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List of countries in the 1910s

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This is a list of countries in the 1910s, giving an overview of states around the world during the period between 1 January 1910 and 31 December 1919. It contains entries, arranged alphabetically, with information on the status and recognition of their sovereignty. It includes widely recognized sovereign states, and entities which were de facto sovereign but which were not widely recognized by other states. Template:List of sovereign states strapline

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Sovereign states[change | change source]

Name and capital city Information on status and recognition of sovereignty

A[change | change source]

 Afghanistan – Emirate of Afghanistan
Capital: Kabul
Widely recognized independent state from August 8, 1919.[1]

Albania (from November 28, 1912) Limited sovereignty for occupatio bellica by the Balkan League states. Recognized independent state de facto from July 29, 1913.[2][3]

Andorra – Principality of Andorra
Capital: Andorra La Vella
Widely recognized independent state.[4]

 Argentina – Argentine Republic
Capital: Buenos Aires
Widely recognized independent state

Armenia – Republic of Armenia (from May 28, 1918)
Capital: Yerevan
Widely recognized state.

Asir – Idrisid Emirate of Asir (from August 3, 1917)
Capital: Sabya
Widely recognized independent state

 Australia – Commonwealth of Australia
Capital: Canberra
Widely recognized independent state. Australia is autonomous but still dependent from the United Kingdom. Australia had two external territories:

Austria Austria (from November 12, 1918)
Capital: Vienna
Widely recognized independent state.

 Austria-Hungary – Austro-Hungarian Empire (to October 31, 1918)[5]
Capital: Vienna and Budapest
Widely recognized independent state. Austria-Hungary had one concession:

Azerbaijan – Azerbaijan Democratic Republic (from May 28, 1918)[6]
Capital: Ganja and Baku
Widely recognized state.

B[change | change source]

 Belgium – Kingdom of Belgium
Capital: Brussels
Widely recognized state. Belgium had one colony and one concession:

 Bhutan – Kingdom of Bhutan (to January 8, 1910)
Capital: Thimphu
Widely recognized state.

 Bolivia – Republic of Bolivia
Capital: Sucre
Widely recognized state.

Brazil Brazil – Republic of the United States of Brazil
Capital: Rio de Janeiro
Widely recognized state. Brazil was a federation of 20 states, one territory, and one federal district.[a]

 Bulgaria – Kingdom of Bulgaria
Capital: Sofia
Widely recognized state.

C[change | change source]

 Canada – Dominion of Canada
Capital: Ottawa
Widely recognized state. Canada is autonomous but still dependent from the United Kingdom.

 Chile – Republic of Chile
Capital: Santiago
Widely recognized state.

Capital: Peking
Widely recognized state.

 Colombia – Republic of Colombia
Capital: Bogotá
Widely recognized state.

Costa Rica– First Republic of Costa Rica
Capital: San José
Widely recognized state.

 Crete – Cretan State (de jure to December 1, 1913)
Capital: Chania
Autonomous state of the Ottoman Empire; de jure until December 1, 1913.

 Cuba – Republic of Cuba
Capital: Havana
Widely recognized state.

Czechoslovakia – Czechoslovak Republic (from October 28, 1918)
Capital: Prague

D[change | change source]

 Denmark – Kingdom of Denmark
Capital: Copenhagen
Widely recognized state. Denmark had two colonies and one dependency:

 Dominican Republic – Dominican Republic
Capital: Santo Domingo
Widely recognized state.

E[change | change source]

 Ecuador – Republic of Ecuador
Capital: Quito
Widely recognized state.

El Salvador – Republic of El Salvador
Capital: San Salvador
Widely recognized state.

Estonia Widely recognized state.

 Ethiopia – Ethiopian Empire
Capital: Addis Ababa
Widely recognized state.

F[change | change source]

& Finland
Capital: Helsinki

France – French Republic
Capital: Paris
Widely recognized state. The following are colonies, concessions and protectorates of France:

G[change | change source]

Georgia – Democratic Republic of Georgia (from May 26, 1918)
Capital: Tiflis
Widely recognized state. Immediately recognized by Germany and the Ottoman Empire.

Germany – German Realm
Capital: Berlin
Widely recognized state. The following are colonies, concessions and protectorates of Germany:

 Greece – Kingdom of Greece
Capital: Athens
Widely recognized state.

 Guatemala – Republic of Guatemala
Capital: Guatemala City
Widely recognized state.

H[change | change source]

Ha'il – Emirate of Jabal Shammar
Capital: Ha'il
Widely recognized state.

 Haiti – Republic of Haiti
Capital: Port-au-Prince
Widely recognized state.

Hejaz – Hashemite Kingdom of Hejaz (from June 10, 1916)
Capital: Mecca
Widely recognized state.

Honduras – Republic of Honduras
Capital: Tegucicalpa
Widely recognized state.

Capital: Budapest
Unrecognized state from August 1 to 8, 1919.

I[change | change source]

Iceland – Kingdom of Iceland (from December 1, 1918)
Capital: Reykjavík
Widely recognized independent state. Still dependent from Denmark.

 Italy – Kingdom of Italy
Capital: Rome
Widely recognized state. Italy had four colonies and one concession:

J[change | change source]

 Japan – Empire of Japan
Capital: Tokyo City
Widely recognized state. Japan had three dependencies and two concessions:

Japan administered one League of Nations mandate:

K[change | change source]

Korea (to August 29, 1910, from April 11, 1919)
Capital: Hanseong
Widely recognized state. Annexed by Japan from August 29, 1910 to April 11, 1919.

L[change | change source]

& Latvia (disputed between two governments) Widely recognized state.

 Liberia – Republic of Liberia
Capital: Monrovia
Widely recognized state.

 Liechtenstein – Principality of Liechtenstein
Capital: Vaduz
Widely recognized state.

& Lithuania
Capital: Vilnius
Widely recognized state.

 Luxembourg – Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
Capital: Luxembourg City
Widely recognized state. Limited sovereignty for occupatio bellica.

M[change | change source]

 Mexico – United Mexican States
Capital: Mexico City
    • Porfiriato (to May 25, 1911)
    • United Mexican States (from February 5, 1917)
Widely recognized state. Mexico had one territory:

 Monaco – Principality of Monaco
Capital: Monaco
Widely recognized state.

Mongolia - Great Mongolian State[8] (from December 29, 1911)
Capital: Niislel Khuree
Widely recognized state. Still dependent from China.

Capital: Cetinje
Widely recognized state. Limited sovereignty for occupatio bellica to December 1, 1918.

 Morocco – Sultanate of Morocco (to March 30, 1912)
Capital: Fes
De jure sovereign state under French and Spanish protectorate from 1912.[9][10]

Mountain Republic - Mountainous Republic of the Northern Caucasus (from March 6, 1917)
Capital: Temir-Khan-Shura
Widely recognized state.

N[change | change source]

Riyadh / Nejd
Capital: Riyadh
Widely recognized state.

Nepal – Kingdom of Nepal
Capital: Katmandu
Widely recognized state.

 Netherlands – Kingdom of the Netherlands
Capital: Amsterdam
Widely recognized state. The Netherlands had two colonies and one possession:

 Newfoundland – Dominion of Newfoundland
Capital: St. John's
Widely recognized state. Newfoundland is autonomous but still dependent from the United Kingdom.

New Zealand New Zealand – Dominion of New Zealand
Capital: Wellington
Widely recognized state. New Zealand is autonomous but still dependent from the United Kingdom. The following are territories of New Zealand:

 Nicaragua – Republic of Nicaragua
Capital: Managua
Widely recognized state.

 Norway – Kingdom of Norway
Capital: Oslo
Widely recognized state. Norway had three possessions:

O[change | change source]

 Ottoman Empire – Sublime Ottoman State
Capital: Constantinople
Widely recognized state. Ottoman Empire had one protectorate:

 Wadai – Sultanate of Wadai (to 1912)
Capital: Abeche
Widely recognized state.

P[change | change source]

 Panama – Republic of Panama
Capital: Panama City
Widely recognized state.

 Paraguay – Republic of Paraguay
Capital: Asuncion
Widely recognized state.

Persia – Persian Empire
Capital: Tehran
Widely recognized state.

 Peru – Peruvian Republic
Capital: Lima
Widely recognized independent state.

Capital: Warsaw
Client / Puppet state of Germany until November 11, 1918. Widely recognized independent state from November 11, 1918.

Portugal Portugal
Capital: Lisbon
Widely recognized independent state. The following are colonies, vassals and possessions of Portugal:

R[change | change source]

 Romania – Kingdom of Romania
Capital: Bucharest
Widely recognized state.

Capital: Saint-Petersburg
Widely recognized state. Russia had two protectorates, one concession and one autonomous grand duchy:

S[change | change source]

 San Marino – Most Serene Republic of San Marino
Capital: San Marino
Widely recognized state.

Serbia / Serbs, Croats and Slovenes
Capital: Belgrade
Widely recognized state. Limited sovereignty for occupatio bellica to December 1, 1918.

Thailand Siam – Kingdom of Siam (to December 1, 1918)
Capital: Bangkok
Widely recognized state.

 South Africa – Union of South Africa (from May 31, 1910)
Capital: Pretoria
Widely recognized independent state. South Africa is autonomous but still dependent from the United Kingdom.

Spain Spain – Kingdom of Spain
Capital: Madrid
Widely recognized state. Spain had three possessions and three colonies:

Sulu – Sultanate of Sulu (to 1915)
Capital: Jolo
Widely recognized state.

 Sweden – Kingdom of Sweden
Capital: Stockholm
Widely recognized state.

  Switzerland – Swiss Confederation
Capital: Bern
Widely recognized state.

T[change | change source]

Tibet (from 1912)
Capital: Lhasa
De facto independent state. Claimed by the Republic of China.

Transcaucasia – Transcaucasian Democratic Federative Republic (from February 22 to May 28, 1918)
Capital: Tiflis
Widely recognized independent state.

U[change | change source]

 United Kingdom – United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland
Capital: London
Widely recognized state. The following are colonies, territories, dependencies and protectorates of the United Kingdom:

 United States – United States of America
Capital: Washington, D.C.
Widely recognized state. The following are territories of the United States of America:

Upper Asir - Sheikdom of Upper Asir (from August 1916)
Capital: Abha
Widely recognized state.

 Uruguay – Eastern Republic of Uruguay
Capital: Montevideo
Widely recognized state.

V[change | change source]

 Venezuela – United States of Venezuela
Capital: Caracas
Widely recognized state.

Y[change | change source]

Yemen – Mutawakkilite Kingdom of Yemen (from October 30, 1918)
Capital: Sana`a
Widely recognized independent state.[11][12]

Non-sovereign territories[change | change source]

United Kingdom[change | change source]

Under provisional government[change | change source]

  • Autonomous Republic of Northern Epirus
    • self declared independence (from February 28, 1914)
    • recognized autonomous inside the Principality of Albania (from March 17, 1914 to October 27, 1914)

States claiming sovereignty[change | change source]

Alash – Alash Autonomy (from December 13, 1917)
Capital: Alash-Qala
Unrecognized state from 1917.[13]

Alsace-Lorraine – Alsace-Lorraine Soviet Republic (from November 10 to 22, 1918)
Capital: Straßburg
Unrecognized Soviet republic.

Aras – Republic of Aras (from December 1918 to June 1919)
Capital: Nakhchivan (city)
Unrecognized state.

Banat Republic – Banat Republic (from October 31, 1918 to February 20, 1919)
Capital: Timișoara
Unrecognized state. Client state of the Hungarian Republic to 1918. Client state of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes from 1918 to 1919.

Capital: Munich
Unrecognized socialist state.

Belarus Partially-recognized state from 1918 to 1919. Puppet/Buffer State of Soviet Russia from January 1, 1919.

Bottleneck – Free State Bottleneck (from January 10, 1919)
Capital: Lorch, Hesse
Unoccupied territory within post-World War I Germany.

Bremen – Bremen Soviet Republic (from January 10 to February 4, 1919)
Capital: Bremen
Unrecognized state.

Central Albania – Republic of Central Albania (from October 16, 1913 to March 7, 1914)
Capital: Durrës
Former unrecognized state.

Centrocaspian Dictatorship – Centro-Caspian Dictatorship (from August 1 to September 15, 1918)
Capital: Baku
Unrecognized state.

Courland and Semigallia – Duchy of Courland and Semigallia (from March 8 to September 22, 1918)
Capital: Riga
Client state of Germany.

Capital: Bakhchysarai
Self-proclaimed autonomy of the Russian Democratic Federative Republic.

Don – Don Republic (from May 18, 1918)
Capital: Novocherkassk
Unrecognized state.

Donbas and Kryvbas – Donets-Krivoy Rog Soviet Republic (from February 12 to March 20, 1918)
Capital: Kharkiv
Unrecognized, self-declared state.

Hutsul Republic (from January 8 to June 11, 1919)
Capital: Yasinia
Unrecognized state.

Icaria – Free State of Icaria (from July 18 to November 1912)
Capital: Icaria
Unrecognized state.

Idel-Ural – Idel-Ural State (from March 1, 1918 to April 1918)
Capital: Ufa
Semi-Independent state.

Ireland – Irish Republic (from January 21, 1919)
Capital: Dublin
Revolutionary state.

Kars Republic – Provisional National Government of the Southwestern Caucasus (from December 1, 1918 to April 1919)
Capital: Kars
Nominally-independent provisional government.

Khiva – Khanate of Khiva
Capital: Khiva
Semi-independent state. Under Russian Protection.

Komancza – Komancza Republic (from November 4, 1918 to January 24, 1919)
Capital: Komańcza

 Kuban – Kuban People's Republic (from January 28, 1918)
Capital: Yekaterinodar
Unrecognized state.

Lemko Republic – Lemko-Rusyn People's Republic (from December 5, 1918)
Capital: Florynka
Unrecognized state from December 5, 1918.[14]

Lithuania-Byelorussia – Lithuanian-Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic (from February 17 to July 17, 1919)
Capital: Vilnius, Minsk, and Smolensk
Soviet puppet state from February 17 to July 17, 1919.

North Ingria – Republic of North Ingria (from January 23, 1919)
Capital: Kirjasalo
Unrecognized state.

Odessa – Odessa Soviet Republic (from January 17 to March 13, 1918)
Capital: Odessa
Puppet state of Soviet Russia.

Perloja – Republic of Perloja (from November 1918) Unrecognized state.

Saxony – Soviet Republic of Saxony (from November 13, 1918 to March 14, 1919)
Capital: Dresden
Unrecognized state.

Slovakia – Slovak Soviet Republic (from June 16 to July 7, 1919)
Capital: Prešov
Puppet state of the Hungarian Soviet Republic.

Slovenes, Croats and Serbs – State of Slovenes, Croats and Serbs (from October 29 to December 1, 1918)
Capital: Zagreb
Unrecognized provisional government.

Syria – Arab Kingdom of Syria (from November 26, 1919)
Capital: Damascus
De facto independent state not recognized by any other state.[15]

Tarnobrzeg – Republic of Tarnobrzeg (from November 6, 1918, to spring 1919)
Capital: Tarnobrzeg
Unrecognized state.

Transvaal – South African Republic (from September 1914 to February 1915)

Tripolitania – Tripolitanian Republic (from November 16, 1918)
Capital: ‘Aziziya
Unrecognized state.

Uhtua – Republic of Uhtua (from June 21, 1918)
Capital: Uhtua
Unrecognized state.

Ukraine (separated into several governments)

United Baltic Duchy (from September 22 to November 28, 1918)
Capital: Riga

Western Thrace – Independent Government of Western Thrace (from August 31 to October 25, 1913)
Capital: Komotini
Unrecognized state.

Würzburg – Würzburg Soviet Republic (from April 7 to 9, 1919)
Capital: Würzburg

Zakopane – Republic of Zakopane (from October 13 to November 16, 1918)
Capital: Zakopane

Notes[change | change source]

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