professor E. Ward Plummer
  401. Meie seast lahkus 96-aastasena näitleja Leida Rammo
  402. Morre no Rio o cantor e compositor Sérgio Ricardo Archived 2020-07-26 at the Wayback Machine (in Portuguese)
  403. Fallece José Said, socio y presidente de Parque Arauco y Scotiabank Chile (in Spanish)
  404. Morto il biologo e genetista Paolo Sassone-Corsi (in Italian)
  405. Jacqueline Scott, Actress in 'The Fugitive' and 'Charley Varrick,' Dies at 89
  406. Le chanteur rock Dominic Sonic s'est éteint (in French)
  407. Jerry Taft, ABC7 meteorologist for 33 years, dies at 77
  408. Stuart Wheeler, spread-betting mogul who became a leading donor to the Conservative Party – obituary
  409. Paulette Wilson: Windrush campaigner who faced deportation dies aged 64
  410. Умерла автор «манифеста антиперестроечных сил» Нина Андреева (in Russian)
  411. Le poète Claude Beausoleil s'éteint (in French)
  412. Elizabeth 'Bo' Black, 74, guided Summerfest in its early years and helped make it an international juggernaut
  413. Former Senate President Dick Bond passes away
  414. E' morto Maurizio Calvesi. Fu amico di Piero Guccione (in Italian)
  415. Rene Carpenter, Astronaut’s Wife Who Broke NASA Mold, Dies at 92 (subscription required)
  416. Disparition de Janine Despinette, spécialiste de la littérature jeunesse (in French)
  417. Addio a Roberto Draghetti (in Italian)
  418. David Hagen: Tributes paid to former Rangers, Hearts and Falkirk player who has died at 47
  419. Ben Jipcho, Olympic silver medalist who played role in 1968 upset of Jim Ryun, dies at 77
  420. Décès du chorégraphe Nejib Ben Khalfallah (in French)
  421. Morre Mário Maffei, ex-prefeito de São Carlos (in Portuguese)
  422. La disparition de Claude-Gérard Marcus Archived 2020-09-28 at the Wayback Machine (in French)
  423. Tanzania's former President Benjamin William Mkapa has died
  424. "Former Defence minister Kundi Paihama dies". Archived from the original on 2020-07-26. Retrieved 2020-07-31.
  425. Catholic Church Southern Africa Mourns the Passing on of Archbishop Emeritus Bernard Mohlalisi, omi of Maseru – Lesotho
  426. Regis Philbin, Legendary Television Host, Dies at 88
  427. A los 77 años muere Lotty Rosenfeld, la artista que dibujó cruces contra el poder (in Spanish)
  428. Renowned danseuse Amala Shankar passes away in Kolkata
  429. Regiojournalist en basketbalicoon Paul Van Roy (88) overleden (in Dutch)
  430. Oud-CVP-politicus Jan Verroken (103) overleden (in Dutch)
  431. 一生扎根三峡,被称为“工地院士”,中国工程院院士、长江委原总工郑守仁逝世 (in Chinese)
  432. Sentenced to life imprisonment Azimzhan Askarov dies in prison
  433. Travlegendaren Jim Frick är död (in Swedish)
  434. Peter Green death: Fleetwood Mac co-founder dies aged 73
  435. Fallece Flor Isava, la eterna dama del olimpismo venezolano (in Spanish)
  436. https://ew.com/movies/gone-with-the-wind-star-olivia-de-havilland-dies-at-104/ 'Gone With the Wind' star Olivia de Havilland dies at 104]
  437. Lou Henson, who led Illinois basketball to the 1989 Final Four, dies at 88
  438. Nie żyje śpiewak Bernard Ładysz (in Polish)
  439. E' morto Giulio Maceratini, protagonista della destra italiana (in Italian)
  440. Ex-deputado José Mentor (PT) morre aos 71 anos após ser vítima de coronavírus em SP, diz partido (in Portuguese)
  441. Maurice Petty, NASCAR Hall of Fame engine builder, dies
  442. John Saxon, 'Enter the Dragon,' 'Nightmare on Elm Street' Actor, Dies at 83
  443. Shack, four-time Cup-winner, dies at 83
  444. In Memoriam: Janell Smith, 5/3/1947 - 7/25/2020
  445. Morto il senatore Luciano Fabio Stirati, il ricordo del presidente della Provincia di Perugia (in Italian)
  446. "Former Kootenay-Columbia MP Jim Abbott passes away". Archived from the original on 2020-07-27. Retrieved 2020-07-31.
  447. Loss of a Leader: WHDH owner Ed Ansin passes away at 84
  448. Bishop Rafael Barraza Sánchez
  449. R. Stephen Berry, Innovative Chemist and Energy Policy Advocate, 1931-2020
  450. Alain Cacheux, ancien député PS et figure socialiste du Nord, est décédé (in French)
  451. Olivia de Havilland, star of Gone with the Wind, dies at 104
  452. Column: Bill English, wizard behind the scenes of seminal computer technologies, dies at 91
  453. "The historical leader of the PCE Paco Frutos dies at 80". Archived from the original on 2020-07-27. Retrieved 2020-07-31.
  454. Morta a Torino l’attrice Claudia Giannotti (in Italian)
  455. Oud-burgemeester van Bergen Dick Klaverdijk overleden (in Dutch)
  456. Guy Lutgen, ancien ministre et bourgmestre de Bastogne, est mort (in French)
  457. Legendary BBC Radio Wales DJ Chris Needs has died
  458. Fallece Lluís Serrahima, uno de los padres de la Nova Cançó (in Spanish)
  459. Germany: Ex-SPD leader Hans-Jochen Vogel dies
  460. We are greatly saddened by the death of the brilliant progressive heterodox economist John Weeks on 26 July
  461. "Williams". Archived from the original on 2020-08-08. Retrieved 2020-07-31.
  462. AL MP Israfil Alam dies following Covid-19 infection
  463. Former Barbados Prime Minister Owen Arthur Has Died
  464. Former Bloc MP Bernard Cleary, strong defender of Indigenous rights, has died at 83
  465. Fallece Marcelo Elío Chávez, expresidente de la Cámara de Diputados (in Spanish)
  466. Guinness
  467. Olympian and former Hong Kong 400m record-holder William Hill dies at 75
  468. Vernon Parish political icon Frank Howard passes away
  469. Denise Johnson, singer with Primal Scream, dies aged 53
  470. Отиде си детската писателка Кина Къдрева (in Bulgarian)
  471. Elhunyt Kósáné Kovács Magda (in Hungarian)
  472. Olympian Asad Malik passes away[permanent dead link]
  473. Miss Mercy, Frank Zappa Muse and GTO Co-Founder, Dead at 71
  474. Zemřel herec Jan Skopeček (in Czech)
  475. Khalil Taha
  476. E' morto Gianrico Tedeschi (in Italian)
  477. Александр Аксинин скончался на 66-м году жизни (in Russian)
  478. Pinoy na 'World's Shortest Man', pumanaw na (in Tagalog)
  479. Morto Angelo Carossino, ex presidente Regione Liguria (in Italian)
  480. Bent Fabricius-Bjerre er død
  481. Avocate et figure féministe, Gisèle Halimi est morte (in French)
  482. Wolves mourn the loss of hero Gerry Harris
  483. Oud-PvdA kamerlid Martin Konings overleden[permanent dead link] (in Dutch)
  484. 86 की उम्र में अभिनेत्री कुमकुम का निधन, किशोर कुमार और गुरु दत्त के संग किया था काम (in Hindi)
  485. Veteran Telugu Actor, Writer Raavi Kondala Rao No More[permanent dead link]
  486. Pro-Asylgründer Herbert Leuninger gestorben Anwalt und Lautsprecher für Flüchtlinge (in German)
  487. "Former Red Sox manager John McNamara has died". Archived from the original on 2020-07-30. Retrieved 2020-07-31.
  488. "Delco Hometown Hero Nicholas Micozzie Dead at 89". Archived from the original on 2020-08-06. Retrieved 2020-07-31.
  489. Joseph Moingt, le jésuite qui ne pouvait s'empêcher de vivre Archived 2020-07-31 at the Wayback Machine (in French)
  490. Turning Point USA co-founder dies of coronavirus-related complications
  491. Paul Morin, ancien maire de Bourg-en-Bresse et résistant, est décédé (in French)
  492. Ex-Wizards, Capitals co-owner Irene Pollin dies at 96
  493. Diana Russell
  494. Reese Schonfeld, CNN's founding president, has died at 88
  495. Collingwood club great Terry Waters passes away after cancer battle
  496. Malik B Of The Roots Has Reportedly Died At 47
  497. Kittie Blakemore, pioneer for women’s basketball at WVU, dies at 91
  498. Od Covida-19 umro BiH ministar: Stanje mu se pogoršalo prije 10 dana, bio je na respiratoru (in Croatian)
  499. L’ancien garde des Sceaux Albin Chalandon est mort à l’âge de 100 ans (in French)
  500. Senator Ayo Fasanmi, Afenifere leader, dies at 94
  501. На 69-м году ушел из жизни выдающийся гандболист сборной СССР и ЦСКА, победитель Олимпийских игр и чемпионата мира Анатолий Федюкин (in Russian)
  502. Longtime college baseball coach Mike Gillespie dies at 80
  503. "Former Connecticut gubernatorial candidate Oz Griebel dies after accident". Archived from the original on 2020-07-31. Retrieved 2020-07-31.
  504. Rugby: All Blacks legend Andy Haden loses battle with cancer
  505. Former Indiana governor, South Bend mayor Joe Kernan dead at age 74
  506. Spiders Hall-of-Famer McCurdy Dies at 68
  507. Mark V. Meierhenry
  508. Fallece exalcalde de Valparaíso Hernán Pinto por complicaciones derivadas del Covid-19 (in Spanish)
  509. Producer Andre Ptaszynski has died aged 67
  510. Former MPP David Ramsay passes away
  511. Sastrawan Ajip Rosidi Dikabarkan Meninggal Dunia, Sempat Dirawat di Rumah Sakit (in Indonesian)
  512. Lands Minister Perrance Shiri Has Died
  513. Le célèbre sculpteur Toros est décédé (in French)
  514. Don Townsend: 1930-2020
  515. Karen
  516. Maarten Biesheuvel overleden (in Dutch)
  517. Former GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain dies after battle with coronavirus
  518. Connie Culp, recipient of first face transplant in US at Cleveland Clinic, dies at 57
  519. Former Sen. Bob Dearing dies at 85
  520. Lee Teng-hui, Taiwan's 'Father of Democracy,' dies at 97
  521. Porridge and Open All Hours producer Sydney Lotterby dies aged 93
  522. West Bengal Congress president Somendranath Mitra passes away
  523. Murió el cantante Juan “Corazón” Ramón: tenía 80 años y padecía una pulmonía (in Spanish)
  524. Décès de Mark « Rollerball » Rocco à l’âge de 69 ans (in French)
  525. Fallece exalcalde de Viña del Mar Jorge Santibáñez a los 86 años: se declaró duelo comunal (in Spanish)
  526. Umrla je tekaška legenda Helena Žigon (in Slovene)
  527. Mike Clark Dies: Longtime USA Today Film Critic Was 73
  528. "CIAA legend, ABA/NBAer Mike Gale passes away". Archived from the original on 2020-08-01. Retrieved 2020-07-31.
  529. Sa Kandasamy, Tamil writer and documentary filmmaker, dies in Chennai
  530. UPDATE: Rep. Gary Knopp has died in a plane crash near Soldotna
  531. Gilles Lapouge, écrivain et journaliste, est mort Archived 2020-07-31 at the Wayback Machine (in French)
  532. Morto a 93 anni l’ex sindaco di Lucca Giulio Lazzarini (in Italian)
  533. Falleció Eusebio Leal este viernes Archived 2020-08-01 at the Wayback Machine (in Spanish)
  534. Texas Radio's ‘Midnight Cowboy,' Country Songwriter Bill Mack Dies of COVID-19, Family Says
  535. Alan Parker Dies: Towering UK Director Of ‘Bugsy Malone’, ‘Midnight Express’ & ‘Evita’ Was 76
  536. Gyász: elhunyt Pomucz Tamás Európa-bajnok vitorlázó (in Hungarian)
  537. माजी केंद्रीय गृह सचि व राज्याचे माजी मुख्य सचिव राम प्रधान यांचे निधन (in Hindi)
  538. ING-oprichter Wim Scherpenhuijsen Rom (87) overleden (in Dutch)
  539. Cameroon's Italia '90 captain Stephen Tataw dies
  540. Fallece Joan Mari Torrealdai (in Spanish)
  541. Преминуо вајар Миодраг Живковић, творац споменика на Тјентишту (in Serbian)

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